Be My Slave

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EZRA He had bright light blue eyes that were dead set on her. But the gaze was captivating enough to make her keep staring back. His defined jaw and the way down to his neck and back to his soft Adam's apple made his skin look like porcelain. The man's hair was wavy and set back, leaving just a strand or two that fell on his forehead. He was leaning on his hand on the table with his arm's muscles flexed. Even the navy blue suit he was wearing couldn't hide his well-toned body and broad shoulders. And the words he said in his low and deep voice made him look almost unreal. Ezra had never seen a man like that. A man so alluring that could catch her attention that quick. She stood, perplexed, in front of the man who was claiming to be waiting for her. As his eyes locked with her, she knew something was going on in his mind. It didn't look too good for her. "Mr Walter?" Ezra asked, her voice coming off low but calm. He scoffed a little, ignoring everything she was saying. "I.. was supposed to meet him." "You came to see him?" He said, pushing off his seat and standing up. He wore a black suit and had a tall frame with a lean body. He waited for an answer and she nodded slowly. "Ah, so you're here to beg him for help now that you've lost everything," he started chuckling bitterly. Ezra clenched her jaw, dumbfounded. She didn't know why he had that look on his face. "Will you also get on your knees for it?" "What are you talking about?" Ezra took a step back, suddenly intimidated. He smiled again, leaning back a little with a strange look of relief washing over him. "Isn't this perfect?" He murmured, running a hand through his hair. "Elliott Walter resigned ages ago. It's me... I am the CEO now." Ezra was a little surprised. She didn't think of that possibility beforehand. She felt huge waves of embarrassment washing over her. If she left now, she knew she could somehow make it to Mr Walter's place but the man, who stood in front of her with a scanning gaze, had other plans for her. "You look desperate. I'd like you to get on your knees and beg if you want me to help you," he was looking down at her with cold eyes. He had a sense of superiority that took her aback. "I'm not doing any of that. What are you even trying to do?" She said, suddenly defensive in his stead. "Your news had already spread. Everyone knows what kind of a cheater you are after you skinned your own company. Do you think anyone would help you? Do you think you have any other way?" He said, starting to walk up to her. "Who are you? Why are you trying to do this?" She asked, her chest clenched with fear and insecurity. His smile sent shivers down her spine. She stood planted in her place. He moved in close to her, leaning towards her and catching her gaze in his. His voice was low and grim, filled with something more than hatred. "I didn't think.. you'd forget all about me that easily. But trust me, Ezra Houston, there hasn't been a single day that I didn't hate you," he said. Ezra winced a little, her heart thumping loud in her chest. She couldn't recognise him but his hate for her reflected so loud that she couldn't help but feel remorseful. What had happened? Who was the man and what was the reason for all the hate she could see in his eyes for her? "No one will help you. Your dad had asked all of his allies and companies to boycott you. He wants to watch you die in some dumpster," he said cruelly like he didn't feel sorry for her. "I'm the only one who would defy your father's words and help you. But only if you abide by my rules." Ezra knew her father was that cold-hearted to do something like that. She also knew the man in front of her was just as heartless. She found herself torn in between. "What do I have to do?" Ezra asked, still just as hesitant. "I'll own you," he said, not faltering even once. It felt like that was his plan all along, to trap her. "Give yourself up to me, be my slave." "Why.. why are you doing this to me?" She asked, stupefied. "Because you deserve this," he said, bringing his lips to hers. "You've no other option but to be obedient and say yes. You can't run away anymore. Not this time." "Please... Anything but this-", she pleaded repeatedly, knowing how much she had lost. She wanted to keep holding on to her dignity but she was losing it bit by bit. "You're already ruined but I can help you. I can help you prove your innocence if you can prove yourself to be worth it," he said, startling her. She gaped at him, realising he wasn't just testing her. "What do you even want from me?" Ezra said, trying to keep her cool but then, he said something that stunned her once and for all. "Be my slave, Ezra Houston. Maybe that will save you from an eternity of misery," he smiled again, but it was bitter this time. Ezra closed her eyes, letting the drop of tear slide off her cheek. She raised her hands and placed them on his chest. She had lost way too much already and it made her almost oblivious. But she couldn't handle it anymore. She pushed him away from her, seething in anger. She hated how her life had changed overnight, she couldn't believe it herself. "I may be helpless but I cannot stoop so low. I won't let you control me in any way, and neither do I need your help," Ezra said. Throughout her life, she had lived in pride. She knew how people called her selfish and cunning, maybe she was but that never stopped her from being hardworking. "Think twice, you won't survive a day out there without me," he said with utter confidence in the words he said. "I'd rather die than accept such humiliation," Ezra turned around, fuming. She