Transdon Evolution (Gyptians)

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"dum dum dum dum". The sound of heavy footsteps resounded as a rilnord guard was heading towards a door, on his back was a human child. he opened the door to reveal a room made entirely out of metals except for a smooth bed at one corner of the room. he went in and gently put the child on the bed before promptly stepping out of the room. A few hours after he was gone, Bash woke up and found himself on a smooth bed. he got off the bed to see that he was in a strange room. In the room, there were vertical openings, a platform at the center, and two doors one locked up while the other looked like it could be opened. Because of he didn't want to think about anything else, all he wanted was to go back home, he ran towards the unlocked door trying to find his way out of the place but life is sad. when he opened it, He discovered that it was the door to a store. he could see all kinds of unrecognizable equipment in the room. As he shut the door in disappointment, behind him the whole room suddenly lit up as if coming to life. Then he suddenly heard a voice from nowhere jolting him awake from his disappointment. "boy stop trying to go out because you will not be able to?" Bash turned around to see a hologram image of a rilnord which suddenly appeared from on top of the platform. "who are you?" Bash exclaimed. "I am your transdon instructor". my purpose here, is to teach you how the outside world works and how to survive in it. "why don't you just let me go out Instead?" Bash said desperately. "that will not happen as It simply goes against my purpose here". " Let me repeat myself more understandably, you my friend, will not leave this room unless you defeat me at the same evolution level". " what's that all about?" Bash said sarcastically. "Believed me or not. it's for your good". The image stated. "How the hell is being locked up here good for me" Bash growled". "if i were to let you leave, do you think you can last long out there? Let me tell you the truth, you'll be dead before you even realize it". " out there, you won't even last for an hour before you die". That is why Any ignorant recruit like you from barren planets who don't understand the life in the cosmos must face the trial of learning the basics". The image chided as he put his hands on his back". "What basic am I going to learn?" after understanding his situation, bash asked with determination. " the first thing that you need to learn is how to communicate with others outside and for that, I have to start by teaching you how to speak the universal language". "What language is that?" Bash inquired. "it's the public language used to communicate in the entire cosmos. We call it arsstir. According to the rules, If you want to know any other things about transdon evolution, Including what it is, you'll have to learn the arsstir". The image's explanations calmed down bash somewhat and knowing that he wasn't going to get out of here any time soon, All he could do right now is to patiently learn the way of transdon evolution. "first of all. what is transdon evolution all about?". he asked himself in his mind but he had no idea what that means, and he first has to learn this language in other to know?. In the past one week time, bash has been learning arsstir in his room, he studied it for two more days and finally masters it to the point of speaking fluently. It was finally time for him to enter the transdon path. the image said that before he learns about transdon, he first has to know about the gyptian environment and how to survive in it. He further went on with teaching bash harsh survival lessons that all gyptians must know. When bash finally got the hang of how to survive in the outside environment, the hologram image appeared gratified and finally said "Let's Begin your real training". "you first need to know what transdonic evolution is, transdonic evolution is to Pier into the secrets of the universal laws and elements through absorption, and comprehension to acquire ultimate power and long lifespan, enough to live forever. Anyone walking on this path is referred to as a gyptian". " so you mean that you can live forever?". Bash inquired feeling that he was being deceived. even a hologram image dares to claim it cold live forever? what if it runs out of power. "of cause not, I am nowhere close to immortality". "It is only those who have touched upon a legendary evolution realm that can be considered immortals". "So people like that do exist?" Bash asked in surprise. "Of course they do, I made a researched about them in an ancient record". "Anyway, let's stop talking about that now it's too far from your reach". " Let's get back to your lesson about transdon". "transdon is grouped into evolutions. starting from" :(BONE STRENGTHENING), : (STORAGE BUILDING), : (TRANSDONIC TRANSFORMATION), : (AWAKENING). "As for the others, you will learn about them eventually". I am not authorized to tell you". Bash who was standing there with a puzzled look suddenly asked. "which evolution realm am I in now?". "you're in the third level of bone-strengthening evolution". "Third-level bone-strengthening ?" Bash was surprised, "how come there are levels in the evolution realms?". "let me explain". "the first evolution known as bone strengthening is a process of strengthening one's bones with the use of transdonic energy and it's grouped into 10 levels base on the number of times you're bones transforms. do you understand"? Bash node his head. "In that case, let me explain the other evolutions". The image cheerfully recounted everything he knew about those other transdon evolutions and then they moved towards the practical part of his training.
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