Chapter Two

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Kya “Mmm, huh.” I peeked my eye open. What woke me? I heard it. I shot from my bed. I reached down into Harper’s crib. He has started to fuss because he’s hungry. I picked him up. I cradled him to my neck as I carried him to the rocking chair next to his crib. I sat down and lifted my shirt to feed Harper. He latched on. An electric jolt shot through my spine. I wished the initial latching on didn’t hurt a little bit. You would think that because he doesn’t have teeth it would be fine. That is not the case. It always feels like Harper has a vice grip on me until he starts suckling and I am fine and can relax. I gently stroked his hair and face as I watched my son feed. I love him more than anything in this world. I never realized that one tiny being could completely upend my life and I wouldn’t want to change a thing. He largely looks like his father with his dark brown hair except he has auburn hair like mine highlighted throughout his hair. He has hazel eyes instead of my amber eyes or his father’s brown eyes. Harper is the one part of Jeremy I can keep and always have a piece of Jeremy with me. The one and only time I had finally gotten the chance to have s*x with Jeremy and he got me pregnant even though we used a condom. I play that night over and over in my mind. The reason I can figure why the condom failed is because Jeremy was a bit drunk, and he did tear into the condom with his teeth to open it. He may have punctured it with his teeth. Mom and Wendy keep telling me to seek out my baby daddy and make him pay. They don’t know Jeremy’s name. I just told them it was a random one night stand with a guy who I used to go to school with and I can’t remember his name. I don’t really think they are buying that I don’t know who Harper’s father is though. They’re right, but I just don’t want Jeremy to take him away from me. I work hard to provide for Harper’s every need. Mom suggested I sell my beauty salon when I found out I was pregnant. I would have to move states too. She said that she would be able to help me take care of my baby. Wendy offered to help too. I try to not rely on them too much. He is my son after all. Mom and I pooled some of the money from the sale of my business to open our own beauty salon together. Mom has spent years working for other salon owners and cutting hair for people around her in her home to save them money. We found a place when I was about four months pregnant with Harper to open our salon. It took us two months of setting it up before we could officially open. Mom had to continue to work during those two months and Wendy helped me set up the salon. I have a spot in our office for Harper. We have video baby monitors to keep an eye on him when he is sleeping. I had the lights adjustable in the office even in color to keep a calm environment for Harper to sleep. I wanted to set something in the main area for his bassinet, but it was going to be too loud. I understood he should be exposed to noise, but the hair dryers alone can get loud for his little ears. When he is awake, we keep mostly noise canceling headphones on his ears. I usually don’t have to bring him to the salon as often right now. Wendy just graduated from college before summer and before I had Harper. She takes him most days. She has been searching for work and if she needs to go on an interviews he comes with mom and me. I pay her to watch him, and she works part time as a nightly customer service representative for the cable company. She answers the phones. She was able to get us free cable and internet at home and a reduced cost to provide internet in the salon along with a cable package to keep customers entertained while in our waiting area. It has been a bit of a hit so far. I’m hoping we can hire more employees soon. Mom’s friend Edie and Lucy agreed to work for us when we opened. They came with mom when she left her last salon job working for someone else. Harper’s lips just fluttered against me. I chuckled. He fell asleep and is now just suckling every few seconds. I detached him from me. He fussed in protest. I smiled. I grabbed the burp cloth and rested it over my shoulder while I positioned him to burp him. He was being stubborn because he just wants to go back to sleep. “Burp for mommy.” I cooed to him. He finally let one out. I took him to the changing table and laid him down to change his diaper. He wasn’t happy I was disturbing him to change his diaper either. I sat again and rocked him for a couple of minutes until he fully settled back to sleep. I laid him back in his crib and crawled into bed. I hope I can get a few more hours of sleep before he wants to eat again. ~~~ “Who’s grandma’s precious boy?” I woke to my mom cooing at Harper. She was at the changing table when I opened my eyes a crack. “Mmm, did he wake you?” I asked with a raspy tone. “No, I came in to check on him and he woke up. I fed him and am just getting him changed and dressed for the day. You looked so tired I didn’t want to wake you.” “Thanks. He got me up in the middle of the night to feed.” “I made breakfast come get something to eat.” “I’ll be right there.” I tossed the covers off from me and made my way to my bathroom. Mom moved to another room to give me the master bedroom with bathroom for Harper and me. I told her she didn’t have to, but she insisted since most of my money was going into the