The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

one-night stand
escape while being pregnant
high-tech world

Asher Williams, a 25-year-old model, never thought of marrying, her father Martin Rodriguez left her and her mother when she was young to marry a wealthy woman, from then on Asher swore to herself that she would never marry but would be a single mother by surrogacy. Things changed when a childhood friend took her on a weekend night vacation.

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Chapter 1

 We had planned on going for a vacation to one beach house downtown owned by Jake's friend, we decided to go shopping  ''Girls we've had enough, I don't know what it's all about, it's just a fair trip, I don't know if you will bey the whole mall, you guys should be over with it, we're still going to the spa and leaving at 6'' 

"Yes Tasha, let's check out and go to the spa section," Lilly pulled Tasha to the counter. "Don't think it's you, Asher, we don't want to delay Jake''

   When we arrived, Jerome and Jake were waiting for us. "Welcome ladies, meet my friend Jerome, Jerome, this is Tasha, Asher, and Lily they're joining us tonight," Jake introduced us to Jerome.

   "Hi Jerome," we greeted him, "it'll be nice to have you girls tonight.'' After settling down, we went to the cottage.

  "Here we are," Jerome announced, we got out of the car, "where's everybody," Jake looked around, "guess they're on the beach, take your stuff inside, that's the room cards. Make yourself at home, I'm going to meet with the others''.

  I entered the house, I looked around, observing the huge foyer, "what a huge house Jerome has here".

  "I was thinking the same," Lilly joined me in adoring the house. "Yes, this is one of their private beach huts," Jake made it known to us that this is not their only beach huts. "We're having a good time today girls, go get ready and go to the beach, we're having a bonfire tonight," Jerome stepped inside with the other two girls. "Maya take them to their rooms," he instructed one of the girls.

                                                                   Asher's p.o.v.

  After being taken to our rooms, I unpacked my things, took a shower, looked for my favorite bikini, but I couldn't see it, I groaned it was Tasha. She had to hide it to make a joke of me now, how do I get into her room, everything is confusing, I told myself.

  I think she's here, I pushed the room door and walked in, "hey Tasha come out and tell me why you're hiding my favorite bikini, I know it's you, Lilly can't make such a joke to me, come out now or I'm going into the bathroom now. "

   Immediately the bathroom door was flung open I didn't get to see my friend, only saw a strange face staring at me, I watch his muscles tense slightly as he pulled away from the door. I came back to reality, "I'm sorry, I thought it was my friend's room, I'm sorry, I'm leaving now," I left the room without looking back. I'd get in trouble, I supposed. This guy looks scary and too handsome, not a bad option for my plan, I should talk to the girls about it, I speculated.

"You .... what are you doing here?''

"I'm looking for you stupid''

"You hide my favorite bikini, I'll teach you a lesson, I screamed throwing things at her, you made me walk into a strangers' room, what if I get assaulted or something"

"Wait, are you seriously in a guy's room?"

"I believed the room was yours, so I walked in without knocking, I grimaced saying a lot of s**t in there, unexpectedly someone came out of the bathroom and it wasn't you but an attractive stranger, I almost drool over him for a while

"Haha Asher, you were humiliated, sorry about that, I didn't know it would come to this"

  "You better be, don't try to hide my stuff anymore, especially in these situations," I advised her before inquiring where Lilly was.  "She's got a new hook, they're on the beach, they're all there except you, so I came looking for you, get dressed, let's go, everybody wants to meet Jake's childhood friend, come on, let's go." Tasha nudged me.

  Jake introduced me to his friends and they were friendly, I excused myself and went to the mini bar, grabbed some tequila for me and Tasha, "buddy this is for you" l look around for Lilly, my eyes caught the stranger.

   ''Tasha over here, this is the guy I told you about, I think would be great for my  fertilization"

  "Come on girl, he'll never accept to give his sperm to you"

  “Whoever said I'd ask him to give me his sperm, I sneered.  I'll take it''

  "What do you mean Ash?''

  "Got it tonight"

  "Oh my God, Asher, what's gotten into you?"

 "His genes are good, just look at him, I wouldn't mind giving birth to a baby like that"

  "Okay, good luck, but don't come back shedding tears," she sips a drink.  "I won't, I don't want to date, I just want his seed''

  "Cool, so go now and try your luck," she beckoned me.  The guy that caught my attention, you're mine today, it's time to take action, now he's with Jake and Jerome, I told myself, leaving Tasha.

  "Hey Jake," I approached them.  "Ash come over here, this is my cousin Ethan Woods, Ethan this is Asher Williams Jake's childhood friend," Jerome introduced us.  Oh, he's Jerome's cousin, interesting, I thought, "Uhm ... hi Ethan, will you have a drink with me?"

  "I'd love to," Ethan responded.

  "Two glasses of tequila, please," I instructed the bar staff.  "Welcome to A-town, I started, I'm sorry I just ran into your room, I felt it was my friend's room."

  "It's okay, you don't need to illustrate it, I don't mind you in my room all day," he whispered, eyeing me up and down.  What he said surprised me.

  "Why are you flushed and surprised?" 

 "I never thought you were the flirting type" 

  "You can never tell," a dirty smirk appeared on his face.

  Disgusting so he's a player, I know guys are like that, I told myself.  Well there's nothing to lose, he's just a casual guy and I need his gene, I mumbled to myself.  "It's bonfire time, will you be my partner tonight?"  I implored him hoping to get a positive answer, "Yes, I will''.

  We danced, played games and exchanged drinks.  We got so drunk I can't even recall how we got to the room, I just feel his arm around my shoulder, yanking me closer to him.  "You smell like a lotus,"

  "What's good about smelling like that?"

  "It makes me want you more," he muttered.  I put my hands on his legs, my fingers snuggle in his thigh, his legs tighten as he tries to catch his breath, he sticks his lips to mine, a kiss arouses a fire inside me, from inside and out, I part his lips gently, his lips are alluring and soft.

  We continued making out until I heard him say something "I want you please."  I heard him say out between his moans, and I nodded, knowing full well I wanted him to, his hands sliding off my neck and down my back as I flex my spine to get closer to his body.

He slid his hands down to my stomach before taking my clothes off, we had the most sensational night of pleasure.

  I woke up in the morning, a strange room and a strange man next to me holding my waist, I wanted to scream but it hit me.  This is Ethan, Jerome's cousin and we are at Jerome's beach house, I remembered everything, my plan worked perfectly and I am very happy.  I got out of bed, picked up my clothes, and sneaked back into my room, let's wait for the good news I threw myself on the bed.  "Ah," I scream in pain, this Ethan is a beast, look how my body ache's, I need a hot shower, I scoffed.
                Ethan p.o.v.
  I woke up with an empty bed, with red dot-like red roses, the room was a mess.  What happened here, were their thunderstorms yesterday, I assumed.

  ''Asher !!''.  Where is she?, who does she thinks she is leaving me in bed after having s*x, I should have left you, Asher, you want to run away after going down with me, you wish!!.  Let us pray that we will not cross path Asher William''. 

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