Chapter One

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Jeremy I sat behind my desk. Everyone has gone to lunch. I can’t wait for the day to be done. I want to go see Hope. I love my little niece. Its made me question finding someone to settle down with lately. It may have only been two weeks ago that Hope was born, but she has changed everything. Jordan has been so happy getting to be a dad finally. Alaina went through so much to get to the point where she is now. Some of the pain she went through during her pregnancy because she couldn’t use pain medication made me want to cry for her. The massage therapist helped, but she’s going to be on pain medication for a long time once she can start taking it again. Her body may appear to be healed, but there is a lot of injuries she sustained that can’t be healed overnight, nor in a year. She wasn’t released long from the hospital before she made the decision, she didn’t want to wait to have my brother’s baby. It was a huge part of her driving force to get back on her feet and be able to walk again. She had to go back to using a cane the farther she got in her pregnancy, but it was largely for precaution. I scrolled through my contacts on my phone. I need to see Hope before today is done. I selected Jordan’s contact and pressed to facetime him. The phone rang for a few rings. “Hello.” Jordan’s face came on the screen. “Hey little bro how is my niece doing?” “She is good.” “Can I see her? I need a fix.” Jordan chuckled and shook his head. He angled his phone down to show little Hope sleeping in the cradle of his left arm. She looks so much like us. She got our dark brown hair and Alaina’s crystal blue eyes. There is no doubt she is a Green. “Hey Hope. Uncle Jeremy is going to come see you when he gets off from work.” I cooed to her sleeping form. Jordan lifted the phone to his face again after a couple more seconds. “Did you get enough of a fix?” “Yeah, thanks bro that should tie me over until the end of today.” “You and Jayson are incorrigible you both need your fixes.” Jordan smirked. “We don’t want her to forget her favorite uncles. How is Alaina?” “Sleeping. She had a bad morning of walking because Hope kept us up most of the night. Her spine was hurting her. I told her to sleep after she fed Hope. I’m going to have to get her massage therapist here tomorrow.” “You want me to bring dinner?” “Sure, if you want to.” “Okay, I’ll do that before I head over.” He nodded. His phone started to chime as if someone else was trying to connect with him. He chuckled. “Speak of the devil. Jayson is calling for his fix.” I laughed. “Fine, I suppose I can share her. See you later.” “Later.” I hung up my phone. I closed my eyes to just see little Hope’s sleeping face. God, I need to start dating again. I might need to go on one of those sites. I don’t have much time especially lately with Jordan and Alaina being off for parental leave. Jordan extended it until after the new year. They will do some work at home over these next few months, but on a limited basis. An image of the last really good s*x I’ve had popped into my head. I had gone home to our hometown to have Thanksgiving with friends from school. Mom and dad came to see Jordan and Alaina. Alaina was still hospitalized at the time, but she insisted I go. I stayed in my childhood home keeping an eye on it and it was perfect sized for our Friendsgiving. We had gone to the local club and got drunk. Another classmate of ours was there. Well, she wasn’t exactly a classmate in our year. She was a year behind us. We danced with her and her friend that was with her. She offered to drop me off at home after she dropped her friend at home. She was the designated driver. Flashback Kya pulled into the driveway. She parked. “Thanks for the ride.” I slurred a little. I tried to reach for the door handle to get out, but I was having some issues with her door handle. “Hold on. Sorry it does that sometimes when the weather is cold and snowing. I’ll let you out.” She got out of the car. It had begun snowing when she dropped her friend off. I watched her walk across the front of her car and the garage lights made her auburn hair glow. She opened my door from the outside. I got out a little wobbly at first. She steadied me on my feet. I had purposely done that so I could smell her. God, she smelled so f*ck*ng delicious. I fumbled with my keys dropping them and she picked them up. “Here, let me help get you inside.” “Okay beautiful.” I let her guide me to the door and unlock it. Once she got me inside, I carefully locked the door behind us making it seem like a chore to stand. I tried to make my way to the stairs to head up to my room. I wobbled my legs a little to make her think I needed her help. She helped me up the stairs and to my room. I started to pull my shirt off my body. I leaned against the door closing it with my back. I tossed my shirt to the floor. “You know you