His Revengeful Queen Strikes Back (Book 3)


Heavenlee is on a mission to locate everyone that was associated with Kanna in his underground fights and came after her family. She also has a promise to keep that she made to Pam which is to kill Shingo Abiko. That’s one promise she will kill another that gets in her way to keep.

Shingo has gone into hiding with some old friends. He thought he was over her but the night he saw her at the fight brought back sweet memories of the time they shared. He doesn’t know if he wants to love or torture Pam. One thing is for sure he wants to kill the man she loves in front of her. He has made it his mission to build an ultimate warrior that’s unstoppable to finally put an end to Heavenlee.

Let's find out if they succeed in their mission and promises. Who do you think will win? Do you think Shingo will get together with Pam or torture her when the time comes?

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Chapter 1
When Akeem, Dajon, and Isiah arrived home, it was dark and seemed to be deserted. The three men take their guns out and slowly checked every room thinking that Shingo or one of the three assholes that also got away decided to pay them a visit. Akeem and Dajon’s mother was in the last room they entered. When they opened the door Akeem snapped when he saw his mother restrained to the bed. His cousin Loretta and Tanja the nurse-aid are on the floor gagged and tied on the floor. Martell has been beating Loretta and Tanja ever since Akeem, his brother, and Isiah left for the tournament. He prevented the two women from administering his aunt her medicine. Martell figured the three men would be killed by Heavenlee or would be gone long enough for him to break into Akeem’s safe and take over all of Akeem and Dajon’s assets. Akeem and Dajon run over to their mother. Dajon cuts the straps while Akeem is checking her breathing and gives her some medication. He takes a deep breath and goes into the bathroom for three wet washcloths. “That is one dead bastard. How dare he mistreat my mother” Akeem punches the mirror. “First make sure Mother and the others are fine then find Martell’s ass and torture him before I kill him” He’ ran water over his hand to wash the blood off. Isiah had untied the two women to a chair “Damn he f****d you two up. He didn’t take into consideration that you’re his sister. You must have picked on his ass when you were growing up.” “Shut the hell up” Akeem walks into the bedroom Isiah looks at Loretta “I’m just saying since he beat her ass the worse.” Akeem frowns and looks at Tanja “So he did” He gives the two women a washcloth then hands Dajon the other washcloth and calls Doctor Shapiro to come over. He doesn’t want his cousin to know they’re back. He knew if he took his mother and the two women to the hospital there would be a lot of questions and the police would be called. He prefers for him and his brother to deal with their greedy cousin themselves. Dajon is cleaning his mother up and planning Martell's death in his mind. He thought his cousin would steal money but never mistreated the woman who raised him when his parents died. He’s about to say something to Akeem. But notice the way he’s staring at the nurse’s aide. He walks over to Akeem “What are you thinking?” “For her sake I better be wrong. The creepy-looking man finally said something that made sense. Look at Loretta’s bruises then at hers. If her ass is involved in this s**t. My dogs will eat and tear her ass to pieces while she’s still alive. The doc is on his way.” Akeem is still staring at the woman. **** Joseph has given his son and daughter baths and tucked them in. He didn't realize how much he missed giving his kids their baths or reading bedtime stories until tonight. Lauren is already in bed but isn't asleep. She's looking around their bedroom. "I thought I would never be home again." She looks at the bathroom where her husband is showering "He came for us. I can't believe the things I heard on the plane on the way home. My husband killed people for me and our children. Why do I find that sexy as hell?" Lauren pats her chest and giggles. After taking a shower Joseph lets the water run while he's crying and thinks. "Carlisle is right there's nothing wrong with a man crying. I thought I had lost my family. Damn, I never thought Marcus and I had it in us to kill any damn body. It just goes to show you what a person will do for someone they love. Now I understand Heavenlee more. That woman put her life on the line for her friends and my family. We owe her a lot." He's brought out of his thoughts when he hears Lauren knocking on the asking if he's okay. He opens "I am now that you, Georgina, and Jonah are home. I was so lost without you three." Joseph kisses her. **** Nora jumps into Marcus's arms, planting kisses over his face when he walks in the door. He chuckles and walks into the bedroom to sit her