Chapter 2

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Heavenlee is laughing and talking with her little ones. Hailee missed her waffles and sprayed whipped cream on her face, dress, and hair. Carlisle wipes it off with some wipes. He looks around the table at his beautiful family, thinking "I would give up every penny I have as long as I have Baby and our kids." Pam is quiet when she walks into the kitchen. Heavenlee asks her where is her father. Pam points down the hall, “he and Dondre are already working on locating those men. How are you feeling?” She looks at Heavenlee concerned. “I’m good,” Heavenlee smiles looking at twelve eyes around the table staring at her. “Today how about a picnic? I would say shopping but I promised your father that I would rest today. Maybe he’ll take us to the mall tomorrow.” She glances at Carlisle. He’s about to say no when he sees how excited the kids are. “The mall it is. Only if mommy gets some rest today. Go play in your playroom for a while. Hailee, get Ana to change your dress first.” The kids kiss him and Heavenlee before running out of the room. Heavenlee points at Pam with her head. Carlisle nods and excuses himself but not before telling her if her calf is still red and swollen, she isn’t going anywhere tomorrow because he doesn’t want her to put pressure on it. He'll be back in ten minutes to get her. Heavenlee waits until they're alone. Mrs. Tibbs is in the laundry room. “Mom, come join me for a cup of coffee.” Heavenlee points to a chair beside her. Pam takes a deep breath and frowns while walking to the table. It only takes Heavenlee a few seconds to know what ailing Pam. “Is this about Shingo being on the run?” “That bastard is still out there. Who knows what his scoundrel ass is plotting now? “Pam looks down the hall. Heavenlee looks down the empty hall and then at her. “Is there something you haven’t told my father and me?” Pam nods “Yes. Shingo Abiko is a man who loves pain. By that I mean he loves to cause pain to people in any way he can. You just came home and are sore and in pain that you’re trying to hide. But we know.” She points to Heavenlee’s right side. “I don’t want you, Carlisle or Colin to get hurt. My son has turned a completed 360, he's a male version of you.” “Don’t worry about that man for now. I promised you I’ll kill him. I’m not done with him yet. I’ve never broken a promise and I’m not starting now. My husband has changed and yes Mom, my side hurts like hell. But I’m fine and it will heal. Don’t tell Carlisle I admitted I’m hurting. He'll make me go to bed. Stop worrying, leave that to Father and my husband. Worrying only causes wrinkles. We both know you don't want that to happen.” Heavenlee sees her husband walking their way. “Babe said ten minutes. Has it been ten minutes?” Pam chuckles ‘No my son is going through Baby withdrawal.” Carlisle picks Baby up. "Back to the recliner and don't get up." Heavenlee lays her head against his chest. "What if I have to use the bathroom? I'm not tee-teeing on myself." "Then I'll carry you. I love it when you say tee-tee. It's so cute." He walks out of the kitchen carrying Baby. Pam laughs, "Heavenlee can say, Babe, I'm going to kill you and my son will think it's cute." ***** Mr. Sato, Mr. Inoue and Mr. Kobayashi is in hiding in Da Nang, Vietnam. Mr. Inoue has relatives there. He's sure no one will ever think to look for them there. At first, the other two men are skeptical but they realize they don’t have a choice at least not for now. When they landed Mr. Sato received a call that Heavenlee had killed Kanna and taken over the Arena. The man on the other end wasn’t happy the Arena had been closed. He was yelling at Sato to locate another place for them to hold fights and not disappoint him and the organization again. Mr. Kobayashi fears if they go out in the open or make calls it will leak their wear about out. He's sure that after the attack they ordered the men to kidnap Pamela. If Colin wasn’t after them Heavenlee was because they invaded her home. Mr. Kobayashi has always had some fear regarding Heavenlee. Since he’s met her the word fear is an understatement. Mr. Inoue and Mr. Sato are waiting for Mr. Kobayashi to give them his answer regarding locating another Arena or running like hell from the organization, Heavenlee, and Colins. He shook his head Hell if I know. We have to think about this for a while. Regardless of what path we decide it takes, could only lead us into death sentences.” Mr. Inoue is looking at a picture of his wife, and two sons. “What about our families?” “Mr. Sato reads a text “It appears Shingo has also managed to escape Heavenlee's hands. Maybe she’ll go after him first. As for our