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Amara White lies lazily in a tree watching over her camp, most of the wolves that join them are young wolves in search of adventure she knows the older wolves will never approve of what she is doing, but she does not care. She will never bend the knee to the like of the Scott brothers if they may be asked for help or and alliance she may have thought about helping them, she found out from one of Scott's pack members that joined them, that Xavier Scott only wants to unite the wolves to fight the hunters, the hunters are getting stronger and bolder daily. Amara has realized it as well they even come to the wilderness to hunt her and her pack. Her pack trains hard in wolf form and the human form, they are fast and have learned to stay up in the three in human form to attack a method the hunters, other rogues and even pack armies, do not expecting werewolves to use, that is why they are so sufficient in winning attacks with a small number.   The last few days a lot more wolves joined her and it is mostly wolves her age about eighteen or younger, but she soon teach them to control themselves and that this is not a game. She is fighting against the Blood Moon Pack the strongest pack in South America. She knows Scott Xavier is very strong, he comes from a strong line of werewolves and some say his father was a direct descendant of the first werewolf and his mother is a very rear silver wolf, the silver wolves are known for their strength and when you mix it with Alpha blood and the blood of the first werewolf you get a wolf as Xavier Scott have. Some say his wolf is twice as big as a normal Alpha. She does not really believe it and thinks some of the stories are just to scare people. She has the blood of two Alpha's inside her and her wolf is big and strong but she is just a little bigger and stronger than the normal Alpha. The new wolves swore allegiance to her, she is their Alpha they need that so she can mind-link her warriors. She looks at her beta and omega that is training the young one. They don't have old wolves or children with them, they take the old wolves and children to a small town at the border of the Blood Moon Territory the little town of Meadowlakes is quiet and peaceful and nobody really comes there so they take food to the old wolves and the children. They also take them some clothes and money when they loot. They have a lot of enemies. The hunters, older rogues and then of cause the Blood Moon pack and their allies.   She is bored and jumps down from the tree to go help with the training. The shows some of the young the moves she has learned from her former trainers. Her beta Steward Jackson is the oldest among them he never found his mate and he is thirty-three years old, he was her father's beta, he became the beta the day his father died with his mother in a rogue attack. He is proud as Amara and he refuses to kneel in front of the Scott brothers as well, he chose to follow the future Alpha of the White Moon Pack. Amara knows she will not be able to become the future Alpha of the White Moon Pack anymore since she broke her bond with the pack, the day she left to become a rogue, she misses her mother and father, but she still can not forgive them for kneeling in front of Peter Scott that day, they should have fought, even if they lost trying, they would have had their dignity left. She will rather die fighting, than live kneeling down to another wolf.   "We never kneel!" She shouts at a young wolf she was training and kicks him on the ass to get off his knees.   "If you submit to me you stand up and you say so! My warriors will never kneel to anyone and if I see you do that, I will kill you myself! We only kneel to the Moon Goddess. Do all of you understand me?"   "Yes, Alpha!" The wolves shout in one voice.   "If they take out both your knees, you fall on you back and die like a warrior not on your knees like a coward! Do you understand me! We never kneel! If you have to submit you do it standing. No one can make you kneel. No wolf, hunter, vampire, witch or human can make you kneel! You will fight the urge to kneel even if it kills you! I don't have cowards in my pack! Understood!"   "Yes Alpha!" the young wolves look at their blond leader and they admire her for her courage and her strength.   She looks at the young wolf in front of her that have stood up and she smiles.   "You are new here, but this is your only warning, if I catch you kneeling again, I will kick you out or kill you."   The wolves never saw her face, they know she is young and blond but she wears a mask and a cape all the time, once you become one of her warriors you get your own mask and cape and you go hunting with her or the beta and the omega. The warriors all wear masks and capes and never takes it off in public. She does it for one reason to protect her wolf’s families, so they can not be used as leverage against them. They wear gloves as well and try to leave as little clues of who they may be behind. The older wolves she provides with clothes and food makes the masks, gloves and capes for them. The capes are mostly to protect them in wolf form as they do not tear when they shift and leave no hair of their wolves behind when they have to run through bushes. There is a reason for everything she does although she knows the older wolves thinks she is just playing dress-up. The capes are long and wide to cover their wolves, but it does not hinder their movements when they are in human form as it is designed to not flap around and get caught up in branches. The old lady that designed it was a dress designer in her younger years and she knew what Amara wanted and designed it to perfection. The capes although long and wide does not get caught up in their legs in human form as they can pull it up with a little string to make it hang like a rolled-up sleeping bag at the back of their necks. They just need to pull the string again before changing to their wolf form to cover the wolves in full. Amara does not want to leave behind to many wolf hair or anything that can give their enemies a clue to who they really are.   