purchase of the salon. I put up seventy percent of the cost and she covered the last thirty percent in order for me to not be completely broke especially after the move. I own the salon. I still treat her as if she co-owns it with me. She is definitely in charge especially when I am not around. I finished using the bathroom and washed my hands. Mom had taken Harper back out of the room. I made my way to the kitchen and mom had Harper on her hip as she got my plate and set it on the table where I sat down. I dug in. I was starving. Mom set a cup of decaffeinated coffee made the way I like it in front of my plate. I miss the caffeine, but I just try to trick my mind into thinking its getting the caffeine because I’m drinking coffee. Some days I can trick it most I can’t. I finished my breakfast and went to take a shower and get dressed for the day. I tossed on some jeans and a red t-shirt with the salon’s logo over my right br**st and the logo was on the back of the shirt. I brought my brush out to mom. She handed Harper to me. I sat in a kitchen chair while she brushed my hair and put it in a french style braid using probably four strands to complete the braid. I can brush my hair of course, but nothing beats mom doing it and putting my hair up. “There all done.” “Thanks mom.” I took Harper into the living room and sat on the couch cradling him and looking at him. He was opening his eyes as I cooed at him, and he heard my voice. He even smiled when I called him my handsome man. I can see the fact that he’s possibly going to be a heartbreaker like his dad when he grows up. Jeremy has a panty melting smile too. “Hey, Taylor just asked if I wanted to go to the club with him and his brother Scott and Scott’s wife Stephanie on Saturday. He told me I should invite you. Do you want to come?” “I don’t know if I should. I don’t want to intrude.” “Its not intruding if you are being invited.” “What about Harper?” “I’ll watch Harper. You haven’t been out for almost a year. You should get out and experience the night life of the city. Just watch your drinking. I don’t want to be a grandma again so soon by either of you.” Wendy and I looked at each other. “Mom, why do you have to take all the fun out of everything. I was hoping Taylor and I could give you a granddaughter by next summer.” Mom gave Wendy a stern glare before we all chuckled. “I can’t drink anyway mom.” I reminded her. “Well, then you can keep your eye on your little sister and make sure Taylor uses protection.” “Eww, mom I am not going to be in the room or wherever they are and remind and make sure Taylor uses a condom.” “He doesn’t need to technically. I have been on birth control for years. You know this mom.” “Yeah, well your sister decided she didn’t need to continue and look at what happened. I love my grandson, but still.” “It wasn’t that I didn’t need to continue my birth control. It was that my doctor switched my birth control and some weird canceling effect happened and that’s how I got pregnant. That and a faulty condom. Shouldn’t you be encouraging us to give you grandbabies? Most moms want their kids to give them grandkids. I’m not exactly young. I’m almost thirty mom.” “You’re still young you could have done so much more. I would have preferred you found a husband first before you had a baby. Are you sure you can’t find him?” “Drop it mom.” “Fine, but I just don’t want to see you work yourself to death to raise him when you could have help from his father even if financially.” “How can I work myself to death when I am doing what I love and own my business? Harper won’t lack for anything from me.” I raised him to my face and leaned to kiss his forehead. “Anyway. Taylor wanted to know if you could fit him in for a trim on Friday after lunch.” “Yeah, tell him to come in about one.” Wendy typed away at her phone. “He said thanks.” “Tell him to send his buddies our way. We could use the business since we’re still establishing ourselves in the neighborhood. I’ll give them a twenty percent discount off their first cut.” She typed away again. “He said he’ll pass the word.” I nodded. “So, Saturday. Are you going to come?” “I don’t have anything to wear. I don’t have time to go shopping either.” “You can borrow one of my dresses.” “Wendy, my *ss and bo**s are too big for your dresses.” “Men like curves. You’ll just fill out my dress more than I can.” “Fine.” I relented. “Yay!” She threw her arms above her head as if she just scored a goal. I shook my head at her. ~~~ Wendy and mom helped me to get ready for going to the club with everyone. I was glad I kept my heels and brought them with me in the move. Wendy’s black dress hugged me tight. I kind of looked sexy especially with my strappy black heels. Mom gave Wendy and me a pedicure and I waxed my legs yesterday. My legs were looking killer. I just hope I don’t fall on my face because I haven’t worn heels in a long while. Taylor sent an Uber to pick us up. He was waiting outside with his brother and sister-in-law. He introduced us to them. We made our way inside the club. I lagged behind the group. I guess Scott was meeting a friend of his. I heard his voice before we caught eyes. