Untamed Slave


Kaitlinn is a normal 11 year old girl. She has everything she could have ever wanted. Two homes, rich parents and great friends. One night she had a fight with her mom; she said three words and made a bad decision. A decision that changed her life completely. Unexpectedly she is kidnapped by a stranger in the darkness of night.

She is thrown into this strange reality and sold to the notorious Madam Fiona who will train her to be a perfectly obedient slave. On her 18th birthday she is sold at the 'Auction house' to the Highest bidder, an audience filled with cruel, crazed supernaturals all wanting a piece of her. The odds seemed to be stacked against her.

Dillan is an Alpha werewolf with a very unhealthy obsession with Kaitlinn and he has no reservations about it, he'll not stop till she is exactly what he wants her to be, even living the luxury life has it's down side if you live with a homicidal psychopathic werewolf.

And then there was Blayne, the cruelest Vampire in existence with a special talent called lack of humanity. a fatal first introduction leads to yearning and loathing.

Her life is in current danger and her control slips everyday, but her will is strong and she won’t be tamed, no matter the risks.

Kaitlinn’s life is full of big decisions. She would do anything to protect those she loves, no matter the consequences. Every decision in life starts something new, what will Kaitlinn’s decisions cost her this time around.

Will she find love or be consumed by passion? What pain will she have to suffer through? How will she be controlled and can she control herself?

Join in on the story of Kaitlinn, the slave whose hands are bound by chains and her heart bound by love.