smell really good.” She blushed. “Does your lips taste as good as you smell?” Her eyes shot to mine and dilated. I knew she was fighting her attraction to me at the club. She didn’t stop me when my hand would travel to graze the top of her *ss while we danced together. She bit her lower lip. “Jeremy.” She whispered my name with a husky tone. I stepped towards her, and she backed against the wall next to me. I raised my hand and caressed her face running my hand into her hair cupping her head as I tilted it up towards my lips. She licked her lips before I pressed my lips to hers. I gave her tentative kisses. Her hands raised to rest on my bare chest. If she was going to push me away, I would have let her. I looked down into her amber eyes. “I want you Kya.” I pressed my erection against her. “Tell me no and I will step away.” Her fingers started to flex on my chest. I waited for her to push me back. Instead, her hands shot into my hair, and she pulled my head back down to hers and she claimed my lips. I wasted no time lifting her until her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked the few steps to my bed and set her down on it. She started pulling off her shirt. She went for her bra next throwing it on the floor where she had tossed her shirt. God, she had perfect breasts. I lowered my head and drew her right ni**le into my mouth and grazed it with my teeth. She let out a moan. She reached forward to unbuckle my belt. I smiled on the inside. I pressed her shoulders back and I reached for her skirt and panties. I drew them down her legs. She had kicked her heels off. I finished removing my clothes as she watched me. I climbed on the bed, and we were frantic for each other. Our kisses were passionate. I reached into my nightstand drawer as she kissed at my shoulder and nipped it to get a condom. She wouldn’t stop nipping and sucking my shoulder and neck. “Baby. Ah, Baby.” I moaned out at her mouth. I claimed her lips. I broke the kiss and tore at the condom with my teeth while she went back to my neck and shoulder. I reached down between us to roll the condom on. I grazed her opening to test her, and she was dripping wet for me. I lined myself to her entrance and pressed into her welcoming heat. I wanted to go slow, but we couldn’t. We began to consume each other with our hands and mouths. She bit my shoulder as I thrust into her deeply hitting her as deep as I could go with the position, we were in. I nipped her in her neck as I pounded into her body. I teased her br***ts with my hands and mouth. Her moans and groans were music to my ears. “Are you going to c*m for me Baby?” She looked at me with her amber eyes glowing from my lamp reflecting on them. She nodded her response. “Ha, ah, f*ck, oh f*ck, c*m.” I ordered her. She fell over the edge after my next deep thrust. I found my release too and we came together. She screamed my name and I moaned and breathed heavy as I spilled myself in the condom. There was a knock on my office door pulling me out of my flashback. “Come in.” Jayson entered smiling. “So, you beat me to our niece.” I smirked. “Well, you know she likes me better I can tell already.” “Is that right?” “Yeah, well I am the better looking uncle.” “That is debatable.” I grinned and he returned it as we began laughing. “I wasn’t sure if you got lunch.” I shook my head. “Here, Jocelyn told me to give this to you.” He set a Styrofoam container in front of me. I opened it and it had some stir fry probably from the Chinese food place a few blocks over. “Tell her thanks.” He nodded. “So, I wanted to talk to you about something.” “Shoot.” “You know how Alaina has offered to invest in me with her settlement right?” “Yeah.” “Well, I was thinking of finally taking her up on the offer. I was thinking I could open my own firm, but I want to continue to work for your company. I thought maybe I could open the firm with your company as my first big client. I may not litigate in court, but I want to hire some of the new up and coming lawyers that need the experience. I mean I would still hire some experienced to help train the newer lawyers, or something.” “I like the idea. Floor fifteen just finished with its last bit of construction. We finally got the rest of the elevators in working order. You could take that floor. How many of our lawyers want to go with you?” “I haven’t discussed it with any of them.” “To be honest it wouldn’t be so bad if they do choose to go with you. It will free up room we could spread out more or hire more employees that we can’t right now because all our floors and available space is taken.” Jayson thought about what I said. “I would need to talk to Alaina first to see what she wants to invest.” “Yeah, sounds good. You know the solar panels have been selling like hotcakes expanding or having a separate legal team may come in handy.” “How much would Jordan have made by now if he kept the patent to himself?” He