Painful Evolution

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In a room painted green. A woman could be seen on a bed questioning a middle-aged man as he sat beside her." Daje haven't you been able to track him down and save my son?". " I'm sorry but there's nothing I could do. No matter how much I use my sensing spells I always end up with nothing". " I thought that the kidnapper must have been stronger than me but as I got Abul to help me sense him, i only find out that it was that existence". The middle-aged man replied sadly. "Just who are you talking about," miss yaman said impatiently. "Am sorry but the coalition forbade us from shearing any news about them to those who are not core members". The man replied helplessly. "Please find a way to save my son he's the only one I have "sensing how difficult the situation was, miss yaman pleaded in panic. "if it was someone else I might be able to do something but ' not when it comes to them. Not even the entire coalition would dear to interfere". "Why is that? why can't you do anything? aren't you guise all strong enough?" Miss yaman yelled historically. "We are strong only in the eyes of the earth but we are nothing much out there. We only do our best to protect earth but never even dear to face any of those powerful races". Upon hearing his reply miss yaman went silent for a bit, looking lost then a determined expression suddenly overtook her face. "Since I now have no one else there's only one thing that I have left to do" " just what are you planning to do?". The middle-aged man asked with interest. "From now on, I am going to resume my path as a gyptian. I want to meet those powerful monsters you were talking about and take back my son". "You can't be serious right?". The middle-aged man was shocked. "Of course am serious. How else can I get him back?. " You're not going to stop me are you?". " Is there even a need to stop you?". The middle-aged man swiftly replied, thinking that the crazy woman was going to change her mind after she See's how difficult the situation of humans was, outside the world. Bash just woke up to find his limbs chained on an iron surface. he then saw a figure of a humanoid monster which appeared to have a pointy head top, skin made of soft scales dressed in metal armor, and appeared to wait. he asked. "what do you want from me" . On hearing the question, the figure suddenly opened his wide mouth and said. "Human I am ralzit the rilnords greatest alchemist and you are going to be the bearer of my most magnificent work, so stay still and let me put it on you. "Hah ha ha ha I can't wait to see its effects on your body". Along with his voice which carried a hoers laughter in between, bash saw him carrying a transparent bottle filled with a multicolored liquid as he moved closer. "what are you….". Bash was about to inquire about what the alien was going to do to him but before he could complete his statement, the monster had already pored the multicolored liquid on his chest. the fluid quickly drilled into his chest making him feel excruciating pain from his heart which slowly scattered across his body. "AHHHHhhh AHHHhhhhh ahhhhhhh". bash started letting out agonizing shirks. The cracking sounds of his bone and bulging of his muscle could show the drastic transformation he was going through from the inside He could feel that the source of the pain which was his heart was slowly changing, becoming as tough as a rock. His terrifying screams finally subsided after five hours. a sense of comfort overtook his body. Just when he was feeling relaxed, ralzit voice resounded in his ears again carrying with it a message which made him want to quickly escape from this hell. "good with how relaxed you are, it seems that I have partially succeeded in the first step". "your heart has begun the process of evolution, thank goodness, for a second there I thought you were going to die on me like those other useless specimens brought here". "well since that is the case we can continue our session until every inch of your cell develops into a new being". "what you are not done yet?". Bash said helplessly. "this is just the beginning, my friend, every day I will administer this into your body until one month before you can successfully evolve". "hope you will still be alive then. If not I will be forced to extract my origin bloodline from your body And I don't like going through all that trouble". Just liked that, bash life became a living hell. Every day he had to endure immense torture which would have driven him insane if ralzit had not protected his consciousness. After the month of torture, all bashes cells have been fully evolved according to ralzit but when he checked his body he discovered that there wasn't any change in his outward appearance except for his drastic increase in height. He is now taller by five inches. He suddenly felt some strand of energy seep into his body making him feel comfortable. he could see that his body strengthens slowly from the absorption of the energy. Then suddenly "Krakkk", there were cracking sounds all over his body accompanied by comfort and strengthening. It happened two more times until his body stopped absorbing more energy. Bash was completely puzzled by the changes in his body but before he could process what just transpired, ralzit who has been watching impatiently hastily unchained him and grabbed him. "Hah looked like I have already succeeded in my project. So good that you didn't die on me, now for the last step". Bash immediately froze upon hearing that. "What freaking last step?, is he not going to stop until I am dead?, Maybe his objective was to slowly kill me from the beginning". While he was complaining in his mind ralzit suddenly started chanting in a mysterious language. Bash was puzzled by the language which ralzit spoke in, moreover, these chants made him feel somewhat uneasy as everything in his view started to blur and then his vision went black. Before he completely passed out, he could hear a voice saying " you can send him to the endrophe zone and train him into my gyptian. I want to see what surprise he'll bring me".
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