The young wolves are agile and quick they can move from tree to tree as it is part of the training and many times they use to the trees to escape from enemies of attack their enemies. It takes a long time to train to do that and they normally make sure they take on a larger number of wolves in forests where there is plenty of trees close to each other. They will let the enemy chase them to the woods and then stand their ground and fight from the trees, they need to fight in the open sometimes but then they use their wolf form, the capes also make it difficult for the enemies to recognize their wolves. There is a reason for her crazy ideas. She smiles when she thinks of people calling her the Robin Wood of Werewolves. She is not she is out on a mission and that is to make the Blood Moon Pack pay for humiliating her parents and her pack. Amara is angry every time she thinks of her mother and father kneeling. Why didn't they fight? They had a strong army and even if they lost they would have lost with their pride and dignity intact. She will never understand that.   She trains a bit more with the wolves and then goes back to her tree. She is getting stronger by the day, she has enough wolves to declare them a pack and claim territory, but she does not want to do it just yet, she wants to make sure she and her wolves are strong enough in strength and numbers to take on the bloody Blood Moon Pack. She hates Xavier Scott, he is the Alpha and he should know better than to take away the pride of other packs and make them kneel before him and his pack. It is no way to unite the wolves. Wolves with a little pride will either fight or they will like her and her warriors rather be banished than to join him and his Blood Moon Pack and swear allegiance to the Blood moon Pack. She gets why he tries it and why he wants wolves to swear allegiance to them, but he is an Alpha and he can mind-link other Alphas, so why make the wolves swear allegiance to him take over their territory and their packs under the Blood Moon Pack, why not just be allies the normal way?   She almost fell out of her tree when she hears the voice in her head, "This link is to all Alphas out there, we are putting a reward on the head of the Queen of Rogues, and we want her dead or alive!" She forgot she was an Alpha now, this is the first time he used his link to talk to all the Alphas in the area.   "Holy mother of the Moon Goddess, I almost pissed myself!"  Sheila who is sitting next to her looks at Amara with a frown.   "Why?"   "Because the bastard Xavier Scott's voice was in my head right now!"   "What how did he link you, does he know who you are Amara?" Sheila whispers.   "No, he linked all the Alphas that are closed enough to hear him. He just put a price on my head. Dead or alive. I guess I went too far humiliating little scrawny ass Peter."   "Wow, the bloody bastard!" Sheila says, but Amara burst out laughing.   "It means he is close enough to us. Shall I go to teach him a lesson?" Amara says with a devious look on her face.   "Amara White don't you dare! You know he is stronger than you!" Sheila whispers again.   "Not if he is sleeping." Amara smiles.   "Don't Amara please we can not lose you, we need you." Sheila pleads still whispering so the others can not hear Amara's name.   "I am just going to have a look from a distance, I never saw him before," Amara says.   Sheila sighs and she knows she can not stop Amara even if she tries. Amara gets up and whistles, her warrior appears out of nowhere and gather around her. She tells them, what she is planning. She is not sure if she can get close enough to him, to just send him to lala land but she is sure as hell going to try. He wants to put a price on her head, then she will give him a reason to make the price really high. She and her warriors move like ghosts high up in the trees. After a while she sees him standing in an opening his guard busy changing a flat on his black SUV. She smells him and she knows when her wolf starts moaning.   "Mate!"   "f**k shut up mutt!" She is fighting her wolf who wants to go to him, she panics and she quickly shoots the sleeping arrow when she sees him starting to smell the air. The guards go down as well fast as her warrior put them to sleep.   "Oh, no Moon Goddess! You are not playing this trick on me! Not him!" She thinks to herself.   She jumps down the tree and her wolf is not happy with her, looking at their sleeping mate who was still busy talking on the phone.   "s**t!" She is now sure he is her mate as she looks down on him, he will know he can now follow her scent, she needs to get away far from him.   "Dammit, tie him up, leave his clothes on!" She does not want anyone to see him naked. She can not wait for him to wake up to reject him and break their bond, he may refuse it and then she is in bigger trouble, as he will come and look for her.   "s**t! What do I do? Beta come here!" I call my second in command we don't use names in front of others, just in case.   "Yes, Alpha."   "You know how this mate s**t work right?" Her beta funnily looks at her.   "Although I never found mine, I still know something about it. Why?"   "Can I break the bond with my mate in a letter?"   "No you can only break it by saying it to him or her and they have to accept it." Amara looks at the sleeping man by her feet and asks him beta.   "You think he will accept it if I wait until he wakes up?"   "No Alpha, Run! He is waking up."   Amara shifts and she and her wolves start running as fast and as far as they can.   "He needs my name to accept me as his mate, right?"   "Yes"   "Amara White! I accept you as my mate and my Luna." Amara hear him shout. Amara stops in her tracks and shifts back to her human form, she gets in a tree and looks in shock at her beta nest to her they are covered by the capes and are not naked. No this can not be he can not know who she is.   "Holy Crap! He knows who I am!" She shouts at her beta.   "f**k you, Xavier Scott!" She shouts back, but she is fighting her wolf.   Her wolf takes over for a second and before Amara can stop her she shouts. "Xavier Scott I accept you as my mate and my Alpha."   "I don't accept you I mean!" Amara shouts when she gets her control back.   She just hears Xavier Scott's laugh, "To late mate, your wolf betrayed you."   "Kiss my ass, I will not be your mate," Amara shouts back, shift to her wolf and starts running again, she is fighting her wolf all the way to the camp, her wolf wants to go to Xavier Scott. Amara knows he will be back and he will use their mate bond to get to her.
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