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On a hot planet filled with lava and magma, there was a giant lab in which large billows of smoke flew out. The cracking sound of electricity along with a burst of hoarse laughter filled with delight could be heard. " Hahahahaha yes, it's finally complete. my greatest invention is successful". ralzit the rilnords greatest alchemist has just completed a transdonic origin bloodline that could help assimilate all transdonic elements. He quickly picked up his project files and immediately disappeared into a streak of light. After some time He appeared in a Palace filled with an ancient desolate aura. Ralzit prostrated himself and presented. "My lord the project is complete, all I need is a perfect incubator to carry its power And create a powerful gyptian to accomplish your objective". "Really !!". followed by a terrifying presence, an excited voice reverberated in the Palace. "Since that is the case, prepare the sacrifice and send a groids to the ancient planet". The voice said with delight, "when the next transdonic eclipse appears, my plan will be unstoppable" the voice then bursts into maniac laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhhhah" Two rilnords dressed in metal armor suddenly appeared in the earth's atmosphere and started searching hastily for the possible incubator. These two were the ones referred to as groids. Their use is to gather information or search through other planets in space. They searched endlessly going from country to country without much progress. "I am sick and tired of searching this barren planet with almost no transdon energy" one of the groid grumbled. "Stop yapping in my head, If you're not happy how about you go to the authorities and complain about it". the other growled impatiently. "How dare you yell at me do you know that..... "ah what happened". The discontented groid was in the middle of his speech when he got interrupted by a beeping sound and inquired about it. "My scanner seems to have detected a life on this planet that may possibly be what we have been looking for". The other groid replied excitedly. "Let's go and get it now". Just like that, they disappeared into two streaks of light towards the direction of the life they detected.
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