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"I'll own you," Axel Ledger said with his blue piercing eyes concentrated on her. "You'll sign this contract and be my slave. There'll be no end to this until I'm tired of it."

"I accept it," Ezra Houston said with a bold look on her face. She had no other choice. "The closer I'll be to you, the easier my revenge will be."


After being betrayed by everyone she knew and thrown out to the streets, broke and helpless, Ezra Houston runs into the man she had never expected to see again.

Axel Ledger wanted to help her by giving her everything she had lost. But behind his words lied a deep motive and a buried grudge.

He offers her a deal in return for his help that is meant to change their lives forever.

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A Stranger From The Past
"I'll own you," he said. His voice spread around the room and settled between them. His fierce eyes were focused on her face, sizing her down inch by inch. "Give yourself up to me, sign this contract." Her breath hitched the moment she heard the words spill out of his mouth. She felt her body freeze with an unknown fear. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "W-why are you doing this to me?" Her chest rose and fell, her mind blank as she stared into his eyes filled with desire. His lips curved a little and he stepped towards her. She felt fear.. she felt resentment. "Because you deserve this," he said, moving closer to her. "You've no other option but to be obedient and say yes. You can't run away anymore. Not this time." "Please... I beg you. Don't make me do this-" before she could complete, his slender hands raised her face by her chin and he pulled her closer. Their lips were just inches apart but the cold look on his face didn't falter. "Be my slave, Ezra Houston. Maybe that will save you from an eternity of misery," he smiled viciously at her, making his intentions very clear. She looked up at him, frozen under his unpredictable demeanour. He had intimidated her to the point where she couldn't find words to speak. The way he looked at her made her feel fear for the first time in her life. His gaze that could match any explanation made her seize to think. What was he saying, she thought? Why would he humiliate and degrade her like that at just their first meet? Why did he look.. familiar? ~ 6 HOURS AGO ~ Ezra was pushed forcefully to the floor. Matthew, her father, didn't wait for any explanation as he snatched the papers from the lawyer's hand and shoved it to Ezra. "You traitor! How dare you betray me? And the whole company?" He was fuming with anger over something that left Ezra dumbstruck. "You f*****g wh*re, that's what you've been doing behind our backs?" "W-what are you talking about? What have I done?" Ezra said, looking up with shock. "You worthless b***h! All you've done is leech off of my money and now you're trying to rob me?" Matthew shook her by the shoulders, shouting. He was being rough on her as he violently yanked her back. Ezra looked up at him, watching him in shock as his reddened face glared at her with nothing but hatred. She couldn't recognise her father anymore, Matthew looked nothing like the father she loved and idolized. "Dad! What are you saying? I'm your daughter, why would I do anything-" "SHUT UP!" Matthew growled. "I have heard enough. You're just like your mother, a manipulative fraud. I should've just left you to die just like her. I thought you'd have an ounce of my blood in you but no, you're just like that vile woman." Ezra found herself shaking with budding anger. She hated hearing a word about her mother but she was too shocked to utter a word. She never knew her dad could talk about her mother like that. Since Ezra's mother left, Matthew had changed but he never let Ezra see that side of him. But after he remarried another woman just a week after her mother passed away, Ezra watched her father turn into a man she feared. He became ruthless, so much so that whenever he threatened to throw Ezra out of the house, she believed him. Because her father had become a stranger. She had no place in his heart anymore and she was sure he didn't consider her a part of his family. Matthew turned away from her and held the hands of his new wife and her daughter. Ezra's stepmother and stepsister. That's why the tears in Ezra's eyes burnt her skin as they roll down. It was too much for her. Trembling, she looked down at the papers in her hand. Her eyes went wide. Her father was banishing her from the company. She was being thrown out of the company for something she was completely unaware of. The papers stated that she had scammed Matthew's company, Iris, by selling off their ideas for an upcoming project to a rival company for a huge amount of money. Tears started forming in her eyes, making her look up at Matthew's indifferent face. Her dad didn't trust her enough to talk to her before taking such a huge decision. Ezra had no idea about a thing being said in the papers. "But.. but... I didn't do it!" She said, her voice slowly building up. She couldn't fathom that her father saw all her hard work throughout the years to build up his company as just a sad attempt to try and scam it. "I swear on my life, I'd never do that to you! I'm your daughter!" "You're not my f*****g daughter! You're the child of that nasty b***h who died but left you to ruin all of our lives! I should've seen this coming," Matthew yelled again, making her shudder. She wanted to try and defend herself. She wanted to convince the people around her that she was innocent but she couldn't. Ezra