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck. Someone hates me. “This is Wendy’s older sister Kya.” I don’t get how unfair life is. Here is the man I want to avoid and yet all I can think about is how he felt f*ck*ng me that night. I felt myself flush and I got p*ss*d that my body can’t seem to control itself around him as I got wet. I looked down and away from his eyes. Scott’s friend called for shots. They all got shots and I kept my eye on Jeremy as he took his from the corner of my eye. I tried to keep as many bodies as possible between us. I caught him working his way to me. I want to run, but I don’t want to give him the knowledge he has any affect over me. I tried to steel myself. “So, we meet again.” “Unfortunately.” I replied harsher than I intended. I want to be strong, but I don’t want to be a b*tch either. “Did I do something wrong?” I stared at him. He thinks he did something wrong. He sort of did, but he doesn’t know what he did. Remember he never contacted you after that night. “Did you think you were going to come over here and we would pick up after the last time we were together?” He cleared his throat. “Um, no. I just was surprised to see you and wanted to see how you were doing.” “Overworked, tired, and in need of saha…” I caught myself before I said s*x. He looked at me. I needed to distract him. “What about you Jeremy? How many woman have you conned into your bed lately?” He looked at me and his eyes gave a challenge it seemed. He leaned to my ear. “I haven’t f*ck*d anyone since June are you volunteering? I’ll let you take that hostility out on my body. You know how good we are together between the sheets.” He flicked his tongue out and sucked my earlobe in his mouth. My breath hitched before I could control it fully. My panties flooded more. F*ck I want him so bad. He smells so damn good. I growled my frustration at what he was making me feel. He grinned at me. “Fine, but I am going to have fun first. If I don’t find another man to go home with, I’ll go home with you.” He nodded. I regretted what I said instantly. I made my way to the bar. I wished I could drink. I ordered a ginger ale. My stomach was doing flips. Damn Jeremy. He got me on the dance floor and all I could do was rest my head in his neck and breathe him in. My body is protesting me. It wants me to pull Jeremy to a quiet corner and indulge in everything he could give me. Another man asked me to dance, and I jumped at the chance to put some space between me and Jeremy. I made my way over to the table where Wendy was sitting with Jeremy. Sh*t she is going to see it. I got to the table when she said, “The *sshole who.” “Wendy.” I hollered over the music and shook my head. I glared a message to Wendy to keep her mouth shut. She knew. “You didn’t answer me. What *sshole am I again?” “Uh, Jeremy the one who f*ck*d with my sister’s emotions.” Great just great. At least she covered. “If I did. I didn’t do it on purpose.” He looked at me “I’m sorry. I mean it. But you are the one who left me alone the next morning.” I closed my eyes. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. I steeled myself again. I nodded at him. “Let’s go get a drink.” I said to Wendy even though she probably doesn’t need another one at the moment. I directed Wendy to the far side of the bar. She pulled me into a little side area. “He’s Harper’s father.” She accused me. I looked at her with pleading eyes. “Is he the Jeremy you had a major crush on when we were in school.” I nodded once. “F*ck Kya what are you going to do?” “I don’t know. I don’t want him to take Harper from me.” “You need to do something to distract him because he hasn’t kept his eyes off from you since he saw you. He’s been pretty much eye f*ck*ng you all night. Just like you have been to him.” “Sh*t. What should I do?” “Well, you are on proper birth control now and not in between. I say go home with him and you put the condoms on to be safer. Just don’t let him have access to your br***ts. Tell him you are on a new birth control, and it causes your br***ts to be sore and leak. Your doctor suggested you keep your bra on to help.” I swallowed hard and nodded. “I’m going to suggest we go now. That way I can get home at a decent time. Don’t tell mom. I’ll tell her when I get home.” She nodded. “Are you going to be okay if I go?” “Yeah, I’m bringing Taylor home with me. He doesn’t get to be off base much and those dorm rooms are small.” “You be careful and try to not wake mom.” She smirked. We hugged each other. I made my way back to Jeremy. He smiled when he saw me approach. I leaned down to his ear. “You want to go back to your place now?” “F*ck yes.” I paid him back by licking his earlobe. “I’ll be right back.” He made his way to Scott’s friend which I guess is his friend as well. They talked for a moment before he came back to me. “Let’s go.” We made our way outside and he claimed my lips once we were outside. “Did you drive?” I asked when I broke free of his kiss. “I have an Uber around the corner.” He rasped with his desire. He claimed my lips again. I don’t know how we made it into the car. He ran his hand up and down my th*gh the whole ride. I realized the car was heading into the mountains. I was confused. Only the very rich live on the mountain. The car pulled up to a huge mansion’s gate. Jeremy pressed something on his phone and the gate opened. When the car stopped, and I got out I stood staring in awe at the house. He came up behind me and wrapped his hands around me. He made a move for my br***ts as he nipped in my neck. “Don’t touch my br***ts. I just got switched to new birth control and I have one of the rare side effects that cause my br***ts to be sore and leak. I