Buying your beloved club

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“Don’t serve food to her for several days. She would eventually agree to it. We have tolerated her stubbornness for so many years. Still, that stone-hearted girl would not get ready. Let her starve till death.” The harsh sound heard by Sidney while sitting in her storeroom. She was already abandoned by this family, now they had said it loudly. It doesn’t make any difference to Sidney.

“Aren’t we being too harsh on her? She is weak and will be dead if we let her starve for some day.” Mr. Ken asked his wife Careen to have pity on her.

“Then what do you want? Just for the so-called love of your adopted daughter, should I sacrifice my daughter's dream of marrying Eric? You are such a heartless father. How could you be so cruel to your own daughter? You are just a managerial director in the Roger Group, but I own a film company. You are not allowed to make decisions here.” Careen threw tantrums at her husband. Elisa was very angry at her father. Mr. Ken thought it would be better to shut his mouth and follow these duos.

(In The club)

“Hey, have you seen who is going to come to the club today? You can’t believe your eyes. You will be really shocked.” A girl with curly hair and in very short clothes said to Victor. She was caressing and seducing Victor. Victor was seated on the chair and having some alcohol. The girl was rubbing his chest and ears

“Who the f**k is coming here? Why could it be so unbelievable?” Victor asked while pushing that girl. He became so angry because someone was so special in this club.

“It’s your half-brother Eric. He is going to join the club today. They said he was going to buy this club to give to his friend.” The girl with the curly brown hair said in a sarcastic way. Everybody on earth knew about the rivalry between Victor and Roger. People’s words only added fuel to the fire between them.

          Victor Mates was the illegitimate child of Rogers' second generation. He was half-brother to Eric. Rogers had never accepted him as their son, hence they had not given him their surname. But, by means of law, he's acquired plenty of shares in Roger's group. He was tall and with average looks, but enough evil to scare anyone. No heiress was ready to marry him just because he was an illegitimate child. He had been rejected by many people just because of his mistress. So, as revenge for Roger, he was determined to acquire the chief executive officer position of Roger's group, which was currently thrown away by Eric Roger.

        As soon as Victor heard about him buying this club, he clenched his fist in a rage. For eight years, Victor has been visiting this club. Whenever Victor used to feel avenged or alone, he would come to this club. This world has accepted his illegitimacy. He had already thought about buying the shares of this club but he delayed it for some reasons. Despite knowing everything, Eric still wanted to buy this club just to give his friend. Victor decided to teach a lesson to Eric today.

        As the evening approached, the atmosphere of the club was becoming colorful. Some people were drinking alcohol; there was a snooker section somewhere. Somewhere while playing poker, a private dance was happening somewhere. All high-class boys and girls used to come to this club to save their father's money. This club used to run till very late at night. There was a different addiction in this club. The one who was once here used to go back only when all his money was gone. Perhaps Eric would also want to buy this club for the same purpose. Investing in this club was a matter of profit for any business value.

    Songs were also playing loudly in the club. The club was very big too. Suddenly, the club stopped. Everyone stared at the gate. Everyone came to know that a special person had come out.

“Hey, look at him. He is Eric Roger. He is the third generation successor of Roger's group. He is way too handsome. If he holds my hand today, I will strip naked in front of all of you.” One girl challenged all the people around her. Her challenge sounded so crazy but it was genuine. They say there is nobody in the world that can lure him easily.

“Wooooo.. We will help you to get him, but remember your words. You have to strip naked in front of all of us. Don’t get back your words.”  The noise in the crowd made her more excited. Everyone was waiting for him.

      Victor probably didn’t like the way people were looking for him. He was never welcomed like that. He was Victor Roger in his childhood Madam, but his mom and he tried to kill the Madam of the second generation, but were caught by Roger's family. That’s why they took back their surname from him as a punishment. Victor and his mom fought for a year to get back the shares of their illegitimate child. Rogers still wanted to set him up with a nice girl. But because no rich heiress is ready to marry him. They asked Mr. Ken Gray, the managerial director of Roger's group, to marry his daughter off to him for just one year. They wanted to give him a chance to get back into their family.

       When Eric Roger entered the club, all the people from the club shouted together. He was literally a twenty-six year-old good-looking man who could take anyone’s breath away. He was handsome and smart, but could also be very evil and a bit cruel. He started studying Management, Politics and Economics at Howards. He was allergic to shellfish. Physically, Eric is in pretty good shape. He was tall with fair skin, brown hair and yellow eyes. He had a perfect jawline on his squared face. His well-built muscular body makes him lick many of the girls in this country. He has a birthmark on his left shoulder. He was somewhat manipulative and bossy.

          When he entered there, a beautiful girl with very few clothes to hide her private parts or we can say almost no clothes on her body came towards him. She had an extremely naughty expression on her face. The people were eager to know what Eric Roger would do now. They were looking forward to seeing her. Eric's face was quite neutral or we can say there were not any expressions on his face. The girl came forward to Eric. She had challenged everybody to see whether Eric held her hand or grabbed her waist, then she would be stripped in front of everyone. She became so close to Eric as if she was going to kiss him on his lips. The girls were biting their nails with the fear that she would surely get him now. 

Author's note
How will you handle everything if you were in the place of Sidney? Please tell us about your opinion
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