Chapter 1: Escape

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-Skylar P.O.V.- BEEP BEEP BEE… Ugh I groan as I shut off my alarm clock. I roll out of bed, well what you would call a bed, and walk over to my little bathroom. I live in the basement of the packhouse next to the water heater. I am an omega wolf, but I am seen lower than the other omega wolves. I hurry up to throw my clothes on and brush my teeth after peeing. I put on a long sleeve shirt that hides all of my bruises, then I put on yoga pants. I pull on my sneakers and put my hair up in a high bun. It is about 3:30 in the morning, my alarm clock goes off at 3:00 in the morning every morning and I give myself about 30 minutes to get dressed and ready for the day. I head up to the kitchen making sure to be quiet, so I do not wake up anybody. Then I head over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the day. I get into my zone making eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, then I cut up some fruit for fruit bowls, and then I set everything up at the bar so people can make their plates then go sit down to eat. I quickly make myself some toast and drink down some juice when one of the omega’s comes in. “Hey, Skylar.” She smiles at me. I can see how it is a sad smile and not a happy one. She is the only one who is EVER nice to me. “Hi.” I say softly and quietly. I then finish eating and rush back into the basement to make sure I am not seen. I then lay down on my bed waiting for the Alpha to come down for my daily beating. I have no one in the pack. My parents were killed when some rogues came to attack our pack. The Alpha acted like a good man for a bit until I turned 13. Everything changed from that moment on. He came to my room and injected me with wolfsbane. Just enough to make me pass out while he moved me from my room on the second floor of the pack house to the basement. That is when hell started for me. I just have to get through today and then I will be 18. In werewolf law I can leave without the Alphas permission. I just hope that he drinks enough tonight so I can take that opportunity to run away. He is a bad drunk and he is running his pack into the ground. I am thrown out of my thoughts when the door to the basement is flung open and then shut closed. I know he is coming for me. -WARNING THIS NEXT PART INCLUDES R**E AND AB**E. READ WITH CAUTION. – “I see you are waiting for me like a good little sl*t. Did you make breakfast this morning?” He asked with an evil tone to his voice. I didn’t dare to anger him this morning. “Yes, sir.” I said in a low voice with my head cast down. He chuckled deeply and made his way over to me. I flinched away from him when he sat next to me. He didn’t like that because he roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me back to where I sat right beside him. “Don’t run from you. You know how angry that makes me.” He said in a low voice. I just nodded, too afraid of how my voice would sound. He just chuckled and then he grabbed the back of my neck, that I was sure was going to bruise, and shoved me back onto my little cot. He then climbed on top of me and I didn’t dare to move because I knew what was going to happen. He pulled my pants off of me roughly along with my underwear. This has become a daily thing now. When I didn’t react the way he wanted me to, he slapped me hard across my face. “Please…” I begged him to stop. He didn’t listen as he just laughed at me. He then proceeded to enter me roughly and I screamed out from the pain. I wasn’t turned on or wet down there so he went in dry. I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that he had already taken off his pants. I just laid there and took it while tears were streaming down my face. He shoved his face in my neck as he groaned and moaned…I just felt disgusted at the fact that he was actually finding pleasure out of this. He finally pulled out and shot his c*m on my body. He stood up and put his clothes back and made it seem like he didn’t do anything while he was done here. I just laid there until… SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. He delivered 3 slaps to my face and then left me to lay in my own blood and his c*m. I tried to get up after he left so I could wash my body off, but I collapsed on the floor. I curled myself in a ball and started to cry my eyes out. -YOU MAY NOT READ AS THE R**E AND AB**E IS OVER. NOW I DO NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR IN ANY WAY- I hear the basement door open again and I start to shake because I cannot take anymore of him today, but to my surprise I see Annie coming down the stairs. That is the name of the omega who is nice to me. She comes to my side and doesn’t say anything as she helps me up. She then leads me to my bathroom and helps me into the shower after she helps me out of my clothes. I just sit on the shower floor hugging my knees to my chest as I let the water run over me. Then her voice breaks me out of my trance. “I had to come down here and help you. I just couldn’t stand to hear you. I am sorry that I am not strong enough to help you.” She says in a sad voice while she starts to wash my body. I smile softly