inquired. “By my calculations like his battery money would be pouring out of his veins at this rate. Now, were expanding and able to invest in projects that needed more funds for research because my bro thankfully put the patent in the company’s name.” “So, he made you a billionaire too?” “Its heading that way. The Green Company will be a billion dollar company probably by shortly into the new year if it doesn’t happen sooner.” “Wow.” He remarked. “Oh, before I forget Scott’s younger brother Taylor and his girlfriend invited Scott and Stephanie out to a club this Saturday. He asked me to go, and I was wondering if you wanted to go too? You have been working nonstop since Hope was born and I thought maybe you might want to get out and let loose.” “I could get behind that. I haven’t been out in forever it feels.” He nodded his understanding. It has been a rough year for all of us. Alaina’s accident and pregnancy took a toll on all of us. At this rate, the last time I have had s*x was back in June and that was a quick hook up with one of the girls I occasionally have booty calls with. ~~~ I grabbed burgers for everyone before I got to Jordan’s. Jayson got there before I did. My burgers were enough to distract him to get Hope away from him. I cuddled her to me while everyone ate. I didn’t like to see Alaina walking with her cane, but Jordan is having her massage therapist coming first thing tomorrow. Hope got hungry fussy when Alaina was almost finished eating. Jordan helped her to the living room to situate her and I gave her Hope. Jayson brought the rest of her plate of food once she got Hope situated to her br**st. Jordan rested a blanket over Alaina to cover Hope. We finished eating in the living room watching tv and chatting. Jayson brought up his idea about taking Alaina up on her offer. Jordan and Alaina liked the idea of Jayson starting a firm located on the fifteenth floor. Alaina said she would work the numbers with Nick and keep Jayson in the loop. Jordan offered to pay partial cost to move the entire legal department to the fifteenth floor. This would help reduce Jayson’s cost. I offered to help as much as I can, but I do have a lot on my plate for the moment. Jocelyn and Nick taking over for Jordan and Alaina helps me immensely, but still, I am the only CEO in the building for the next few months. And I wanted to run a successful business with my brother. I knew it would be hard work, but I never knew I wouldn’t get to f*ck off much like other CEOs do when the success was paying off. Jayson left to head home, and I stayed snuggling Hope until it was bedtime for her. Jordan let me settle her down in her crib in their room before I left. I kissed her head and laid her down. I brushed her hair back and smiled down at her. Her head leaned to my hand, and this is why I think I am going through baby fever. You know it takes at least nine months before you get the baby. Not to mention meeting a woman that can be a mother to your baby. Ugh brain technicalities. ~~~ I slept in on Saturday. I needed it. I went through almost unending meetings for the past few days. I was only able to get my Hope fixes through facetime I came home exhausted last night. I laid here on my bed staring at the ceiling. I need tonight. I don’t want to burn out by working myself to death. Though it is September it is fairly warm still. I decided to take a dip in my pool before I get my day thoroughly going. I got out of bed and grabbed a pair of swim trunks from my dresser. I used the bathroom washed my hands and put my trunks on. I would’ve preferred to swim naked, but I have had some of my neighbor’s wives looking at me with binoculars to catch glimpses of me swimming. Some have taken pictures. I don’t know how many husbands have knocked on my gate angered. I’ve had to threaten to sue for invasion of privacy and photographing me without my permission while I was in the privacy of my property. I learned quickly to never swim naked. I have honestly debated on contacting workers to maybe turn my pool area into an indoor pool with the option to open it to allow for an outdoor aspect in summer. I dove in and began swimming laps. I probably should have gone to my indoor gym and worked out, but swimming sounded better today. I’ll work out tomorrow. I got out when I finished my laps and made my way inside. I grabbed a water and started drinking it on my way back to my room. I dropped my trunks in my bathroom and rested them over the extra towel rack. I turned the shower on and stepped in. I rested my hand against the wall as the jets from my shower head ran down my neck, shoulders, and back. I might need to book a massage soon too. I can feel some of the tension deeper that the shower is just not reaching to loosen. I finished up my shower and got out. