Chapter One

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"Angelica! Time to wake up sweetie. You don't want to be late for your first day of school." I hear my mother yelling from downstairs. She's right though, I don't want to be late. I am a little nervous though, being the new girl and everything. We just moved her a week ago due to my father getting a promotion that required him to transfer. "I'm awake, I'll be down in ten minutes!" I yell back to her. I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and toss my long blonde hair up into a high ponytail. Before bed last night, I picked out my outfit so that I wouldn't have to worry about it in the morning. Thank god for that. I look in the mirror and decide that I'm satisfied with how I look. I'm wearing skinny jeans, white flats, and a plain light pink tee shirt. I like to keep things simple. "Good morning, mom!" "Good morning, Angie!" "Dad at work already?" "Yes. And your brother left already too." "WHAT! Now how am I going to get to school on time?" "Luckily for you, I have off today. Let's go." I grab an apple and granola bar before jumping into my mom's car. "You know, if I had my own car, this wouldn't be a problem?" "Talk to your father about that." She giggles to me. With a good-bye and a kiss on the cheek, I haul my butt into the school. I hear the bell ring as I make my way to the office. Great. Late to class on my first day. I grab my schedule and locker combination from the secretary and head on my way. First class is English with Mr. Carter, my favorite subject! At least I have that going for me. I walk in and the all eyes turn towards me. Yikes! I hate being the center of attention; makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I hand my late note to the teacher and he quickly glances at it. "You may take a seat, Angelica. Please try to be on time from now on." "Yes, Mr. Carter." I quickly walk to the first empty seat I see that is in the middle of the room. I prefer the front row, but this will do for now. I'll be early tomorrow, so I can grab the seat up front. The class went by surprisingly quick, and I was soon in the hallway looking for my locker. I must have looked lost because the next thing I hear is, "Do you need help looking for a classroom?" I look over at the girl walking right next to me. She's so beautiful, I think to myself. She's probably one of the popular girls in school, so why is she talking to me? "Uh, no. Not a classroom, but I am looking for my locker." I tell her the number and she grabs my hand and leads the way. "I'm Emily by the way." "Hi, I'm Angelica, but you can just call me Angie." "Angelica. That's a gorgeous name." "Thank you" I reply, as I look down at the ground. I always feel awkward when people compliment me. "What's your next class?" Emily asks me. "Gym" "Me too!" Me walk to the gym together and talk a little bit. I feel a bit relieved that I made a friend on my first day here. We change into out gym clothes and head out to a large gymnasium. The phys. ed teacher split the class in to two teams and announced we would be playing dodge-ball. Just when I thought my day was going good. Ugh. I hate sports.    It didn't take long before I got hit with the ball and was out. I watched the game go on and notice that Emily purposely let herself get hit. She walks over to me and leans in to my ear. "Want to skip this class?" I have never in my life skipped a class before, but I really did not feel like being here. It's senior year after all. I guess it couldn't hurt to skip just this once.  Instead of replying, I just nod my head. Emily grabs my hands and we sneak into the locker room, and out a back door. Do the all the commotion of the game, we didn't get caught. "Do you skip classes a lot?" I ask her. "No." She laughed. "I could tell you didn't want to be there, so I thought I would come to the rescue." "Thank you" I laugh as well. We head to the football bleachers and sit underneath them on the ground. As we sit, laughing, and talking; I start to smell smoke? "Well, what brings you ladies out here?" I look over to the person who is speaking and am completely mesmerized. This man is breathtaking. He's tall, about 6 feet, wearing black jeans, a red shirt that is rolled up to his forearms and the first three buttons undone. The shirt does nothing to hide his muscles. His eyes are a dark brown, almost looks black? I've never seen such a dark color before. His hair is short, black with bangs hanging over just his left eye.    "Oh, hey Lucas. This is Angelica. She's new here and thought I would show her where to go when she wants to avoid classes." He throws his cigarette and the ground before walking over to us. My heart starts to beat rapidly. What the hell is wrong with me? I've seen good looking men before; even dated one. Why is this guy that I just met having such a strong affect on me? He sits down across from us and just stares at me. Not even trying to hide it. "Can you please not stare at my friend like that, creep!" Emily shouts at him playfully. "It's difficult to look away from someone so beautiful." I feel my cheeks heat up from the blush I must have. We hear the bell ring (thank god) and we all stand up and start walking back towards the school.  "I'm throwing a party tonight, you should come ladies." Emily and I respond at the same time. "Yes!" " No, thank you!" "Oh, come on Angie, it'll be fun! Plus, it would be a way for you to meet new friends!" "I'll consider it." I reply with a small smile. 
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