at her. “You are the only person in this whole pack who is nice to me, so that is enough for me.” She smiles sadly at me and I let her wash me the best she can as I am still holding my knees, and then she washes my hair. After I am clean, she helps me up and out of the shower. She wraps a towel around my body and then leads me over to my cot of a bed. Once I sit down, she picks out some clothes for me and then hands them to me. But something is off about the clothes she chose. I look up at her and I want to ask her why, but I can see that she is pleading with me not to say anything. So, I just take the clothes. I set them down on the cot as I dry myself off and then I get dressed. I wasn’t paying attention to her while I did this and when I am done, I look up to see her hand me a piece of paper. She then puts her finger over her mouth to tell me not to speak. She then just sits on the cot and waits for me to read this letter. The letter: Tonight, at midnight, I need you to sneak out of your room where I will be waiting for you by the door. I know you turn 18 tonight, so you will be able to leave without the Alpha’s permission. I will help you off of this pack land and then I will tell you where to head once we leave this pack land. I will have to go a separate way once we leave this pack land as my mate is a rouge….and I am going to be with him. I am leaving tonight to be with him, and I am taking you away from this hell. Okay? Nod if you want to agree to this. I promise I will tell you more once we are off of this pack land. I must have read the letter about 5 times before I picked up my head and looked over to see Annie staring at me. I nod my head to her, and she smiles. She takes the letter back from me and rips it up then sticks the pieces in her pocket. She then pats my knee and leaves me. I look over at the clock to see it is only after 1 in the afternoon, so I will have to wait a little bit longer. I feel ready to finally be out of this hell that I have to call my life. 11:55, 5 minutes before midnight… I look over my things one more time to make sure that I have everything that I need. I packed a small bag with some clothes in it with my toiletries. The Alpha already visited me, so I know that he is passed out drunk in his room right now. I quietly make my way up the stairs and I open up the door to see Annie standing there waiting for me. She smiles when she sees me and then she takes my hand. She quietly leads me out of the pack house, through the back door, and then we run to the border. Well, I try my best to run, but it isn’t easy since I am so weak. Once we reach the border, she takes my hand and leads me into the woods that surround the outer edge of our border. We walk for what feels like 30 minutes until we come across a few guys. I am tense, but Annie feels this and turns towards me. “This is my mates pack along with my mate.'' She then points to this 7ft tall man that looks scary, but I see softness behind his eyes. You can tell that he lives as a rogue, but he doesn’t seem to be like one. I turn to look at Annie and nod. She sighs and then smiles at me. Then her mate speaks. “I know you are probably afraid right now, but I can assure you that we will not hurt you. I am Xander, Alpha of the Good Moon Pack. We live as rouges, but I can assure you that we are far from them. We just live amongst the land and make sure to not bother anyone. Now, I have a map here” He then hands over a map to Annie then Annie hands it over to me. “You will need this to take you where your next stop is. Have you ever heard of Alpha Lilith? Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack also known as the Demon Queen?” He asks me. I find the courage to answer him. “I have heard of her, but I do not know much.” I tell him in a small voice. He smiles softly at me. “That map is going to lead you to her pack. It is not far from here, and she will keep you safe. She is an amazing woman who helps my pack out all the time. You will be safe with her and she accepts any and everyone. Please go to her pack because you will find the peace that you need there. Okay?” I look down at the map and then I nod my head. I hope I can trust him and Annie with this, but I feel like I can trust this. Annie has always been nice to me and I know her sneaking me out took a lot of risk, so I will do it. I look back up and Annie hugs me before we say our goodbyes. I make sure to let her know how thankful I am to her. I then thank Xander for his help as well, to which he says that it is his mates doing. I then take a deep breath as I head out to find my new home. 6 hours later…. I haven’t stopped walking at all because I do not feel safe until I reach this pack. But I am exhausted. I have not slept, and I am weak. I can feel myself wanting to give up but knowing that there is a pack that can offer me something that I have never had then I must keep going. I look up from looking down at the map and I see the pack land. Oh my gosh, I made it. I book it and full out run towards the pack land. I am so close before my legs give out and before I can even touch the ground, I black out.
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