Chapter ONE: Alpha and Luna

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Scarlett's POV (edited) I woke up to my alarm. It was already five in the morning. I was still so tired from yesterday's training and wished to sleep more. "Wake up Scar!" Someone yelled in my ear. I wasn't surprised since I heard my best friend, Lynn enter the room. "I wonder how you can be so energetic so early in the morning!" I groaned and turned to the other side. "Come on. Today we'll be applying into going to the Blue Moon pack to train. Remember that was our dream! I couldn't sleep the whole night!" She squealed and I froze. "TODAY IS THE DAY?" I screamed and jumped from my bed. "I can't believe that now you're reminding me." I rolled my eyes as I prepared myself for a bath. "Really Scarlett?" She looked at me with a deadpanned expression. "I reminded you yesterday before going to sleep." She tried to smack me, but I was faster and caught her hand. "Nice try Lynn." I smirked and headed to the bathroom. "Ugh I always forget that you have the best instinct." She exhaled. "Anyway now take a bath and meet me downstairs for the breakfast. Everyone is up already." She smirked and left my room. "Great I have to see everyone then." I groaned and entered the bathroom. I took a quick bath since yesterday I came back from training and didn't take one. You will say, ew gross. But believe me when I say, I don't smell. After I was done I put the towel around myself and brushed my teeth. I looked into the mirror and saw the beautiful and strong female I became. No I'm not one of those girls that look in the mirror and see a broken version of them. I'm the one that sees herself as the strong warrior that she became with lots of trainings and self love. I smiled to myself and headed to my walk-in closet. I took my sweatpants and a shirt with running shoes. I quickly dried my blonde hair and put it in a ponytail. I put on some lip gloss, Which will be smudged later in the training. I felt satisfied with my looks and I headed downstairs. I can hear the loud chatter in the dining room and I cringed. If it wasn't for my hungry stomach I would have left the pack house immediately. As you can see I'm not a fan of crowds. "Morning Scarlett!" Someone yelled and I smiled at them. "Morning!" I don't want to be rude so I yelled back. "Scar!" Lynn waved at me. She was sitting next to the pack's queen b***h. Which happens to be our best friend too. "Hello ladies." I sat taking the seat next to Lynn. "Hello Scar." Megan said and smiled at me. "How are you all today?" I asked them. "Good. I think I convinced Connor to sleep with me." Megan squealed and I laughed. "Oh come on Meg! We might get accepted and leave to the blue moon pack." I rolled my eyes and she smiled genuinely at me. "That's right." Lynn nudged her and we laughed. "Okay okay I will spend the day with you." She rolled her eyes playfully. We knew Megan since we were children. She was always a b***h with an awful personality. We hated her with a passion, until one day when we turned sixteen, I asked her for a favor. To see if my boyfriend would cheat on me with her. And that's what she did. She seduced him into sleeping with her and he agreed. She then punched him in the face and yelled in his face 'I don't sleep with taken men. You're disgusting.' And that's how ladies and gentlemen we became besties. Regarding her outer personality, she has a heart of gold. She liked to be seen as the worst female in the pack, but it is all a facade. "Good morning everyone." The whole room fell in silence, as the alpha entered. "Good morning Alpha." All of us said. "I want to announce that my son has finally finished his training and he's back." The alpha said enthusiastically. Everyone cheered as the future alpha of our pack entered the room. Everyone's jaws dropped at the sight of him. Holy s**t! He's so handsome. He suddenly stiffened and watched the room carefully. "Mate." Both the future alpha and Megan said. "No way." Lynn said looking at Megan. "Girl move! Go to your mate!" I nudged Megan and she stood up in a daze. "Someone pinch me." She whispered and I did the honor. "You are welcome." "Ouch!" She yelled and Cole, her mate ran to her with a worried face. "Oops sorry." I smiled sheepishly. "Are you okay?" Cole asked her and she nodded. "I'm fine. She is my best friend, Scarlett." She smiled as she introduced us while everyone was looking at us. "I remember you Scarlett." He smiled and shook my hand. "Welcome back alpha." "I'm not the alpha yet." He joked and we laughed. "And this is my other best friend, Lynn." He shook hands with Lynn and she welcomed him back again. "It looks like your future alpha has found his Luna!" The alpha cheered and everyone clapped and yelled a 'congratulations'. "Thank you everyone." Cole said nodding at his crowd. "Tomorrow we'll hold the ceremony of Cole finding his mate, I'll pass him my title too as the new alpha." Cole's dad and everyone cheered again. "So Luna huh?" I smirked at Megan and she blushed. " Shut up." She turned red. "You look adorable." I laughed and left the new couple alone. "Can't believe she's our Luna now." Lynn said with a big smile. "Well I'm so happy for her." I said. "Ladies. May I speak with you a bit." The alpha said and I looked at Lynn with a confused look. "Yes Alpha." We both said and followed him. "Sit down." We sat in his office waiting for him to speak. "Ladies you are both 20 years old. You're the only ones that are still not mated to anyone." We urged him to continue. "That's why I'm sending you both to the Blue Moon pack without passing the choosing ceremony. Maybe you'll find your mates there it's your chance." The alpha smiled kindly at us. We both squealed since it's for sure that we are joining the royal pack for the training. "Thank you alpha. But what if we don't find our mates?" I asked him. "Scarlett, you are always welcomed here. This is your home so don't stress out about not finding your mate. You'll both regain your position as the pack warriors." "Thank you so much alpha!" We both said and left his office so we could pack our things. "I really love our alpha." Lynn sighed dreamily. "Ew he's 40 years old." I made a disgusted face. "NO! That's not what I meant." She yelled embarrassed and I laughed at her. "Relax I'm joking." She glared at me. "Took you long enough!" Megan was sitting on my bed. "Luna! To what do we owe the pleasure of you visiting our humble room?" I said dramatically. "Shut up Scar." She rolled her eyes again and ran towards me. "Oh no." I knew what was coming. Megan jumped on me and hugged me tightly, I hugged her back with a content smiled. "Hey!" Lynn said with a scowl on her face. "Come here." I said and she joined our group hug. "Excuse me ladies! I need my mate." We heard Cole saying and Megan instantly detached herself from us. "Cole." She muttered shyly. "Go with him now." Lynn whispered and gave Megan a little push. "Love." I sighed disgustingly. "You'll have that one day." Lynn smirked at me. "Hell no." I scowled and took a suitcase. "Pack your things and let's go!" Lynn laughed and went to her own closet. "Will I really have that?" I whispered. 'Yes you will.' 'Ah you are talking to me again I see.' I said to Cassie, my wolf. 'Can't get rid of me easily Scar. But I'm still angry with you.' 'So you wanted me to let you take control and kill Monica in the training yesterday?' 'I wasn't going to kill her!' She argued back. 'Oh please that's what you said last time when you nearly killed Megan! She's the Luna now.' I smiled. "Why are you smiling like a creep? Did Cassie talk to you again?" Lynn said as she was holding her suitcase. "Yeah she did. She couldn't resist not talking to me." I smirked as I felt her swirling in my head. "Great now let's go. We have to see who's going with us to the royal pack. I instantly put the things I prepared 2 days ago in the suitcase. I knew I would be going so I was prepared. I followed Lynn to the pack house's lobby. "Let's put our suitcases here and head outside." Lynn said and I did as she told me. "Martin Johnson!" The alpha yelled. "Oh great the douchebag is coming along with us." I said as he sent me a smirk. How amazing! NOT.
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