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The beginning.(Kaitlinn 11) I was 11 when all this started… "Mommy please! I'm begging! Pretty, pretty please!" I threw in my puppy dog eyes in hopes that she'd say yes. I've been nagging her since yesterday, but she won't budge. Its not fair I never get to do anything fun. "I said no, we have guests coming over...important guests.” "Now go to your room and get ready.” "But mom..." Yes I’m not giving up, never surrender! If I don't go, all my friends will be mean to me, they'll tease me all because of my mom. "I said no and if I hear another word of this you'll be grounded and never see your friends again! End of discussion, Kaitlinn." We'll see about that. "What about school?” I crossed my arms over my chest and pulled up my eyebrows at her. "Kaitlinn, I'm not in the mood for your wisecracks! Go upstairs and get dressed, now!” I shrieked out of announce and stormed up the stairs. This is so unfair. All I want to do is go camping with my friends; everyone gets to go but me. I'm always the one that misses out on everything important. I never get to do anything. I miss my dad. He would have allowed me to go. He always lets me do fun things, although nowadays my dad doesn't seem to care about me. He took my brother, Mickey, and left after the divorce. He left me here by myself. I think they split up because of what mommy had said that one night about Mickey being a mistake, an accident. She always said that she should have terminated the pregnancy. I asked my teacher what terminated meant when i had first heard mommy say it and she said it meant to end something or get rid of it. The next time my mom said it, I told her she was being mean and she wasn't allowed to get rid of Mickey. Her being shocked was an understatement. She told me that I should never tell my dad. My dad found out about it without my help and their fight was so loud that I could hear it all the way in my room. That's saying a lot, since our house is huge. Apparently, Mickey spoiled her figure, but dad told her he always wanted a boy. So I guess I was the mistake then, since the doctor told my parents that I was a boy. When I was born, everybody was relatively shocked and when Mickey was born, I didn't seem to matter that much anymore. Dad picked Mickey because he believed mom was a danger to him. He said all children should be treated equally and mom wouldn't have done that. He is a hypocrite, also a neat word I learned at school. Loving Mickey more than me isn’t treating us equally. I walked into my room and saw the light blue ‘puffy’ dress laid out on my bed - It has frills, I don't do frills- I prefer plain stuff or jeans and a T-shirt. On the floor silver sandals were laid - are you kidding me? She wants me to look like a doll- I heard a knock on the door before I saw Edlena coming in. She is our housekeeper and my only friend in this house. "Oh my! Shouldn't you have been dressed by now?" I stared at her frowning. Here I was thinking she knew me by now. "Nope, I figured if I didn't get dressed I wouldn't have to go downstairs and meet our ‘important guests’." I pulled my face at the last part. "Well, we know that's not going to happen. She'll just come and fetch you and look at the beautiful dress she bought you." I pulled my face up in disgust and she started to laugh. I joined in, laughing so hard at her laughing that my stomach started to hurt. "Yeah, I know it's horrible. It looks like one of those creepy porcelain doll dresses and with your porcelain white skin you'll look just like one of them." She poked me on the nose. She grabbed the dress and brought it over to me. "But you still have to get dressed. We don't have a lot of time left." I snorted before walking into the bathroom and getting dressed. The dress sat tight against my middle and started flaring out from my hips to my knees. It looks ridiculous! At least I didn't have to wear white tights underneath it, that would have really made me look silly or those idiotic black shoes. Trust me, I have a pair. It's my church shoes with it I wear puffier dresses. I walked out and glared at Edlena just as she opened her mouth to gush about how cute I looked. I'll attack her like a wild animal if she dare say anything. I sat down on the edge of my bed as she strapped my sandals on. Then we moved to my mirror. She stared at my natural tight curled hair, trying to come up with ideas. In the end, she combs it back, sliding a blue headband on that had a big bow on top of it. I looked in the mirror and made a gagging sound. I don't usually go on like this but I’m rebelling tonight. I could be with my friends now roasting marshmallows or something instead of pretending to be this perfect daughter. "They're here!" My mom called from downstairs. I took one last agonizing look at myself in the mirror before running down the steps. I took my place next to my mom as she opened the door. My mom got the house in the settlement. She and my dad are both hot-shot lawyers so they make a lot of money. My mom figured that the house was too big for the two of us and that I needed a new dad, one that would be present and not working late hours with his assistant- once she starts babbling about dad she doesn't stop- so this evening is about impressing her new boyfriend or as she puts it 'important guest.' Outside the door stood a tall man with dark hair, dark eyes and tan skin. I saw something moving behind him. I frowned and tried getting a better look. All of a sudden, a little boy came out from behind him. He was the spitting image of his dad. He was even wearing a little suit. "Hello Alex." My mom said in a weird voice. I looked up at her. She was smiling brightly like a fool. I can see why this guy is built as big as a building, it must amuse her. "Hello." He said in a deep, frightening voice. He sounds like a giant; well, what I would imagine one sounds like if they existed. He took her hand and kissed it. "Come on in, Alex." She keeps saying his name in a weird way. They went inside and we all moved to the sitting room. "This is my daughter, Kaitlinn" He nodded his head at me and I had such an urge to stick out my tongue at him. "Edlena!" She came rushing into the room. If my mother's yelling didn't scare this guy off, nothing would. "Yes ma'am?" "Why haven't you offered