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I looked in the mirror and my tired brown eyes stared back at me. I brushed my teeth, shaved, and combed my hair. When I looked at my reflection after I was looking a little more normal. My chest is still tanned from this summer. I know I can still turn women’s heads. I might call Candace tonight. I haven’t slept with her since June. If I can just release some of this built up s*xu*l tension, I can think better. That is if I don’t find someone to bring home tonight. I tossed on some sweats to wander around my house until I am ready to get ready for tonight. Jayson had sent me a text asking which way we were going to go. I told him I was planning on an Uber. I want to drink. He gave me a thumbs up emoji and told me he’d see me there. I made myself lunch and lounged about my house most of the day playing video games and watching tv. I answered some personal emails and talked to our mom for a few minutes. I took a nap on my couch, and I felt great after I woke up. I made myself a quick dinner before I freshened up for going out. I added some cologne and got dressed. I like tempting women hitting my pulse points too especially the one behind my ear. I love it when women bury their faces in my neck and devour me. It’s a huge turn on. My d*ck likes it when they do that during s*x. I wore jeans and a button up shirt with half sleeves. I wanted to entice the women with my forearms and the ability to sneak their fingers in between my shirt buttons and graze my chest. I don’t mind them just staring at my chest too when their eyes dilate or darken in color when lust overtakes them. I grinned at my thoughts. Unless you know me, no one will know that I am a CEO headed to billionaire status dancing and drinking among them. Jordan has called me a playboy before, and yeah, I have been over these years, but Jordan and Alaina’s relationship as been changing my ways over this past year a bit. I want more. I want a family. I think tonight will be my last hoorah of my playboy life. I do want to find a woman to settle down with and have a family. Maybe my biological clock is ticking telling me I’m not getting any younger. ~~~ Jordan dropped me off at the club. He was going into town because Alaina wanted dinner from her favorite diner, and they don’t deliver to Jordan’s house. It saved me from waiting on an Uber. He told me to have fun. I planned to. I waited outside for Jayson. He arrived not long after I did. We were the first ones to arrive. We went to one of the bars and ordered beers and a shot each. We took our shots first. “Did Jordan tell you that if Alaina can’t get back on pain medicine, they may have to put her back into a brace?” “No, and he dropped me off.” Now I understand why he was getting her, her favorite diner food. “Alaina is pretty upset about it. She wants to br**stfeed Hope. She can’t do that and take her pain medicine. She feels like she would be a failure as a mom if Hope had to drink formula.” I drank my beer. I was debating on another shot. “I think they’re going to look into all options.” “Why don’t women who have excess milk just sell it for other women?” I queried. Jayson shrugged his shoulders. I made a mental note to look into see if that was a thing or not. Maybe they could even find someone who could nurse Hope as a surrogate for Alaina. A couple of women asked Jayson and me to dance when the club filled a little more. Scott texted Jayson that they were on their way he got delayed with a car repair that was being difficult and ran him over hours. The blonde that asked me to dance is rubbing her *ss against my groin. She’s cute, but she’s probably twenty-two to twenty-four tops range. I’ll flirt with her, dance with her, maybe buy her a drink, but I will not bring her home with me. She’s too young for my taste. I know many men would jump at the chance to take someone so young home, but I have standards. I greeted Scott and Stephanie when they arrived. They introduced me to Scott’s brother Taylor. He is security forces on Peterson Air Force Base. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. His girlfriend Wendy was cute with her auburn hair and brown eyes. The club lights reflecting off from her hair made the red pop in her hair. I noticed another head of auburn hair just behind them and the flash of her amber eyes. I froze to the spot as I stared at Kya. I barely caught Taylor explain that Kya was Wendy’s older sister. I wanted to part through our little group and claim Kya’s lips. Lips I have dreamt of devouring again for almost a year. She looked incredible. My d*ck got hard just looking at her. She flushed and looked down and away. “Shots.” Jayson called. I was going to need it. I wondered if I could convince Kya to come home with me tonight. I would love to ravage her body again. I can imagine making her scream my name over and over tonight. I would take her all over my house. Although I am uncertain if she would like me to f*ck her in my kitchen. I may want to just stick to my room, the shower, and maybe the living