My Ex- Best Friend Is Now A Bad Boy?

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College, it was meant to be a new start for me, a new chapter in my life. It was the time for my best friend and I to do what we have been dreaming off since we were kids. We could leave everything behind, and be who we wanted to be. It was an exciting time for both of us.

I was looking forward to the surprises to come, but one surprise I never expected was my ex-best friend Drew to be there. He left when we were teenagers, and I haven't seem him since. I remember him as the sweet, caring, funny guy that treated people with respect.

Now? He was nothing like that, he was the bad boy on campus, that screwed around, treated everyone like crap and gets into more trouble that needed. He was stranger to me now, but there was a part of me that wants to find my old best friend within.

Only one problem with that? When we first meet, he has no clue who I am.

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Chapter One - First Day On Campus
Ellie “Ellie, can you believe we are at NYU?” My best friend, Carrie squealed. Carrie and I had always dreamt of coming here together. After we left school, we took a year off to travel. A year to get work experience and now here we are standing outside, mesmerized with the beautiful building and campus. Classes never started for another week, but we wanted to come early and get settled before the craziness began.  “I know our dreams from when we were eight years old have finally come true,” I said, smiling. “This is going to be fun,” She said excitedly. “Not too much, though,” I laughed.  Carrie and I were not exactly party animals like a lot of people that are probably here. I am not saying we are innocent in any way. We enjoy a drink now and then attend a party or two now and again. We also date, but we aren’t the sort of girls that like to hook up with different guys every weekend, it’s just not who we are.  “Though it still sucks we aren’t in the same dorm room,” She pouted. “I know,” I said doing the same, “At least we are only a couple of rooms away from each other though,” I added, the two of us smiling. “Shall we unpack it explore first?” I asked. “Coffee and explore first.” She said. Even though classes haven’t started yet, there was still quite a few people on campus, so there were a few coffee carts around.  We needed coffee after our seven-hour drive. We were coffee addicts. Carrie linked her arm through mine, and we went wandering until we finally came across a coffee cart. “It’s my turn to buy so you go grab us a space on the grass, and I will grab our coffees,” She said smiling. I found us a spot on the grass under a giant oak tree. I sat down, sighing with complete content because I couldn’t believe we were finally here. I laughed as I saw Carrie getting chatted up by a group of about four guys, but that is nothing unusual when she is around. She is very popular with the guys because she is absolutely stunning. She is about 5’8, slim with the most beautiful brunette curly hair and the features to match it. She was used to all the attention, though she hated it. I, on the other hand, was not as beautiful as her but still get a lot of attention which I also hate. I am 5’6 curvy, with long blonde hair and the baby blues eyes, so the guys seem to like that.  Carrie finally made her way back over to me, rolling her eyes, causing me to giggle. She handed me my coffee before sitting down next to me.  “What a f*****g arrogant ass,” She said annoyed. “What did he do?” I asked. “Came over asking me if I wanted to go back to his room for a welcome to NYU f**k fest. Apparently, he is the best f**k in this place, which means he is probably s**t at it. What a creep,” She said, rolling her eyes again. “Ewww”, I said doing the same.  “I think he thinks he is some sort of God’s gift and a bad boy. His mama needs to give him a good kick up the ass and teach him respect,” She said, and I nodded in agreement. Carrie and I just sat by the tree for the next hour drinking too much coffee and taking everyone and everything in. We had a lot to do, but none of us could be bothered. Just as we were sitting chatting two guys appeared in front of us, and it looked like two of the guys talking to Carrie earlier. We both rolled our eyes in sync.  “Well, hello, beautiful ladies,” One winked.  “So my mate Drew that was chatting you up earlier and was wondering if you both fancied coming to a party tonight?” The other asked. “No, thanks,” Carrie said. “Too much to do. Thanks, though,” I added, giving them a small smile. They were handsome guys but seemed a bit full of themselves. Instead of leaving, they decided they would sit down. Carrie and I looked at each other before looking at them, raising out brow at them. “How about we make you a deal. We will help you both get everything to your rooms and then to say thanks you can come to the party tonight?” The blonde one said. “It’s going to be a good night. Everyone that’s on campus the now will be there. There will be music, games, booze, food, s*x if you want it and just a night full of fun. Come on, ladies live a little, you are only young once,” The dark-headed guy said. “And if you don’t agree then we will just sit here and annoy you until you say yes,” The blonde one added. Carrie and I looked at each other, trying to see what the other one was thinking, and we were both thinking the same. “Fine,” We said in sync making the guys laugh at us. “That is what I like to hear. I am Lucas.” The blonde one said.  “And I am Connor,” The dark-headed one said. “Carrie and that is Ellie”, Carrie said. The guys spoke to us for a bit, and they were not too bad after all, but after half an hour, we decided to make a move. We led them back to the car and just like they said they gave us a hand taking everything to our dorms. The dorm room consisted of a small kitchen and living room and a bedroom with two single beds and some storage. They were nice enough but would look better once we put our own touches to them.  Lucas helped Carrie; think he may have a little crush on her while Connor helped me. He was charming when he was not with his friend.  “So Ellie, what age are you?” He asked. “I will be twenty-one in a couple of weeks you?” I asked as I unpacked. “Twenty-Four, last week.” He smiled. “Happy belated birthday.” I giggled making him chuckle. I felt very comfortable around him very quickly, which is unusual for me. He was even sweet enough to help me pack some things away.  “Well I better head, help Drew get ready for the party. It is at room 248 which is about two floors up. See you there?” He asked. “Yes, I shall see you there. Thank you for all your help,” I smiled at him. “No problem. You can save me a dance for tonight to say thanks,” He said with a smirk.  “That’s the least I can do,” I laughed.  He gave me a quick hug before leaving, and I collapsed down on the bed, sighing. Carrie soon joined me, doing the same on the spare bed in my dorm. “I think I may have a little crush on Lucas which is strange because I don’t usually go for pervy bad-boy types,” She laughed. “It’s probably an act. I think he may have one on you too, his eyes barley left your ass,” I laughed, making her do the same, “Connor is really sweet when he is not with Lucas. And before you ask no, I do not have a crush on him.” I added giggling. The two of us just lay on the bed talking and giggled for the next hour before we decided to grab some food before we need to start getting ready for the party tonight which the two of us are still not 100% sure about. “Do we need to go to this tonight?” Carrie moaned as we tried picking outfits out. “Yes, we promised since they helped us. I am sure we can handle one night,” I laughed. “I suppose, but if they try anything, I’m out of there,” She laughed.  “And I will be right behind you,” I replied, laughing too.  Carrie decided on a red summer dress that just stopped mid-thigh, with a pair of flats and left her hair down. I, on the other hand, went with a pair of denim shorts, a blank tank top matched with a pair of ankle boots and pulled my hair up in a high ponytail. We were not one’s for makeup, so that was light too. We decided a couple of glasses of wine beforehand was to try to make us less anxious. “Let’s get this over with,” I laughed.  We gave ourselves the once over before heading up to the dorm where the party was. They told us it started at seven pm, so we headed up about eight pm not wanting to look like complete dorks by showing up early. Though when we arrived there were already many people there, you could barely move. Half of them probably don’t even go here. I reached in grabbing Carrie’s hands, leading us inside. “Stay close,” She whispered, and I nodded. Well here goes our first university party, wish us luck?

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