Story By Kaya


Hey everyone! I am not good at introducing myself but I\'d like to say that I love writing and expressing myself through words. I\'d like to share my favourite quote with you, Until you let your flaws define you, you\'re flawless ❤️ Socials : Instagram - @swetlona E-mail ID -
My CEO is a Mafia Boss
Updated at Aug 2, 2023, 10:16
Wrong place, wrong time.Little did Melissa Harvey know how being the sole witness of a high profile murder by a bunch of black suited men would change her life forever. But when her eyes meet with the strikingly gorgeous, powerful and ruthless mafia boss Lucian Carson who pulled the trigger, revealing the truth about his identity, Melissa thought that was the last time she would ever see him for good.Until he showed up as the new CEO of the company as Melissa's boss.
Her Slave Contract
Updated at Aug 31, 2022, 16:33
"I'll own you," Axel Ledger said with his blue piercing eyes concentrated on her. "You'll sign this contract and be my slave. There'll be no end to this until I'm tired of it." "I accept it," Ezra Houston said with a bold look on her face. She had no other choice. "The closer I'll be to you, the easier my revenge will be." ~ After being betrayed by everyone she knew and thrown out to the streets, broke and helpless, Ezra Houston runs into the man she had never expected to see again. Axel Ledger wanted to help her by giving her everything she had lost. But behind his words lied a deep motive and a buried grudge. He offers her a deal in return for his help that is meant to change their lives forever.
The Girl With Metal Claws
Updated at Dec 15, 2021, 07:42
The girl with claws of metal, an evergrowing power, a thirst for revenge and madness. Elliott Walters might look like any other guy but he had secrets to keep. Being an illegal underground detective, he and his team were ready to rise against the enemy who was terrorising the city. But little did he know the villain would lure him in, settle in his mind and steal his heart. What will happen when the boy with a dark past meets the girl who he was set out to kill?