on it. "Nora Knight you're one strong-ass woman. Thank you for loving me and putting up with my crap." She looked at him confused. "What crap? Marcus, I knew what I was getting into before we were married. I know you know that Heavenlee is responsible for our meeting. I overheard you and Akeem's conversation. But she has nothing to do with me loving and caring for you. She told me you were kind, loving, a gentleman, and were very easy to fall in love with. Heavenlee didn't lie. So I don't see any crap, Mr. Knight." Marcus kisses her and lays her back on the bed. "I'm one lucky man to have an understanding wife like you. I love you." **** The following morning Heavenlee wakes up and tries to get out of bed. Carlisle wouldn’t let go of her. “No Baby today you’re staying in bed. I’ll bring your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and whatever else your beautiful ass desires.” He kisses her arm. “Babe, I want to have breakfast with the kids. I need to look at their handsome and beautiful faces.” She kisses his forehead, “I promise I’ll rest afterward." Carlisle shakes his head, “damn it, Baby I can’t say no to you. But you’re not walking." There was a knock at the door. It’s Nora coming to check on Heavenlee before she and Marcus leave. Carlisle put a robe on Baby. Then he slides on a pair of pajama bottoms and a tank top before he opens the door. Nora is concerned about Heavenlee and wishes she would come to the hospital so she can do an X-ray or CAT scan on her back when Kanna kneed her. Heavenlee refuses and looks at her calf, “I still can’t get over that big ass rhino bit me." Carlisle almost laughs because Baby is concerned about that bite. “Don’t worry Baby I’ll contact the same doctor that removed the scar from your side. Mother was right about him. He did a damn good job on it. I'm sure we won't be able to see a mark left when he's done.” Baby nods, "Kanna was an asshole" Nora picks up the bottle of pain medication she gave Heavenlee last night. Heavenlee hasn’t taken any of the pills “Heavenlee we know you're strong. But these pills will help you.” She looks at Carlisle “Talk to your wife. My father will be going home with my husband and me for now. He’s still planning on turning the Track into a home. Marcus is downstairs waiting for me. He wanted to see you before we left, he’s worried about you.” Nora is changing the bandage on Heavenlee's calf. “It’s a little red but it’s not infected. Carlisle, keep a close eye on it. Call me if it gets redder or starts to irritate her.” Heavenlee looks at the bite. “It’s a good thing I already killed his ass.” She slides out of bed holding her right side, “I’m going to see Marcus.” Carlisle picks up a pair of shorts and a tank "Okay but first, let's get you dressed. I don’t know what has gotten into you flashing my candy everywhere. Tell Marcus she’ll meet him in the den in a few minutes. Baby while you’re talking with him, I’ll check on the kids.” She looks at him wondering what has gotten into him. “I’m not going to question it,” Baby thinks when he picks her up. Marcus is pacing in the den when Carlisle walks in carrying Baby. He looks at her concerned. She assures him that she can walk but her husband loves to spoil her. “Yes, I do” Carlisle puts her in the recliner and raises the foot of it. Marcus hands Carlisle a pillow to put behind Heaven’s head. “You deserve to be spoiled and pampered after what you just endured.” Carlisle chuckles “That’s my plan.” He winks at her and walks out of the room. Marcus thanks her for bringing Lauren, the kids home, and also the three women who were hostages. “Heaven while I was here, I got a chance to see the love you and Carlisle have. I need to know one thing. Did you ever love me?” She smiles and looks at the desk. “I had a feeling you would ask me that. Can you get me a pen and a sheet of paper from that notepad?” “Sure,” He walks over to the desk. Marcus looks at her strangely as he gives the items to her. Heaven writes something on the paper and folds it. “Don’t read this until you’re alone. I promise you that your question will be answered." "Okay," Marcus put the note in his shirt puck and looked at Carlisle walking into the room “I never thought he and I would be friends. Weird friends, but friends” "So I noticed" She rubs her side and thinks "Damn it hurts. Bastard." “Baby the kids are waiting for you. Baby Jr said hurry up.” He looks at Marcus “Nora is waiting for you. I told her you’ll be out in a second. I want to have a word with you first.” Carlisle kisses Baby’s forehead and walks Marcus into the foyer. He takes a deep breath “Marcus you and I are what I call weird as hell friends. Thank you for helping me get my Baby and your Heaven back.” Marcus pat Carlisle's shoulder. "You’re welcome. I would do anything for Heaven. Now go enjoy your family. My wife is waiting for me.”

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