Chapter Two

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After the last bell rang, I quickly made my way to the student parking lot. It didn't take long for me to spot my brothers car. I wanted to get there first, so that he wouldn't leave without me again.  "Hey beautiful, need a ride home?" I jumped from being startled and looked at the handsome man the voice came from. Lucas. "Umm, no thanks. I'm waiting for my brother."  "Okay. I'll see you tonight then." He says with a wink before hopping on to his motorcycle.  I shake my head laughing as I watch him drive off. I never said I was going for sure.  "Hey, Angie!" "James." I state plainly.  "What's your problem sis?" "You didn't wait for me this morning! Mom had to drive me to school." "Not my problem. Wake up on time." "Yeah, whatever. Let's just go home." We arrive home and I race up to my room. I keep having an internal battle about going to the party tonight or not. I keep telling myself that it's senior year and I should enjoy myself before college. It's not like I'll be doing something illegal, James goes to parties all the time. Maybe I'll ask him his opinion.  I knock on his bedroom door. He probably can't hear it though due to the loud music he has on. I knock again and yell his name. That gets his attention because I hear the music turn off and he answers the door. "What?" "Umm, I got invited to a party tonight. do you think I should go?" "You? You got invited to a party?" He asks while laughing. "Yes." "Angie, you 100% should go! I'm going out tonight as well, so I can drop you off. Don't want to be showing up with your mom or dad taking you." "Thanks! You're the best!" I head back to my room and start picking out an outfit for tonight. I've never been to a party before, so I'm not really sure what's appropriate or not. I hope onto social media and find Emily's account. I send her a message and she quickly responds. She said she'll be over in ten minutes. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was even holding in. I'm just so happy that I have a friend. Especially one that can help me with girl stuff like this.  Ten minutes later and the door bell rings. I let Emily in and lead her to my bedroom.  "Angie, don't you have any dress that's sexy or short?" She asks as she rummages through my closet. "No. I feel more comfortable in pants or long dresses." "Girl, you should be flaunting that sexy body of yours!" "Luckily for you, I brought a few of my dresses over just in case." She tosses me a short, black, strapless dress and tells me to put it on. I go to the bathroom to change and when I walk back into my room, Emily's eyes look like they're going to pop out of her head. "Damn girl!"  I blush at that. I notice that she also took this time to get dressed. She's wearing the same dress as me, but a dark blue color. It looks really good on her and matches her deep blue eyes. She pulls out a curling iron and tells me to sit on the chair at my vanity.  I hear a knock on my door and we both look over as my brother pops his head in. "Angie, you almost ready to go? I have to pick my date up in an hour." "Oh, sorry. I won't be needing a ride. I'm going to go with Emily." "Emily, this is my brother James. James, this is my friend Emily." I introduce them.  They just smile and give a little wave before he leaves my room. "Okay, I think we are ready to go!"  We get into her car and head to Lucas's house. Or, should I say mansion! This place is huge!  "You look nervous. Is this your first time at a party?"  I nod my head in embarrassment.  "Oh, sweetie. Nothing to be ashamed of. Stick by me the entire time and I'll make sure you have fun!" I smile at that as we open the door and head inside.The place is packed and music is blasting! Some of these people look drunk as heck already.  "Let's grab a drink before hitting the dance floor!" Emily shouts to me over the music.  She leads me to the kitchen and I feel eyes immediately hit me. Lucas. "I'm glad to see you made it ladies." He smirks as he says that.  He walks over to me, grabs my hand, and places a kiss on it. "You look absolutely stunning." "Thank you."  "Lucas, what do you recommend for my dear friend here? I don't think she's ever had alcohol before." "Oh, I don't drink." They both give me a look and hand me a shot glass. "If you don't like it, just give it to me and I'll drink it." I hesitate for a moment before gulping it down in one take. My throat feels like it's on fire. Holy crap.  Lucas hands me a glass of water, while Emily stands there with a smile on her face clapping her hands. "What was that?" "Whiskey, baby girl." Surprisingly, I liked it.   "Come on, let's dance!" Emily grabs my hand and leads me to the living room.  I let her lead, since I'm not much of a dancer. I've never danced this close to a girl before. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Our boobs are basically touching and she has her hands on my waist.  Of course, I hear all the dirty comments and cat calls from the guys around us.  I look around the room and notice Lucas in a corner, never taking his eyes off us.  I was so focused on him, that I got caught off guard when I felt lips touching mine.  WHY IS EMILY KISSING ME! I quickly pull back, but she pulls my face against hers.  "DON'T TOUCH HER!" I hear Lucas yell at her as I'm suddenly wrapped in his arms. She looks down guiltily, and apologizes to me before running out the room.  I freeze, feeling so confused.  I feel his hands interlock with mine and we head out to the backyard. His hands feel hot, like actual fire. I don't mind though because it actually feels nice.  "Are you okay?" he asks me. "Yes, just wasn't expecting that."  "I can't say I blame her. I want to do the same thing. I've been thinking about you since I saw you this morning."   I probably look like a fish out of water, trying to form words. Yet, nothing comes out of my mouth.  He gives a deep, sexy chuckle. "It's okay Angel, you don't have to say anything right now." "I should go find Emily and head home." "She left already, but I can give you a ride." "I would appreciate that. Thank you." I stand awkwardly staring at the motorcycle as he hands me a helmet.  "I won't go fast, I promise."  I hesitantly get on and hold on to him for dear life.  A smile appearing on my face. This is such a thrill!  We get to my house and I see James pulling up the driveway as well.  I wave good bye to Lucas, and walk up to James.  "Who was that?!" "Lucas. Why?" "Just wondering. Mom is going to kill you for looking like such a slut." He laughs. I playfully punch him in the arm. Knowing that he's right though.  We enter the house and mom and dad immediately yell at us. "Where were you two! Why didn't you bother to call your parents to let them know you were going out?! Angie, why the hell are you dressed like that!?"  "I went to a party with a friend." I say "I was on a date." James answers. "You both are at a new school for one day and already starting trouble. She holds her hands out demanding our phones and my brothers car keys. Just, go to bed. We'll talk about this tomorrow."
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