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"So you are telling me that Xavier Scott is your mate!" Sheila is looking at Amara in disbelieve.   "Yeah, the Moon Goddess is playing a cruel joke on me!" Amara is not happy and still angry with her wolf.   "Steward says you accepted him. Are you crazy, Amara?" Amara and Sheila are alone in the wood.   "My stupid wolf betrayed me took over and accepted the bloody bond! Bloody stupid wolf, she does not realize he just wants to use to bond to catch me!" Her wolf growls at her and Amara is pissed.   "Shut the f**k up, you stupid mutt, you got us in trouble!" She shouts at her wolf.   "This is a big problem, what do you think he will do if he gets you?" Sheila is worried she love Amara like a sister.   "Rejects us and break the bond, then most probably lock me up or kill me, who knows what is going on in the crazy head of Xavier Scott."   "He accepted us!" Her wolf growls at her again.   "Yeah you stupid bloody mutt, just so he can reject you and break your heart!" Amara is really angry with her wolf.   "He will not, I felt his wolf's happiness! His wolf is strong and Xavier can not fight him! Not when it comes to us." Her wolf says and she is adamant that Xavier's wolf will not allow him to rejects us.   "Can I kill my wolf? Or exchange her for another one?"   "Amara you know he will come after you now, right?"   "Yeah, or go after my parents!"   "Holy s**t! Do you think he will? I forgot about your parents! What do we do?"   "Kidnap them and take them to a safe place where he can not find them. It is all I can think off."   "We better go get them then, tonight."   Amara is really unhappy, she does not want to take her parents away for their pack, but what else can she do? She must protect them. Xavier Scott will do anything to catch the Queen of Rogues and he can mind link her because she is an Alpha and his bloody mate. She hates the bastard, but at the same time longs to be with him.   "Dammit, Moon Goddess, what were you thinking? I can not have a bloody mate like him and you gave me one stupid wolf on top of that!"  Amara is thinking out loud and Sheila smiles a bit.   "MATE!"  She hears his voice in her head.   "f**k OFF!!! I AM NOT YOUR BLOODY MATE!!" she links back and wants to break the link.   "Stop swearing, holy hell, you got a foul mouth."   "You make me swear, I will kill you, Xavier Scott, rather than be your mate."   He laughs and it pisses Amara off.   "What do you want? Did you just link me to make me mad?"   "Who is the Rogue Queen? Tell her I say thank you for keeping my little mate safe."   "Wait what?! Stop messing with me, Xavier Scott. It is not funny!"   "You mean to tell me you are not just one of her warriors?" Xavier Scott is pissed off his little mate is the Rogue Queen! He thought she was just with the Rogue Queen and a warrior. Wow, he did not expect this! So this is how they knew where he was! She is an Alpha and her wolves are more than a hundred so in theory, they are a pack and she is an Alpha. So she heard his mind link and knew he was close, also explains why he got to keep his clothes on, unlike his men, his little Rogue Queen did not want other to see what belonged to her! He smiles at the thought of her being a bit jealous of him.   "My mate is the Rogue Queen! I like it and thanks for not taking my clothes, I see my mate is a bit jealous of what is hers"   "Xavier Scott, I only let you keep your clothes because I did not want to be reminded of you!"   "Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart!"   "I am not your sweetheart!"   "Ahhh my baby doesn't like me calling her pet names."   "Xavier Scott I am breaking this link, go play your little games with someone else. For the last time, I am not your mate! I reject you!"   "Hahaha come say it to my face, pumpkin."   Amara is now really pissed off. Sheila does not disturb her she can see Amara is busy with a mind link and by the looks of it, it must be her mate. Sheila all of a sudden finds it so funny, she wants to burst out laughing but looking at Amara's face she rather keeps quiet she knows the strength of Amara and no one wants to piss of Amara White. Amara breaks the link.   "Let's go back, Sheila." Sheila obeys in silence to afraid to ask what that was all about.   "Bloody Alpha, I should not have been a bloody Alpha, now that asshole can piss me off anytime." Amara mumbles. Sheila looks at her and smiles but says nothing.   "Sweetheart, baby, pumpkin, who does he think he is! He just does it to piss me off!" Sheila just listens in silence looking at her Alpha who is really looking like she can kill Xavier Scott with her bare hands.   "Sheila, how the hell did I get in this mess?"   "By not listening to me, Amara. I told you to stay away from him!"   "Yeah, yeah, I need to start listening to you more!'   Xavier Scott sits in his office laughing, he likes pissing her off, she is cute when she is mad! He noticed she stop swearing after he told her to, she does not realize she is already obeying him. He likes it he thinks life with her will be interesting, he will never reject her, he knows it now. He can not reject this amazing, strong she-wolf. She is Luna material and he may as well admit it the wolves already likes her, she is a legend and she may help his cause to unite the packs and he may concentrate more on finding his father's killer. Xavier gets an evil smile on his face he knows what he is going to do and he knows his mate is going to be so pissed off at him in the next few minutes.   "I am sending this mind link out to all Alpha's, ignore my previous command to catch the Rogue queen, turns out she is my mate and she has already accepted out bond! I am happy to announce that the Rogue Queen is my Luna and therefor the Luna of the south packs. You all will respect her as such and obey her commands!"   "WHAT THE HOLY f**k!!" Amara is shouting and the wolves around her all look at her a bit scared.   "What now Alpha?"   "The dumb stupid bastard just told all the bloody packs I am his Luna and I have accepted his bond. Holy Mother of the Moon Goddess! I am going to kill him!! I am going to cut off his balls and feed it to him!" Amara is angry as hell, she never swears in front of her parents and she doesn't know what is going on with her lately she has been swearing a lot since the Blood Moon Pack and their stupid Alpha came into her life and messed it up.   "Oh s**t! Run youngsters run! She is going to lose herself and if her wolf takes over there is no one that can stop her!" Sheila knows Amara. Amara is trying really hard to keep her cool right now, but her wolf is not mad and is purring happily.   "I am not going to lose it Omega! My wolf is f*****g purring like a bloody cat!" Sheila is relieved and starts laughing.   "Not funny!" Sheila swallows her laugh fast, Sheila looks at the beta who is also looking at the very angry Amara, and she can still kick their asses even in human form.   Amara walks away and goes sit in her tree she is fuming.   "Xavier Scott!!!! You will die for what you just did!!"   "Really sweetie, I was just telling everyone the truth."   "Stop calling me baby, sweetheart, pumpkin and sweetie! You are really irritating!"   "Okay babe, I will stop calling you those names."   "AHHHHHH!!! Stop it!!!"   "Stop what honey?" Xavier is teasing her and he loves teasing this hard-head of a mate of his.   "My name is Amara, I have a name you know!"   "I know my love."   "You are so stupid! I am not your mate! I will never be your mate!"   "You need to come home Amara, babe. I miss you and I want to mark you and I want you to wake up naked next to me every morning after you screamed my name all night long, that is." Xavier is enjoying this little game with his mate. Amara falls out her tree in shock, he did not just say that!   "Oh, Moon Goddess give me strength!" Amara cries out feeling really angry rubbing her bum that is full of red dust where she fell.   "Yeah, you going to need strength to keep going all night long. Ouch bloody hell, what did you just do?"   "Ha, so you can feel my pain? Good to know! I hope you enjoyed that pain in your bum!"   "Amara if you hurt yourself on purpose to get to me, I will come and get you and lock you in my room forever!" Amara is still rubbing her bum.   "I fell out of a tree, I did not do it on purpose so stay away from me!"   "Hahahaha, you landed on that sexy ass of yours? Come home I will rub it for you!"   "I am breaking this mind link, I think you are just crazy, Xavier Scott!"   Xavier smiles to himself and his brother comes walking in.   "What are you grinning about and what is this about the Rogue Queen being your mate?!"   "She is, I accepted her and her wolf betray her and accepted me."   "Oh! s**t, this is super nice! The wolves love her and she is a legend so many will not rebel against us anymore. Not with her as your Luna."   "Yeah, now I just need to catch her without her putting me to sleep again."   Xavier gets up he wants to go for a run in his wolf form. He runs in the direction where he last saw her. He is a big black wolf with a silver stripe over his back, he has the ability to mind link any Alpha or all Alpha's near him at one time, it is his link with the first werewolf, that gives him special abilities. He looks up he can swear he smell her, did he run that far? He sees her sitting in a tree.   "Look down princess" He mind link her. Amara looks down in fright.   "Oh hell no." She says.   Amara life he bows with the sleeping dart. She shoots, but she changes to his human form and catches the arrow.   "Crap!" Amara shouts and wants to run but before she can move she hear him command her.   "Get down from the tree Amara!"   To her surprise, she jumps out of the tree obeying him! He is standing naked in front of her.   "Beta I need an arrow fast!" She mind link her beta. The next moment Xavier Scott's dead weight lands on top of Amara pinning her to the ground underneath him.   "Get him off me!! And get him dressed before anyone else sees him!" She shouts at her beta.   Steward Jackson try to get Xavier of his Alpha but he is struggling. The man can wake up at any second Amara is pushing and at last, she is free. They quickly dress him and she starts running fighting her wolf. She and her pack quickly changes to their wolf and start running. She knows he would wake up soon. She needs to get away from him! Xavier wakes up.   "f**k! I almost had her!" he knows she is long gone, he looks down at the clothes on his body and he smiles, she really cares. He knows he can catch up with her but he will just be put asleep again by her bloody wolves. He gets out of the clothes leaving them in a tree for her to find again and changes back into his wolf and runs home. If things go on like this he may get immune against her bloody sleeping arrows!            
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