was determined to find a way and then prove to him that she didn't need his charity, let alone something as degrading as being a slave. "I won't stop you, Ezra. But my offer would be open till midnight. If you change your mind, I'll help you. But if you don't, I'll be the first one to raise a toast to your drastic downfall," his voice was proud and self-centred. As Ezra shook her head and started leaving the room, she realised that no matter whatever she chooses next, the man would be the winner either way. But his offer of help seemed too good to be true. She was scared of what it could do to her if she accepted it without a second thought. She knew whether she accepts her deal or not, he would still get his revenge. He'd still be laughing at her defeat because of the unknown grudges he had over Ezra. She was right to be afraid. ~ "GODAMMIT!" Ezra yelled, trying to get her credit card to work at the ATM. Her money had almost run out and as the message popped up repeatedly on the screen, her credit card has been blocked. She had no access to any of her bank accounts anymore. She had gone from riches to rags in just a few hours. Still dazed by what she had heard from the man before, she bangs her fist on the booth before she storms out. Grabbing her bag, she started dragging her feet through the footpath. It was already dark, it was drawing close to midnight. She wanted to have some things to reconsider but she was giving in to her fate. Even if she had any idea who had brought her to such ruins or that she should somehow try to find Mr Walter, she couldn't reach that distance without money. She was looking around the empty streets for a place to stay the night. She thought of letting go of her pride and try begging her way back into her father's mansion, she just couldn't get herself to do that. That's when she heard a car arrive and pull up behind her. Its headlight cast itself on Ezra, making her turn around. The car door opened up and someone stepped out. It didn't take Ezra much time to recognise who it was. Her resentment shot up just the moment she laid her eyes on the woman. Jade Houston, Ezra's stepsister. She freezes in her place as she watches Jade dawn closer to her. She had a victorious smile on her face, not even attempting to hide what she was feeling. Now that Ezra had met this fate, the whole Iris business empire would be falling into the hands of Jade. She'd be the heir after she got the real heir kicked out. "Aw Sister, having a hard time?" She said with a smug grin on her face. Ezra didn't meet her gaze because she didn't want to lose her cool. "Finally! After all these years of waiting, I'm finally watching you get what you deserve." Jade bursts out laughing, pointing at Ezra's disgruntled appearance. Once she caught her breath, she stepped closer to her with a threatening gaze but Ezra didn't flinch. "Are you happy now? Did it calm your ego? You lived up to what they used to call you, Jade.. the second option. You showed that you'd always be the less preferred one because the only way you can become the heir is by framing me as a villain," Ezra said, regaining her confidence back. It wasn't just about anger, it was about revenge. "You were never meant to be the heir." "What did you just say, you little b-", Jade swung her hand all of a sudden and pushed Ezra straight to the ground. Her back slammed across the pavement and she grunted. Jade was furious while Ezra struggled to pick herself up. "Pathetic!" "Using force wouldn't change the truth," Ezra said slowly. "But it did," Jade leaned closer to Ezra with glaring eyes. "Just like I threw out your mother that day, I threw you out of our lives. Now you'll meet the same fate as your poor dead mother with no one by your side. So, save your words and get ready for the most dreadful life you've ever imagined." Ezra closed her eyes, shuddering at Jade speaking about her mother in a demeaning tone. But all she could do was clench her fists and listen. All these years Ezra's mother was ridiculed, abused and thrown around by Caitlyn, Ezra's stepmother. They treated her bad, gave her deep bruises and made her do all the work like she was a servant. But all Ezra could do was watch because she was too small to fight back. She would only clench her fist and sit back, watching and listening to the horrors her mother faced. After that, Jade got up and strode away to her car. She got in and drove away without another word. But what she said made Ezra's blood burn in a renewed sense of revenge that she has been trying to suppress for ages. Ezra was old enough now, there was no way she had to sit back and watch. She won't let them live a free life when they snatched away Ezra's mom. Suddenly, Ezra wanted to give Jade what she deserved for what she did to her mother.. and her. Ezra stood back on her feet and looked down at her phone to see it was just 15 minutes till the clock would strike midnight. Blood rushed to her face and she took heavy deep breaths. Was she really thinking about it? ~ It was just 2 minutes till the clock hit 12 when Ezra turned up in front of the building she had sworn to never come back just a few hours ago. But she was standing there, her feet moving by themselves further and further in. Ezra closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. And then, she started running. With barely just a minute in hand, she rushed up the stairs without waiting for an elevator and didn't stop till she reached the door of his cabin. Without knocking, she barged into the room with the hope to see him inside and yelled out. "I accept it!" She said.
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