Yeah! I was cheated.

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Ava came to his apartment. She knew she shouldn't have come at this hour and that too without informing him. Felix was living in a rented apartment and it would cause a fuss afterwards. He told her his landlord is quite strict and does not allow any woman in at night, even if his sister. She felt that she should have him called before coming here. She never came at this time at his house but today it was urgent. She wanted to meet him at any cost. Apart from her dad and her brother, she thinks only Felix and Miley understand her. Only they have a shoulder for her sorrows and High five for her happiness. She could have gone to Miley’s house but she was out of station for a week. Miley told her she would come back in two days. So Ava had no other option than visiting Felix, her boyfriend. She hoped that Felix could help her, they were dating for a long time and she saw her future with him. He was preparing to become a public servant officer. The job she liked the most. They have many dreams together. Now it’s time to complete all of them. Thinking this all she came to the sixth floor of his apartment building and raised her hand to knock on the door but realized the door was already open. She was surprised to see it as he said he usually sleeps nearby ten but now it’s almost twelve and half at night. She slowly opened the door of his house. Her face's expression changed when she saw a pair of female shoes at his door. Those high heel red sandals, she felt it familiar. Without saying a word she entered the main hall. The sound of heavy panting was coming through his bedroom. "Aahhhh...Aaahhh.. Your d**k… Take it more inside… Ahh… Ahhh…Do it fast....I want it more...I want it… Uhhh.. fast... Yeah… Yeahhh… Aaahhhhh...Ahhhh." Her eyebrow raised as she heard this breathy voice. It was Miley, her best friend. What is she doing here? Is she here with her boyfriend? Perhaps they didn't get room for s*x so she have asked it to Felix. After thinking this, she started going back. How can she see Miley and Miley's boyfriend having s*x? As Ava stepped back she saw a trolley bag kept in the corner with some wet underwear and clothes spread in the hall for drying. Has Miley come to stay there for a few days? But Why? Her legs paused but her brain started questioning her. "Miley... Woww... Your tits.. Your p***y… It's so deep.. yeahh… it's amazing...... Should I get it in?" Another moan came out from that room. As she heard it, her heart skipped a bit. It was Felix, her boyfriend. Her brain froze at that moment. She couldn’t believe it was him. Should she go and see there? The continuous panting and moaning filled the entire room. She again heard their voices. "Miley, your body is so soft... I want to lick it... Your tight p***y… I am going crazy. Wow...that b***h Ava didn't let me touch at all...but you are so amazing." When Ava heard it she felt pain in her heart. “ Baby I am cumming…” The loud moans echoed in that empty house. Ava pressed her eyes in disgust. “Why don’t you leave that crazy b***h? She is good for nothing.” Miley asked him. It seemed from her words that this was not happening for the first time. “I will.. But not now..” Ava widened her eyes, Felix already planned about breaking up with her. “That day I just asked her to send nudes and she was like “Oh Felix.. You know I can’t…” He mimicked Ava. Her eyes moistened. She felt like crying heavily. Her heart sank for a moment. Then she realized not to cry for such a bastard. She would go back quietly but she wanted to catch both of them red handed. She thought to herself and opened the door of that room. It was Miley who was lying naked on the bed and Felix who was almost erected for another round. They were sweating heavily. As Felix saw her, he turned pale. He immediately stopped his foreplay with Miley. They were horribly terrified. Miley quickly took a quilt on her body and Felix hid his erected d**k with his pants. They started hustling like a sudden earthquake happened. "Ava, it’s not like what you saw. We were just..." Miley said in a convincing tone. She was embarrassed as she was caught by her best friend. Her face became red out of shame. She still remained lying because if she woke up to persuade Ava, Ava would have seen the semen that fell on her body. "You were just having s*x. I know that. I am going, you guys carry on." Saying this Ava came out of his room. She confronted them so they wouldn't need to lie in front of her. She wore her boots and started running on the veranda. Felix immediately wore his pants and started running behind her without any shirt. "Ava, stop there. Please don’t run away from me." It was full moon night and Felix was running behind her. The building was so silent and scary. No trace of any person was seen throughout the building. Obviously, who would