Chapter 2: The twins

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-Elijah P.O.V.- The day Skylar blacks out on the border edge.... “Fu*k man.” I groan at my twin, Aiden. I swear I can never sleep in with him harping on me. “Come on, we are going to walk around the pack grounds. You know we always patrol on Fridays.” Aiden says while shaking me. I push his arm away from me and jump up out of bed. He is already dressed to go out. I go into the bathroom and do my business while brushing my teeth. Aiden and I are both 19 now and without a mate. Hannah is 24, married to David with 2 kids, Daisy and Bradley. She got hit with the twin curse, but instead of two boys, it is one girl and one boy. Gavin is still with Lucy, his mate, but they are not married yet. I do not know what they are waiting for, but honestly, they are just enjoying life and not in any rush. Plus, my parents didn’t get married right away, and Gavin is like my mothers’ twin, so they will get married in the future. Xavier is officially the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack along with my mother. He doesn’t want to fully take over the title, so my mother met him in the middle. He is the face of the pack, but they work together to make sure the pack is safe. Our Luna is Annie, Xavier’s mate. They got married after a year of meeting and she is currently pregnant with their first child. They are going to have a baby boy. She is still in the early stages, so they haven’t thought of names. Mia, our baby sister, is still going to human school. She feels more comfortable going there because she is a weak wolf. She doesn’t let them hold her back though. Almost forgot, Gavin and Xavier are 23 while Mia is 17. Now Aiden and I still live with our parents because we like to keep an eye on Mia. Plus, honestly, we are not ready to live our mother. We ended up getting really close with our mother over the years. We love our dad the same, but we are just closer to her. It is funny that Gavin used to be close to our mom and then he switched over my dad. Xavier is still in the middle as well as Hannah. They just don’t gravitate towards one more than the other. Mia is a daddy’s girl, always will be. She has our father wrapped around her little finger. You gotta laugh about it. Alright, back to the task at hand. I finish up in the bathroom and throw on a pair of basketball shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt. Aiden is waiting for me on my bed, of course. “Alright, lets go man.” I tell him, making him look up from his phone. He nods and we both head out. We walk into the kitchen to find our mother sitting there drinking some coffee while working on her computer. She is always up early in the morning. She sees us and smiles. “Good Morning, my sons.” She beams with a smile that makes me smile. Aiden walks over to her first and kisses her cheek. “Good morning mom.” He says after he kisses her cheek. I walk over and hug my mother from behind. I wrap my arms around her neck and sit my chin on her head. She chuckles and puts her hands on my arms. “Good morning momma.” I told her. Just then my dad walks in. “Good morning dad.” Aiden says and walks over to hug him. My dad smiles and hugs him back. “Good morning losers.” He says to both of us, making my mother laugh. “Feeling the love dad, feeling the love.” I tell my dad laughing while Aiden is laughing as well. I just stay hugging my mother for a few minutes. I love my mother very dearly and she means a lot to me. Without her I would be lost in my life. I let go of her and hug my dad making him smile. Aiden and I make our plates from the food my mother made earlier. We sit at the table and start eating. “So, how long are you two going to walk the borders?” My father asks us as he is sipping on his coffee. “For however long Annie is pregnant for.” I answer while Aiden nods agreeing with me. “Did Xavier ask you to do that?” My mother asks us. “Yeah, he did mom, and we don’t mind doing it. You know how we are about our niece and nephews.” Aiden says chuckling making me chuckle too. We are very protective of our family. My dad laughs. “I think you two are more protective than me at this point.” My dad chuckles out. My dad is also very protective of his family. He put up a barrier that makes sure no one can cross, and he has moved a lot of his demons in the pack land to protect us and the pack members. Plus, my mother is also very equally protective of us as well. We are a protective bunch which is why a lot of our pack members come to us for safety. Aiden and I finish eating and then leave to start walking around our pack border. It would take all day long to make it back to the house so I am sure that my mother will have to bring us lunch and dinner. We cannot go without eating because we have empty pits for stomachs, or that is what my mother always says. I can’t help but chuckle upon thinking of it. 3 hours later… -Aiden P.O.V.- Elijah and I have been walking along the pack border for the past 3 hours now and we have found some openings that rogues could use or anyone for that matter, so we had to tell our mom and then fix the issue, but right now my wolf is driving me nuts for some reason. “Yo, bro. Is your wolf going nuts?” I hear my Elijah ask me. “Yeah. What the hell is going on?” I say back to him. I go to ask my wolf, Bones, to see if he can answer me. “Bones, what is going on?” Bones: I am not sure man. I can feel myself going crazy. Keep going along the border. Me: Are you sure? Does Darth (my brother's wolf) know what is going on? Bones: No, but he has a theory, and we won’t tell either of you. Keep walking! “Well, I guess we need to keep going.” I tell Elijah. “I swear I hate that Darth and Bones won’t tell us what is going on but let’s keep walking.” My brother tells me. We start walking along the border again and then we get hit with this amazing smell. It smells like Daisies and roses mixed together. I feel like I could get drunk off of that scent. Elijah says he smells it too, so we start to walk towards the smell while our wolves are going crazy. We cross the border and walk about 2 miles away from the pack land to come across a girl laying on the ground. As soon as our eyes land on her, Elijah and I both say Mate. We run over to her to find her passed out and it looks like she has been beaten. Elijah growls upon seeing her and I tell him to calm down. “You need to chill! We need to take her to Hannah. Mindlink Hannah and tell her we are coming and mindlink mom too.” I pick up our mate carefully in my arms, bridal style. We run to the pack hospital and Hannah takes her from us to put her on a bed. She then wheels her away to treat her and to see what damage has been done to her. She also tells us to stay put because she doesn’t think our mate will be okay with us in the room. This pisses Elijah off, but before he can react our mother comes through and calms him. She then begins to say that she can feel her energy and it is pure hurt. My wolf cries in my head knowing that someone hurt our mate. Elijah is trying his best to not kill someone while our mother tells us that she needs to meet her first before we make ourselves known. I cannot believe we found our mate, and someone has hurt her to the point that we can’t even be near her right now. 
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