Chapter 2: Prophecy

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Scarlett's POV (edited) "Warriors of the Red Moon pack! The chosen ones specifically. We are gathered here today, because it's time for you, the great ones, to continue your training at the Royal pack, The Blue Moon pack!" Alpha Richard said with pride in his eyes. "As it is known, not every pack gets chosen to send her best warriors to go to the royal training, only the best ones!" I'm honored to be the future alpha of this amazing pack and strong pack." Cole said matching his father's tone. "I'll name those of you who'll be leaving us." Alpha Richard said. "Kingsley Cyne, Hubert Pernell, Leroy Whistler, Aiken Crosleigh, Todd Fawne, Kane Rydge, Oscar Suthclif, Emmett Anscomb, Vance Halbert, Halden Katlyn, Aiken Radolph, Noel Fridwolf, Tobias Kristyne, Conroy Launder, Brett Richie." All the 15 males named now were standing next to the alpha. They all had a strong physique, broad chests, muscles and indeed they were the best. I was once assigned to train with Emmett, and I ended up injured. which never happened to me ever. The alpha was very strict to choose the warriors. "Alma Radley, Olivia Ally, Beatrice Niscon, Liza Churchyll, Zea Harlak, Lynn Shanelle, Myra Burly, Frederica Grantley, Courtney Ceastun, Gwen Hlink, Laura Grey, Britney Codey, Alana Darrold, Estelle Hazelle, Scarlett Haden." All the females stood to the right to the alpha, while the males stood to his left. In total, we were 30 warriors. The most number that can be requested from a pack. Usually, if a pack is not very strong they request maximum, 10 warriors. So us being 30 is certainly something to be proud of. "And obviously, the future alpha Cole Cane, and the future Luna will be joining our warriors." Alpha Richard resumed dismissing us. "I can not believe that Megan is joining the ride!" Lynn exclaimed enthusiastically. "Yeah it will be fun." I rolled my eyes, but deep down I was more excited than she was. "I know you are happy-" Lynn was cut off. "Dan." I deadpanned. The cheater from 5 years ago, is here. We were 15 at that time we were waiting to turn 16 so that we could find our mates. Dan was older than me by a year. He didn't find his mate then, so he thought that lying to a little girl that isn't 16 yet, about being mates, would be fun. Especially when he cheated many times on her. On me. "Scarlett, I just want to tell you how proud I am that you were chosen to go to the blue moon pack for training." He smiled genuinely at me, but I didn't buy his act. "Cut the act Dan. I know you are only jealous that you weren't chosen." I smirked. "Shut the f**k up Scarlett. I know you are still in love with me baby." He tried to work his 'magic' on me. "I am disgusted that I even said 'I love you' Dan." I smirked. "Scar let's go for a run." Lynn said trying to break the tension. "Bye asshole." She said as we left him standing in the middle of the field. "You killed it Scar." Megan said joining us. "Thank you. I always wanted to tell him that." We all laughed as we approached Cole. "Let's go ladies." He said and shifted into his brown wolf. I took off my clothes and put them behind a tree. I shifted into my wolf as I started feeling my bones breaking. It doesn't hurt like the first time, but it is, and always be painful. Except, it is the best feeling when you are on four. After a couple of minutes, I was standing on my four paws. I surveyed my surroundings, making sure that no one is near. I was a white wolf, which means, a rare wolf. The black and the white wolf were the rarest among the whole werewolf world. It is said that the Moon goddess had a child. This child had a rare gift, to go back in time. Now one would think that, now it's a great gift. But it is not. Once a person goes back in life, he can change something that happened in the past, which can affect gravely the future. This son of hers, was named Blade. She loved him so much, and she dedicated her life for him. Blade, obviously, could visit the earth. One day, he met Darcy, a she-wolf. Blade told her about his real identity, and she was so happy to be his friend. That's where the conflict is: while Blade started loving Darcy she already had a mate. It was the alpha of that pack. When Blade confessed his love to her, Darcy rejected him and told him that she wished to never see him again. Too angry, Blade left earth and went back to his home. He had an idea, that if he went back in time, he would enable the birth of alpha Rick, Darcy's mate. Blade succeeded in that. Satisfied with what he did, he went back to the pack to the pack to find his love, but the pack was in chaos. The alpha, Rick's father was dead. The wolves were afraid, because Rick didn't have any children. The wolves of this pack killed