roam around like a ghost at midnight one. It was too late for anybody to see both of them running. In that scary silent compound, only street dogs could be heard while barking. Ava was afraid of it, but she tried to come to the road. She was gasping for breath and running with her extreme strength. There was a lift in front of her, she immediately entered it and pushed the button of the basement before he could enter. She might have pushed it many times in a hurry. She sighed for a while as she did not have to run now. She came to the basement of his building. "Ava please, let’s have a talk about it. Don’t run away from me." Felix came down the staircase. He was half naked and running behind her like a pervert. She did not want to turn and look at that Bastard. She didn’t say a word and kept running out of the building. She almost came out of his compound but he kept chasing her. "Ava, what you have seen was just a misunderstanding. I never asked Miley for it. It was her who seduced me." As she heard such a thing, she stopped at her place. Felix smiled as he already knew that Ava would again fall in the trap of him. He was caught many times but he always made up stories to her. Always blamed on girls for seducing her. She was blindly in love with him so she used to believe all the stories about him but now he was caught with her best friend Miley. Even she heard everything he said just now. She grinned her teeth and looked around herself. A Big Vase standing near the front gate. “Felix.. Just stop lying you bastard.” Ava just picked it in her hand and smashed it on the ground. “Stop your nonsense right now.” She screamed. Felix was startled to see her reaction but didn’t stop to convince her. "You should hear me first. It was Miley who asked me to spend a night with her. I refused her but she was so desperate. She seduced me." He held her hand and convinced her with a smile. Ava looked into his eyes. It was gleaming, she couldn't see any kind of guilt in it. The tight lipped smile became visible on his face. Ava kept staring at his face which was most handsome for her. She was just crazy behind this face. She never knew that this person could cheat her with her best friend. "Don't touch me, Felix. Do you really think I would believe your words? I saw you and Miley having s*x. Still you pretend to be normal in front of me." Ava shouted and took her hand back. "Ava, it’s just a misunderstanding. I was lost as I saw her naked in front of me. I forget everything when I sleep with Miley." Felix started playing with her heart. He knew that Ava doesn’t want to see him sad so he made his face upset and dull. Ava laughed sarcastically, clapping her hands together. She just saw Miley’s bag, she must have been staying with him for a week. “Ava, please believe me darling.” Felix tried to hug her just the same he used to do. But Ava pushed him away. Ava remembered Last time she had caught him while kissing a famous girl from high school. When He was caught, he blamed that girl for seducing him. Now when she saw him lying naked on her best friend in his own room, he did the same. She felt herself a fool. "What if I have done the same with you? If I were caught sleeping with a random guy, would you like that? I should have s*x with any guy then you could feel how I feel now." Ava was heartbroken with extreme pain. She did not want to have any kind of argument with him but she had enough of him. He always tricked her in many ways. She came out of the compound by the main gate. She was stepping faster than usual as if her anger turned into fuel. "What I did today or I did in the past that was because of you. We were in a relationship for almost five years and still you did not let me touch you. Do you think any man could tolerate that? If you are not allowing me to touch you then I would prefer other options." He again blamed her for everything. The anger smoldered in her like a lava. She clenched her fist with extreme anger and pushed him back. "Now I am challenging you. I will sleep with any random person and they come to you. I will have s*x with someone then we will be equal. I hope your reaction will be the same as mine." She said and started running again towards the main road. "Ava, please listen to me dear. I didn't want you to do that. Please be calm and think again. Don’t do anything wrong." Felix said and ran back but he was half naked so he turned back. He thought everything will be alright till tomorrow as she had caught him many times. He would again frame some stories and make her emotional to keep their relationship. "Having s*x with someone? I know you cannot even kiss anyone. I am your boyfriend since five years then also you didn't allow me that, how could you sleep with random man on street." He hoped for everything to be alright and get back to his apartment.
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