families, they’re safe. Is not as if they know who we are. Heavenlee is smart but her ass isn’t that damn smart. Hell, she thought I believed she recognized me from the plane is bullshit. Just like that damn blindfold trick her and that bastard Estaban cooked up. There was no way she walked into the Arena blindfolded and didn’t fall or bump into anything. You two may have been fooled by it but not me." Mr. Kobayashi shakes his head "Your ass is in denial. All the things all of us did to get to that woman. None of it worked. Estaban thought he caught her. I have a strange feeling he didn't catch her. At least not until she was ready to be caught. We can't understatement Heavenlee Manzo. We shouldn't go out yet. I'm still hesitant about making calls. It will keep those assholes off of us until we come up with a better plan to get rid of pray that she forgets we exist.” **** Shingo is on his plane flying to America to one of his penthouses in Los Angeles. He’s more determined to come face to face with Pam and the man that she loves. When Pam refused him many years ago. He thought that maybe she wasn’t worthy of him that was after years of stalking her. Shingo married a much younger young lady hoping she would find a place in his heart and he would forget about his beautiful Pamela. Love never came for him and his wife Jona. They have a handsome son and two beautiful daughters. But that is all they have in common. Now that he has seen Pam again his feelings are mixed. He loves her and knows he can't trust her. Shingo chuckles “Pamela my dear, some days I want to love the hell out of you. Some days I want to choke the hell out of you. The one thing I do know is I have to talk to you. Is up to you how it ends. I don't have a problem killing your gorgeous ass.” His mind goes on Carlisle and Marcus showing up to rescue Heavenlee. Shingo never thought those two men would be together. He was told the two men detested each other. After much deliberating for almost an hour the only conclusion he has is they’re in a polygamist relationship and Nora is aware of it. A man is sitting three seats behind Shingo. He has been on the phone for hours. “Sir Mr. Nakano told me to say he has contacted the three men who were working with Kanna. He has instructed Mr. Sato to contact you soon.” “Those weak scary ass fuckers. They're worthless as hell. “Shingo mumbles but says “Okay” He motions for Masi Masi leans down, nodding as he listens to Shingo. Shingo hands him a folder. Masi goes back to his seat and reads it. The man who is in the third seat is wondering what they're whispering about. He texts Mr. Nakano about it. A minute later Mr. Nakano replies and the man chuckles as he reads the text. ****** Marcus is working at his home office after arriving from Heavenlee and Carlisle. He thought about going to the office but decided tomorrow would be better. So today he’s spending it catching up on things that happened while they were in Japan. He's thankful it's not much since they were working from Heavenlee and Carlisle's house. Nora is in the kitchen preparing lunch she had invited Joseph, Lauren, and their kids over. She figured Lauren might need to relax a little more after being a hostage for months. She prepared sloppy joes, tater tots, and brownies, something the kids loved and it was quick to make. Patterson is in the den watching a replay of a baseball game he missed last week. He is thrilled Nora has accepted him and working on their relationship. Patterson knows that he has a lot of making up to do. He'll do whatever it takes for him and his daughter to have a good relationship. After Joseph says his hello and thanks Nora for inviting them, he high-tails it to Marcus’s office. He finds Marcus listening to Listen To Your Heart by Roxette with his eyes closed. Joseph sits down still looking at his brother. Marcus opens his eyes when the song is over. He read the note again and smiled. “Heaven did love me. She said it was hard as hell to let me go. But after she danced to this song, she finally got the strength to restrain herself and didn’t cross the line. Hell, she said she didn’t deserve me. For me to love Nora, start a family by adopting a child or two." Marcus rubs his chin. “Damn” “Man, I knew she loved you. What she and Carlisle have is one of a kind. Heavenlee made the right decision. I know you may hate me for saying that. But she did.” Joseph takes the note from him. “I know and I’m thankful for the times she and I shared. Carlisle and I are friends. I never thought I would say that. Maybe is it time my wife and I discuss adopting.” Marcus puts the note into his desk drawer and locks it.
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