each other and a fire killed the rest of them. Darcy was one of the dead. Blade was heartbroken as he held his beloved in his arms, a dead body now. He was surrounded by grief, as the whole pack was dead. Ashamed to go back to his mother, Blade disappeared for many years, and he is still until now, never seen. The moon goddess loved him so much regardless of what he did. She made a prophecy that said 'a black wolf, and a white wolf, will be mates, and will find my son and will bring peace to him.' My parents kept it a secret from the world that I am a white wolf. Many people would want to kill me, so that Blade will never be found. The big catastrophe will be, if my mate turns out to be my mate. Mom surely has a heart attack then! I came to halt next to the tree where I put my clothes. I stretch my muscles and took a deep breath from the air. I shifted back to my human form and put on my clothes. "Scarlett!" Dad and mom were standing in front of me with worried faces. "Het dad! Hey mom! What's wrong?" I asked genuinely with curiosity. "We've been calling your name for the past couple of minutes, but you were completely zoned out." I didn't realize that they were standing here this whole time. They both were looking t me with concern. Mom was wearing her casual clothes. Mom is as always classy. She was the beta female. My dad is the beta of the pack. The best person in the world too. "Oh sorry I am fine. Just thinking actually about some things." I smiled sheepishly. "Darling. You can't zone out while in your wolf form. What if somebody saw you?" Mom asked worriedly. "I have high senses remember?" I rolled my eyes, giving her a hug. "Yeah right. That is why we have been calling your name for a whole five minutes and you were not answering." Dad scoffed. "Dad no one saw me. Drop it." I hugged him too. He examined my face and kissed my cheek. "We are only worried about you honey." He said and I felt guilty. They are right. I should be more careful. "I know I am sorry." I said hugging him. 'Warriors please gather in front of the pack house.' The alpha mind linked us. "Come on you heard the alpha." Dad said urging us to head to the pack house. Everyone was already there. The warriors were saying goodbye to their families and I did the same with my parents. "Where's Liam?" I asked about my little brother. "He has a training in his wolf form. You know he shifted 2 days ago." Mom stated proudly. "I wish I could be there with him in his training." I smiled. "Don't worry. Liam is a fan of yours. He used to watch you train all the time and memorized your moves. He'll be the second Scarlett." Dad joked and we laughed. Dad, being the beta, joined the alpha and stood next to him. His expression turned serious as he looked at the Red Moon members. "We want to assure you that we have faith in you to make us proud. Both the beat and I, chose the warriors carefully. I wish you a good trip. Be careful and come back in one piece." We all laughed at his last sentence. "Thank you alpha!" We all said. "Remember you are all a family, stick together, protect each other, and more importantly, love each other." Dad said. "We will Beta!" They all said as mom gave me a quick hug. "Let's go." Lynn said and we went to bring out suitcases. "We will go in our wolf form. Stick together." I said as the beta's daughter and they all listened and nodded. 'Hell yeah.' Cassie screamed in my ear. I can't show my true wolf color, that's why mom and dad brought me a special powder that when they put it on me I turn brown. But I can only use it on special occasions. We put the suitcase on our back and started our journey towards the Royal pack. Cole and Megan led us in the way. We skipped from a forest to the other. We passed by many packs, as they salute us. They all knew where we are going. After 6 hours of non-stop traveling, we started seeing the borders of the Royal pack. We lessened our speed and 5 warriors stood at the borders with cold faces. They looked at us and one of them stopped us. Cole walked towards him. "We are the Red Moon pack. We are here for the training." He said, his voice full of power. "Welcome to the Blue Moon pack, The Royal pack." He nodded and allowed our entrance. We walked between the trees, after we shifted back to our human forms. It was known that the Royal pack is the biggest pack. It has nearly 40 thousand of people. It has the royal palace too and as we look up, we could see it. It was huge and glorious. We continued walking and stopped when we arrive at a massive open field. "The Alpha King is coming! Kneel!" Someone yelled and everyone kneeled. I did too, but Cassie started swirling and howling inside my head. Something is about to happen. I can feel it.
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