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Ava came to the road she didn't turned back to see whether Felix coming behind her or not. Previously she did care about him but today her trust was completely broken. She started walking at the corner of the road, she was just looking down at her shoes. It was almost one at midnight. The night breeze of Japanese Wisteria and tuberose could be feel in the air. It was mixed with the smell of air after rain. It was little muddy and more fragnant. Road seemed little wet as if cloud had cried its heart out. On that Wet road Ava walking with her smooth and slow steps. She stopped below a streetlight and looked at her deep shadow. She didn't know where she should go. What she could do? There was no any place where she could go. The saddest thing about betrayal that it never come from your enemies. When she ran away from her house it was all over for her. She knew that if she goes there again, Monty will ripped her off. She had a good day today till Monty came at her house. Monty was nephew of her step mother. He had average height and average appearance. He always had his dirty eyes on her. She ignored him and went to her room. She knew that she can not deny him to came over her house because now its not her house anymore. Her step mother, Mrs. Bella Frost has already snatched everything from her. She didn't come out from room since he has come. At sharp Twelve at midnight, She laid at her bed and tried to sleep. “Knock...Knock..." There was a repeating knocks on the door. Ava thought this must be her Hannah, her step sister. She woke up from her bed and opened the door. Suddenly a boy attack on her within a second of opening. Ava stepped back as “Ava, You b***h! I saw you today roaming with one guy in the morning. You are a slut. you are seducing other men but when I asked you to sleep with me, you rejected me." Monty started coming close to Ava. Ava was stepping back. Monty pushed Ava on her bed and attack her again. Ava pushed him hard. "Monty, you bastard! how you dare to push me. Let me go or I will scream." Ava said while pushing him away. "Bella aunty only asked me to taste you today. I have given her enough money for an year. Now you would be my slut" Monty said while unbuttoning her shirt. She already knew in the evening that Bella and Hannah are something upto. She held his hand and tried to stop him with extreme strengh. Monty slapped her and grabbed her neck. "I want to taste yout body since many years but now I have got chance to taste it. Let me kiss your lips first. I will make you naked and...You already know about it." He said and started pouting his lips. He came forward at her lips. Ava was feeling helpless. She stuggled but he was harshly held her neck. She took a vase from behind and smashed it on his head. "Ouccchhh....Ava, I would kill you." He held his head which was quite injured. He saw his hand, it was almost bloody. The blood started flowing from his head. Ava was startle but took this opportunity and started running from the room. Fortunately, there was no one to stop her. She ran fast and immediately took a cab. She headed towards Blue Sapphire apartment where her boyfriend Felix was living. She entered in his room and saw him cheating with her best friend. Everything started flashing back in front of her eyes. Her world tore apart as she saw each and every people around them cheating her. "First it was Bella and Hannah....Now it was Milley and Felix...where should I go? On whom should I trust? Is there any person whom I can call mine? Is there anyone who love me like I love them.. This world is full of crap...Nobody is trust worthy." She ended up walking in a Bar. It was a place where most of the heart broken people come. "Mam, do you want to make orders. If you are not then you can leave." A handsome bartender came in front of her and said in conviently. She nodded her head and cleared her throat. "I want vodka...Just two shots....No bring me four shots." She said with low voice. Everyone around her seemed have their own pain. She took one shots. Her face became bitter as the vodka passes through his throat. She took another shots. Then after few shots the vision before her eyes started getting blurred. The Bar was almost empty as it was around two. She made gesture towards waiter and asked him to bring more vodka for her. "Mam, We are closing now. We can not take more orders. We are sorry for you." That waiter came again and indirectly asked her to leave. She nodded again and stood up from her chair. Her knees were trembling and legs were flattering. She couldn't handle more than two shots but she was in so much pain that she forget it. She came out of the Bar with her trembling legs. The rain was almost started as she came out. She came and stand out in the rain. A black coloured lamborghini came in front of her and stopped. Her eyes were still blurred and she was feeling dizzy. She saw a black coloured diamond was placed above the number plate of that car. The black window of it came down and a man in car asked her to sit inside. "Miss you can sit in, sir is waiting for you. He even sent his car for you. Only you can save him now. Please sit inside." A good looking man with formal suit asked him with bowing his head. She nodded her head with no. "No...please.." Saying this she started moving ahead. That man again asked her to sit inside. She refused again and walked ahead. In just two steps Ava almost fainted and held by that man. He picked her and kept in the car and brought her to Hotel International. She was still dizzy and could only feel that she had brought to hotel International by some men. "Please leave me guys...I am not....Please let me go..Where are you talking me...Who are you guys..." She was continuously blabbering throughout the way. That man called some female staff of that hotel. "Hey, take this woman to Master's private room. He must be waiting for her." That man told main staff while pointing at Ava. "Sir, Her clothes are wet. Should We change it? She will be sick if she continues to wear such wet clothes." She made her face uncomfortable while looking at her clothes. "No, let her be in those clothes. Anyhow master will take it off. Just take her right now." He smiled at that staff with tight lipped smile. His tone was quite naughty and seductive. Staff nodded her head and took Ava in that room.
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