my guests anything to drink?" Uh because they just got here. She isn't a super woman, you know. "I apologize; do you want something to drink, sir?” My mom isn't a patient woman. Edlena has been working here for about a year now. That is a really long time. The past three only made it for a few months at the most. "Whiskey for me and a soda for my son." He sounded like a douche with a throat problem, he didn’t even say please. "Dad!" and he sounded like a whinny little brat. "Sorry junior, I forgot that you are a big boy now." "I would like a coke please." At least he has manners. His father laughed before turning to my mom. "He likes to do everything himself." I rolled my eyes, falling down on the couch folding my arms across my chest. This sucks! The whole time, he and my mother flirted openly and disgustingly with each other. They should just get a room. "Dinner is ready," Edlena announced, and we all moved over to the dining room. Our starters were on the table -crumbed calamari- this is silly. I would kill for pizza. I hate all these fancy foods. Usually we order in. Well, Edlena does, mom is always at work or out with Alex. She comes home just before bedtime and then she takes me to school the next morning. It's become routine now. "Sit up straight darling, you'll throw away your good posture and never find a husband.” "I’ll marry at the age of 12, then we won't have a problem with my posture or finding some sucker to marry me later on in life!" I noticed Alex watching us disapprovingly. "You will not talk to me in that tone." It got quiet around the table as everyone started to eat again. I couldn't take it anymore after half an hour. My mom was throwing herself at this guy and she kept talking about how I was going to be beautiful someday and married off to only the best, the type of daughter every mother dreams of and yearns for. What if I wanted a say in my life? She picks what I eat, what I wear, what I do, who I see and apparently someday she'll pick who I’ll marry. I stood up and stormed out of the dining room. "Excuse me, Alex." My mom rushed after me, grabbing my arm to stop me. "What has gotten into you?" "Nothing you should care about!" "I care sweetie." "No you don't! All you care about is impressing the butch bag." "Aww sweetie you're just jealous, it's a natural feeling, I'll always love you." She poked the tip of my nose. "You don't get it! I'm not jealous, I'm angry! You don't love me, you love controlling me!" "You will not raise your voice at me. I am your mother!" "Oh yeah! I hate you!” With that said, I ripped my arm out of her hold and ran up the stairs to my room, locking the door behind me. I grabbed a duffle bag, threw some clothes into it. Then I opened my window to escape this prison. There was a tree just outside my window so I jumped onto the one thick branch. The dress made it a bit difficult so I ended up scrapping up my knees. I'm going camping and she won't stop me! I climbed to some lower branches before jumping off. I got on my knees and crawled past the dining room window. I flinched as the sand worked itself into my scraped knees, the fun that I'd have with my friends was worth the pain of getting there. I was past the house and only had to make it to the wall. I heard the dogs coming after me. They probably thought I was a burglar. I turned around and saw them charging at me. As they got close, I pointed my finger at them. "No! Bad dog." I scolded. I took out the dog treats from my bag. Clearly, this isn't the first time I've done this. The dogs rolled onto their backs until I gave them each a treat. Then I was off again. Against one wall was one of those wood contraptions that flowers rank around. I used it as a ladder to get on top of the wall. Then I had to jump. It was really high but I know the golden rule- bend your knees. As I landed, I lost my balance for a moment. Then I started running down the block. If I turned at the corner I would be out in the clear. When I finally got to the corner and the end of our property, I was out of breath. I started walking, taking deep breaths. I've had enough adventures for one day. Now I can't wait till I get to the lake where I’ll enjoy the rest of my night with my friends. Sure they'll see me in this ridiculous outfit, but hey, they see me like this at church too. My dress was full of grass and mud stains and had a rip in it, so I didn't look that girly anymore, thank goodness. I ripped the bow headband off, letting my curls fall free. My pure blonde curls fell more to one side of my face, acting as bangs over one eye. I've always loved my long, wild hair. It's different. Not a lot of people have natural curls like mine. The lake was just up ahead. I was almost there. A shiver went down my spine and I looked around. This part is always scary, the street lights don't really help, so it's dark and with the trees on both sides of the road, I always feel like something could be hiding behind one of them watching me, like a bear or a wolf. I swallowed hard. Tonight I had a feeling someone was watching me, more than usual. It's probably my friends playing a joke on me, trying to scare me. If it is, I'll kick their asses. I started walking a little bit faster. I'm going to kill them for making me all scared. I slowly looked around again and saw nothing, but when I looked back in front of me I saw a man standing a few feet away. A scream automatically burst out from me for anyone to hear for miles. The next thing I knew, the guy was right in front of me smirking. How did he get here so fast? I didn't even see him running towards me. I tried running, but he grabbed both my arms forcefully. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. He picked me up, and in return I started wiggling and kicking him in the process. "Help!" The next thing I knew, a rock hit his head. I looked to the side to see my friends standing there, all picking up stuff and throwing it at him. “My friends are going to mess you up mister." A creepy laugh came from him that gave me the chills. I looked up at him and I saw fangs -real fangs- a scream came from me again. He suddenly threw me against a nearby tree; I hit my head and fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was my friends running away from him.

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