have to keep my bra on.” I felt stupid giving him that lie and excuse. He didn’t seem to care. “Okay.” He led me inside the house. He practically dragged me to a huge bedroom with a huge king sized bed. He claimed my lips as he pulled my dress up and over my head. He tossed it to the floor. I dropped my clutch from my wrist. He lifted me and set me on the edge of the bed as he made a move for my lacy panties. He hooked his fingers over them at my waist and slid them down my legs and over my heels. I scooched back into the bed. I didn’t have time to say anything his head was between my legs, and he was flicking his tongue over my cl*t. I moaned. He rested my legs over his shoulders with my heels still on. He devoured me with his mouth and fingers. “Hmm, you taste so f*ck*ng delicious.” He growled against me as he eyed me before he went back to feasting on me. I was moaning and groaning, and I screamed his name as he made me c*m. He stood up after he drank every last bit of me. He stripped his clothes tossing them all over the floor. He made his way to his nightstand and got a condom packet. God, he was s*xy as f*ck. I stared at his body and willed myself not to drool. He grinned as he watched me staring at him like he was the best lollipop in the candy store. I licked my lips. He chuckled. “Later. I need to be buried in you.” He climbed on the bed, and I snatched the condom out of his hand. I opened it and carefully set it in my mouth. I leaned forward and I used my mouth to push the condom on with my mouth. “Ah, ha. F*ck Baby.” He breathed out heavy on a moan and sucked air in. I took him as far I could in our position. I licked him through the condom all the way back off from him. “That is the hottest thing I have ever experienced.” He rasped out. I batted my eyes at him. “I want to go slow, but I need you.” I nodded my consent. It wasn’t like I was going to stop him now. I needed him too. He situated himself between my legs. “Maybe I should take my heels off.” “Not yet.” He pressed at my entrance. He moaned with me as he sank into me inch after inch. He felt like heaven. I could have really used him around when Harper messed with my hormones making me ready to screw any man with a d*ck that could use it right though none were available. I leaned up and buried my face in his neck. I nipped at him and licked and sucked him. He smells to good. He moaned and laughed lightly at my feasting on his neck and shoulder. He stroked himself inside me deeply and at a languid pace. He let me feel every bit of him and I was here for it. My body was in heaven except for my bo**s. They wanted his attention, but I can’t have him see my milk leak out. He may have bought my lie, but he doesn’t seem stupid enough to not figure out that I was leaking milk. He claimed my lips again and slipped his tongue inside my mouth moving it in rhythm to his thrusts which are quickly bringing me to another climax. I am trying to fight it because I want this to last. It’s been so long since him that I have had s*x. “F*ck Baby.” He almost whispered. “You feel so good taking me. Ha, ah, ha, oh. I want you to c*m on me.” He moaned and breathed out in halting breaths as he picked up his pace and pounded into me. My voice was getting scratchy from the moans and tiny screams he was pulling from my body. He reached between us, and I felt him circle my cl*t with his thumb and press. I was falling over the edge as I screamed his name again. He found his release along with me. His moans and breathing were turning me on again just listening to them. ~~~ I cracked my eye opened. I was surprised Harper hadn’t woken me up to feed him. Before I could finish my thoughts, I felt the chest of the man I was laying on. Jeremy. I was laying on Jeremy. Everything came rushing back. Jeremy made up for what lacked a little that first night. I must have fallen asleep because he f*ck*d me into exhaustion. I need to get home. I slowly inched my way out from under his arm. I got off the bed and searched the floor for my clothes. I couldn’t find my panties, but I found my dress. I took it into the bathroom I spotted through the door. I closed the door. I spotted the toilet and made my way to use it. I looked around the huge bathroom. I noticed the shower and started to feel a little jealous that he gets to shower in there. I finished and washed my hands. I turned my dress right side out. I pulled it on over my head. I tried to straighten out my hair in the mirror. I needed to find my clutch and get my phone so I could get an Uber to take me home. I need to make my way outside of the gate. I had to get on my hands and knees and finally spotted my clutch purse under the bed. I crawled forward to grab it. Once I got it. I sat down and began putting my heels on. I felt his eyes on me. I looked up. “Sneaking off again?” He asked in a husky tone. That made me wet. Knock it off he tended to you more than once. We need to get home to Harper. “Uh, yeah, no, sort of. I need to leave.” I stammered some. “I can give you a ride home.” “No, that’s okay. I need to go to my salon to work on some paperwork. Sunday’s are the only times I have to work on it.” “Fine. I will take you to your salon. Let me get dressed.” He walked past me, and I drooled as I watched his perfect *ss pass by me. I was a wanton woman. Jeremy made me this way. He’s going to be my doom I am sure of it.
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