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On earth, African content. two children could be seen fighting in the playground surrounded by a crowd of boys and girls who excitedly attended to the fun. one was about 16 years old. he was big and plumped with a face cap on his head looking like a regular bully. the other was about 14 years old with a slender stature. as the fight continued the older one who looks like a bully was gaining an advantage. he started taunting the latter with a haughty air." you're just a loser there's no way you can beat me. just given up bash accept that you're just a big loser"." no! am not a loser unless I give up. even if I die, I will never be bullied". replied bash. The big fat bully was about to say something when they suddenly heard startled Cry's." it's the principal. he's heading this way quickly, run!. we have a snitch". all the boys and girls scattered away. living them in the middle of it. before they could even run, the principal had arrived. he was a stalwart middle-aged man wearing a black suit and brown colored tie. he appears to be at the prime of his life but his frown shows different. he growled," you bunch of youngsters, don't even think of escaping. I have already memories you're facing. so just follow me to my office and wait for your punishment". "Bash yaman and turner eochi, now that I know your names, you're going to serve as an example to all those youngsters who go about turning the school into a battleground". The principal loudly stated as they walked towards the office. For a long time now he had been trying to catch students who always fight in the school and do not pay attention to their studies. When he first heard reports about it from the teachers and parents. he was too lazy to do anything about the situation until the fights became a serious problem. When rich parents started giving out complaints about the grades of their children as well as their children coming back home with injuries, he had to take action to protect his job. In other to appease the rich parents, The only solution he could think of so far was to make example of anyone he caches. Bash and turner could only blame their luck for being the scapegoat. in an office, two children were standing behind two sitting adults who appeared to be facing the principal's desk. one was miss Yaman. Bashes mother. she was a beautiful woman in her middle twenties, she was wearing a green top and blue skirt. the other adult was mister eochi. turners father was a plum-looking man in his early thirties completely dressed in a black garment. A determined voice could be beard saying "am sorry parents but they'll have to be expelled. this isn't the first time it's happened. but they'll serve as an example to the remaining students. furthermore, many parents are complaining that we didn't do anything about the situation". "Aren't their other ways". bashes mother inquired." No miss yaman. after careful consideration, this is the only solution I have thought of. those two must serve as an example". "What nonsense Example? you are just turning my son into a scapegoat because of your incompetence!". Mr edochi who sat there quietly spectating, suddenly exclaimed loudly. "Well, what do you want me to say? am sorry all right. But they have to go. so please excuse me I have work to do". The principal stated firmly as he made a gesture of Showing them out. Several minutes later bash and his mother Madame yaman walked out of the school. outside Miss yaman stated nagging. "way where you fighting in school, haven't I told you to stay out of trouble. now you even got expelled. your father has already left us, do you want me to die out of heart attack someday". Since he attended school, bash had always been causing lots of trouble. so miss yaman had a hard time raising him alone after the death of his father. "yes, mom but he's the one who started picking on me. I had no choice but to fight back".in the middle of his speech, Bash suddenly points out." see he's doing it again". miss yaman turned sideways and saw Turner cursing bash with the middle finger while holding his father mister edochi who was watching with an expressionless face. she said. "why aren't you stopping him?". "stop him? Was your son not the cause of my son being expelled. don't tell me how to raise my son woman". "what? You are going to blame that all on my son?" Bashes mum was speechless. She didn't know how to reply to the unreasonable turner's dad. Suddenly becrackkaka crakakakaka cracking sound of thunder accompanied by swelling sound of wind could be heard. before you know it the sky has already turned dark and rain droplets started descending. Madame yaman quickly pulls bash towards the car while saying. "bash just ignore them. Come on, it starting to rain. Quickly get in the car". Miss yaman quickly drove off as they got in the car. While bashes mum was driving home, he sat lonely at the back seat playing with a purple neckless given to him by his late Father. Bashes father passed away in a plane crash. before he left the house, he left bash this mysterious neckless that is made out of unknown material. While he was immersed in the purple neckless. A frightening pressure suddenly appeared from nowhere and suppressed the moving car. rendering it motionless. The pressure terrified bash as it made him and his mother motionless. then he saw his mum suddenly get blown out of the car by the terrifying force. She was injured and still unable to move. bash found himself being pulled out of the car by the force towards a rough-looking hand and started struggling with all his strength but to no avian. despite his struggles, no matter what he did. he was still being drawn away He looked down and saw his mother crying his name with blood at the corner of her mouth, she was doing all she could to fight the force but still couldn't move. As the hand caught him he saw that it belonged to a huge humanoid creature. Let me go you monster the road while struggling fiercely. A powerful voice suddenly rang out. "Keep quiet child. We don't have much time". With the sound of the voice, a strange force of energy suddenly erupted from the creature rendering bash unconscious. Then the two of them suddenly disappeared from the eyes of bash mother who was desperately crying out his name.
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