was framed as the culprit of the scam in such a way that she couldn't make him believe her with just words because there was too much evidence against her. Fake phone call records and emails to the rival company were also set up by the one who framed Ezra to make all of her defence statements seem like lies. There was no way she could make her words get through past all of that. "Dad, don't say that. I didn't do anything just please let me explain!" Even if she wanted to, Ezra was shaken because she was still filled with incredulity. "Security! Get her out of my sight! I don't want to see her anywhere near this building ever again!" Matthew yelled as Ezra stared at him, horrified. "What? No, wait- I didn't do anything! Stop! DAD! Wait-", she started yelling as two firm hands gripped her arms. The security picked her up, dragging her out of the cabin while she tried to free herself. She kept yelling out to get her dad's attention but he didn't give her a second glance. She struggled, protesting, fighting, but nothing seemed to work. In the middle of the watching crowd of employees and workers, humiliatingly enough, she was hauled away and thrown out of the company building onto the streets. People watched and whispered, even laughed at her face. They were looking at her like she was a joke or like she really was a traitor. No one believed her. No one was by her side. Distraught, Ezra Houston realised it wasn't just a bad dream, it was reality. ~ Ezra gathered herself and fled back home. She could find the driver glancing at her, almost as if he was enjoying her downfall. But she was too troubled to think about it. Ezra toppled out of the car and rushed towards the main door. She needed to do something, needed to find someone to get her out of this situation. Just as she was about to step inside the gate, the security posted at the door stopped her. They pushed her away, not letting her in. "What the hell? How dare you touch me?" Ezra burst out with all of her pent-up anger. Before the security could speak, the main butler of the house came out at the door and threw out a large trolley bag. The bag flipped open, scattering all of Ezra's clothes. All her clothes and things were packed up in the bag beforehand like it was all a well-sewn plan. They were already planning all of this out. "I didn't know you were unaware of this, Ms Houston. You're being evicted from the property. You're not allowed inside anymore," the butler said with a straight face. "You can't do that! I live here!" She ran up to the door again but she was restrained from stepping inside. Ezra was pushed out again with stumbling feet. "It's master's orders, Ms Houston. I'm afraid you'd have to leave right away," the butler said, warning her of the circumstances. "I'M NOT LEAVING! HE CAN'T THROW ME OUT LIKE THIS!" Ezra cried out, the words coming out on their own. "Then we'll have no option but to use force," his eyes were too serious. She flinched, realising it was the truth. She'd have to leave either way. Ezra stared blankly at the people who watched her grow up being the ones throwing her out to rot in the streets. She realised no one had ever trusted her, let alone love her. It all ended the day her mother left. ~ All her friends had turned their backs on Ezra now that she was a nobody. Homeless, broke with just a few hundred in her hand because her credit card has been blocked, she found herself hopeless. She knew she had to pull out her last straw. A few hours later, Ezra stood in front of a huge building. She had a business card in her hand that led her to the building, Globex Industries. She remembered her mother handing her the business card years ago, saying that if Ezra ever needed any help, she could contact the CEO Mr Walt. He was her mother's cousin. Ezra was sure he would show her a way because her mother always kept her family close. ~ "You don't understand, it's very urgent. I need to meet the CEO, please!" Ezra said. Even if this was the first time she was there, everyone seemed to know her because the news of her eviction was already on the news. The looks were obvious. "I'm sorry ma'am but unless you have an appointment, you can't meet him," the receptionist insisted. She had her hands tied but Ezra was desperate. "Please! You have to let the CEO know I'm here," Ezra insisted, knowing that once Mr Walter recognises Ezra by her mother's name, he'd let her meet him. After much negotiation, the receptionist made a phone call to talk to them about Ezra. "Sir, a woman named Ezra Houston is here. She wants to meet you," the receptionist said. There was a small wait. After, Ezra watched the receptionist's brows furrow before she hung up the call. "What happened?" She asked. "The CEO has agreed to meet you... right now," the receptionist nodded, shocked. Then she murmured to herself, "T-that's strange. He hates sudden appointments like this." Ezra sighed with relief as one of the employees of Globex started leading her up to the CEO's cabin. She could feel the jitters just from walking that distance. But she kept her cool, her chest tightening with nervousness. As the employee takes her to the door and leaves, she knocks twice on the door and turns it open. Ezra walked in, expecting to see an older man who was supposed to be an uncle of hers that she never met but instead, her eyes trailed to look at a different man sitting on the chair, staring at her. She stumbled a little, her eyebrows arching. He might be the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. "I've been waiting for you," he said.

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