Opportunity to pay off

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                   “Mom!!!!! Do you really think I am going to marry that illegitimate child of Rogers? Don’t you know I want to pursue their sole heir, Eric? Why did you promise them to marry your daughter off to Victor?” A harsh tone with continuous bashing and smashing came from the master bedroom of Gray villa.

        It was Elisa, the younger daughter of the Grey family. She was the most beloved daughter of Mrs. Careen and Mr. Ken. Elisa was a self-seeking girl who dreamt of living in the Palace of Roger. Elisa was not in that great shape. She was tall and slender with fair skin, ginger hair and brown eyes .But due to heavy makeup, her chicks were looking a little dry, hence she always used a little makeup on her face. Even a devil would scare if he sees her without makeup. She has an unfortunate habit of bumping into people around her. The sadistic look of her was replicating her wicked heart. Her temperament is as devilish as an enchantress. She was shouting at her parents for a reason.

“They have demanded this from us, darling Elisa; you know they told your father that they would give the company to their IT company if he does that. Your dad is now managerial director of Roger's group. Please think about your dad. Even though he is illegitimate, Victor is still the son of Roger's family. You will eventually end up in the same family.” A very considerable voice followed by her. That was full of love for her.

       This voice was from Miss Careen Grey, an old but evil lady. She was mom to Elisa and wife to Mr. Ken Gray. Mr. Ken Gray was managerial director of Roger Corporation. He was much in control of Mrs. Gray. Mrs. Gray owned an advertising industry with the help of her daughter Elisa. She was sharp-minded yet sinful. Her face was full of wrinkles but was still covered with makeup. Her malevolent gaze could compete with any witch. She loved her daughter Elisa very much.

“What are you saying? Son of Rogers. They still had not given him their names. He is nevertheless Victor Mats in the eyes of people instead of Victor Roger. Do you think they are considering him their son? That son of a mistress is nothing but a burden on the Roger family. He is struggling for the executive position of Roger's group. I will not spoil my life by marrying him. Please tell them I have refused to tie the knot with him. ” Elisa was not ready to hear them at all. She was throwing her stuff on the floor, and smashing the table. She seemed so desperate for Eric. Ever since her dad joined the Rogers Company, she had daydreams of marrying Eric.

“Elisa my darling, this marriage will only last for a year. They just wanted to marry him off so that they could marry Eric after that. You just have to spend a year with him.” Mr. Grey tried to convince her. He thought it was not a bad deal to marry their daughter to Roger's family for a year in the space of shares for millions.

“If you think so, then please ask your adopted daughter to marry that illegitimate child, Victor. They have not mentioned that you should marry your own daughter. After her marriage, I will wed Eric.  I have borne for Eric Roger, not for my so-called illegitimate son. I will be his wife to him only.” She said in fury. As soon as they heard it, Careen and Ken both had an evil idea in their minds. They thought it was not a bad idea at all. They looked at each other and smiled wickedly.

       Sidney was busy drawing the new hair styles. She was in her second year of high school. She had a dream to become a famous hair stylist. One of her friends helped her to get work under a famous stylist in the city. Suddenly, she heard a noise of throwing stuff from the master bedroom. She was a little scared, because whenever she heard something like this, Miss Careen Grey would surely do something disastrous to her. She kept her hand on her chest and made herself calm.

       Mr. and Mrs. Grey came to her quickly. Mrs. Grey had brought some sweets with her to please their adopted daughter Sidney. Sidney looked at them with tangled eyes. Her foster parents have never visited her room, which was previously the storage room of Gray Villa.  

“Dear Sidney, you know that you are not our child, yet till today we have not considered you less than our child. Now it is time for you to repay his loan. You must marry Victor, the younger son of the Roger family.” Mr. Ken gave her sweets and said in a humble tone.

“But, father, you know that I have liked Arthur since my childhood and I want to marry him. How can I marry someone else?” She said miserably. As soon as Elisa heard it, on the spur of the moment, she went to the store room. She was gritting her teeth and eyeing at Sidney with vehemence.

“Look at her dad, how ungrateful your adopted daughter is. You have brought her to our home. You have paid for her fees and food. The clothes she was wearing were one of my most expensive clothes. You have loved her like your own daughter and what did she give you in return?” Elisa pointed towards her and said furiously to her dad. Hearing Elisa's words, her mother also got excited. She was just seeking an opportunity to show tantrums at Sidney. The face, which was soft for some time, had now become quite ugly.

“Yes honey, we have no relationship with her sister, yet we are paying for the medicines for her autistic sister. She could not even sacrifice a little for us. All she thinks about is her lowly boyfriend who cannot even afford a meal at one time.”

           Sidney was feeling guilty about it. The words of her foster parents were breaking her heart. She has been a burden to them since she was two. If her real parents were alive, then her life would not be like that. When she thought about marrying someone else, her shiny eyes filled with water. The crystal clear drops fell on the paper while she was drawing. She was in love with Arthur. They made many promises to each other.

“Dad, look at her crocodile tears. She is crying as if you have asked for her life. She did even steal my things and you have still favored her. She could only do such filthy drawings and bring unhappiness to our Gray family.” Elisa shouted at her and tore her drawings into pieces. She never liked her art.

“Sidney, your one decision could make your parent’s life good. Don’t you think it’s a good opportunity to pay off for what we did for you? It’s just a matter of one year. After one year, he will divorce you. Then you can have your life. He could give you a nice amount too for spending a year with him.” Ken Gray tried his best to convince her.














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So this was the first chapter of our story. Hope you would like it. Please follow us for more stories and updates. You can read my other stories too. One night stand with stranger CEO Mysterious Bride of billionaire High school love obsession His cruel revenge
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