room to start. We took the shots except Kya she probably is the designated driver. I wiggled my way through the bodies filling this club to Kya’s side. “So, we meet again.” “Unfortunately.” What the f*ck? There went my fantasy of having her in my bed all night long. “Did I do something wrong?” She glared at me. “Did you think you were going to come over here and we would pick up after the last time we were together.” Yeah. I thought. I cleared my throat. “Um, no. I just was surprised to see you and wanted to see how you were doing.” “Overworked, tired, and in need of saha...” She stopped her list. “What about you Jeremy? How many woman have you conned into your bed lately?” That is probably where some of the hostility is coming from. I could deal with a little hate f*ck*ng if that is what she was in the mood for. I am certain she was going to say she was in need of s*x before she stopped herself. I leaned into her ear. “I haven’t f*ck*d anyone since June are you volunteering? I’ll let you take that hostility out on my body. You know how good we are together between the sheets.” I flicked my tongue out and sucked her earlobe in my mouth for the briefest of seconds. Her breath hitch was barely audible, but I heard it. She growled. I grinned. “Fine, but I am going to have fun first. If I don’t find another man to go home with, I’ll go home with you.” I nodded. I would make sure no man would take her home tonight. She is going to be all mine again. I decided to lighten up on how much I drank. I want to be more alert this time around. I passed out not long after we found our release. I had far more to drink then. I woke to an empty bed. Jayson nudged my shoulder with his he gestured with his head toward Kya when she moved to get a drink from the bar. “You know her?” “Yeah, she’s from my hometown. She was a year behind me in school.” “Small world huh?” I nodded. I kept my eye on Kya. She was in a form fitting black dress that looked slightly small for her. My guess if she didn’t buy the dress specifically for this effect it may be her sister’s it looks a little more of Wendy’s size not that Kya is bigger than Wendy. Kya just seems to have more *ss and br***ts that the dress wasn’t equipped to fully contain properly. I took a sip of my beer admiring her curves. All I could think about was how good they would feel under my hands, mouth, and body. I sidled up to her again when guys that were trying to get her to dance were not meeting up to her standard to give more of her time to. Most of them had given even me creep vibes. I leaned in from behind her and leaned my mouth to her ear. “Come dance with me.” She snapped her head over her shoulder at me. F*ck she still smells amazing. She looked as if she was going to refuse, but I saw her inhale me and close her eyes for the barest of seconds. When she opened them again, she couldn’t hide the lust hiding behind them. She turned out from me and started to walk towards the dance floor. She stopped and turned back to me and gave me a “are you coming” look. The song changed to a slow song once we got to the dance floor. I pulled her tight into me as I wrapped my hands around her waist and planted my hands to her lower back. She wrapped her hands around my neck. She rested her head in my neck and I let her inhale me. My body is vibrating at having her in my arms again. I didn’t even try to hide my erection from her. I wanted her to feel and remember all she can have with me. I danced another faster paced song with her after. Another guy asked her to dance when we finished. I wanted to tell him to back off, but I want her to see she wasn’t going to get someone better than me to take her home and satisfy her the way she needs. I sat back at the table we overtook. Wendy leaned towards me. “I know who you are now.” She said with a slight slur and accusatory tone. “Yeah, who am I?” “The *sshole who—” “Wendy.” Kya hollered and shook her head. Kya gave Wendy a scolding glare. I turned back to Wendy. “You didn’t answer me. What *sshole am I again?” “Uh, Jeremy the one who f*ck*d with my sister’s emotions.” “If I did. I didn’t do it on purpose.” I looked at Kya. “I’m sorry. I mean it. But you are the one who left me alone the next morning.” I reminded her. She closed her eyes as if she regretted doing that for a brief second. She schooled her facial expressions. She nodded her approval of my apology. “Let’s go get a drink.” Kya said to Wendy. I did feel like an *sshole now. I could have handled that night better. I could have been honest with her instead of leading her on and kind of making it seem as if I was trapping her in my room. I shouldn’t have closed the door and I shouldn’t have blocked the door with my body. I hope she didn’t leave thinking I pressured her. I mean she did strip her own top half of her clothes off and went for my belt. She must have wanted me too.
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