The Queen of Rogues

2091 Words
Six months later Xavier is sitting in his office doing some paperwork. He looks up with a frown when his brother storms into his office.   "She attacked again. This time on the north border. The same thing, our guards were tied up with ropes dipped in wolfsbane, robbed of their clothes and all the cash they had on them. She is wearing a black cape and a mask, the guards could not see or the other rogue's faces, and they were all wearing masks again." Xavier throws down his pen in frustration.   "The Rogue Queen! Damn bloody mutt! She is causing us a lot of embarrassment, it can't go on like this. We need to find out where her hideout is. I swear to the Moon Goddess if I catch her I will make her pay dearly." Xavier is furious this is not the first time she attacked the guards and she is becoming a legend among the werewolves giving more and more courage to stand up against the Blood Moon pack. More werewolves are refusing to bend the knees and some even ask to be banished. They want to join her.   "How do the banished wolves find her, but we can not?" Xavier asks in frustration.   "The wolves says she finds you and not the other way around. They say no one can find her if she does not want to be found." Peter answers.   "Bullshit! We have the best trackers in the south, don't tell me they can't find them! What about our hunters?" Xavier asks. Peter looks a bit of nervous and looks down.   "Spit it out, Peter!" Xavier shouts at his brother.   "Only half returned, they say the Rogue Queen found them and attacked, half the hunters were so impressed they joined her," Peter says and Xavier is furious.   "Set a trap, send a spy. He must pretend he wants to join her and tell come back and tell us where her hideout is."  Peter looks at him and shakes his head.   "I am on it!" Peter says smiling, his brother is clever he leaves his brother's office to send a spy right away, someone that he can trust, and someone that was humiliated by the Rogue Queen.   Xavier is not in the mood to do any more paperwork. This Queen of Rogues is getting on his nerves she is making his pack look like a bunch of fools, if only he can catch her, she will pay! He needs the wolves united it is very hard to control all the packs in the area, he needs them to fight the hunters, the Queen of Rogues is playing a game with him and he does not like it. Although she did deliver about ten hunters all tied up and naked in front of his pack house one night! It is still making him furious it is like she told him she can do his job better than him! She is insulting him and his pack!   Amara looks at her rogue pack that is becoming bigger daily, she smiles she likes the little game she is playing with the Blood Moon Pack, she like humiliating them and make them feel what it feels like when they make other packs bend the knee in front of them. They think other wolves have no pride! Xavier Scott and his brother Peter Scott thinks she is stupid. She looks at the spy they send and smiles, she knows it is one of the guards that they left naked in the middle of the road once and that have sworn to take revenge. She walks over to him.   "How do you like it here so far?" She and her men are still wearing the masks and the capes.   "I love it here!" He answers and Amara thinks.   'You bloody liar.' But she says nothing. This is the hideout they will be leaving in a couple of days. She constantly changes hideouts and moves the pack every month. They are deep in the wilderness. She will send the pack away in a couple of days and give this sorry excuse of a werewolf a chance to escape. She will set a trap here for the Blood Moon Pack. She wonders if Xavier Scott will come this time. He never joins his warriors to try and capture her, she knows it is because he thinks she is not worthy of the mighty Xavier Scott's time.   "We have been staying here for six months now and Xavier Scott and his bunch of mutts can not catch us." Amara knows it will make the spy angry if she talks about his Alpha and his pack in that way. She looks at him seeing him trying hard to contain his wolf.   "Yeah, they are just a bunch of mutts." He says trying hard to smile.   "Don't you take your cape and masks off?" He asks.   "Sometimes when we feel like it, but we are going on a mission. Want to join us?" Amara watches him it will be his chance to escape.   "Sure," he says. She hands him a cape and mask.   "Put it on." He does as she says and they run into the wood, Amara gives the omega a nod.   Sheila knows what to do. As soon as Amara and her warriors leave she and the pack goes to work, after doing what Amara asked of them they leave in a hurry, into the wildness without leaving any trace behind them. They move quick and fast heading to a war away hideout that the pack scout found a few days ago. It is already prepared. They are saving all the cash they steal from the Blood Moon Guards and their allies and safe it. They are becoming richer and some packs on the borders would put out money, clothes, weapons and other stuff they may need in the bushes when the guards are not looking. They live primitively but they have enough and they know someday, they will be the ruling pack among the werewolf. The Blood Moon Pack tries to rule with fear, but Amara knows ruling with love and respect will be much more effective. She is loved by everyone, even some of the allies of the Blood Moon Pack secretly admires her.   Amara and her warriors just walk around with the spy and give him opportunities to escape, she knows he is over-cautious and it takes a while before he gets the courage to escape them pretend not to see him sneak away. Then they run back to the old hideout. They will wait there it will take him about a day to get to the Blood Moon Pack and it will take them about a day to get to where the old hideout was. Amara and her warriors are ready and are just waiting around playing game and hunting. After a day and a half Amara gets up she heard them coming. She smiles and signals to her warriors. Peter Scott is in front, she smiles. Amara and her warriors are in human form waiting for it the trees around the clearing, where the hideout was.   "Where is the hideout?" Peter screams at the spy.   "It was here I swear!" The spy responds.   As soon as they step into the clearing to inspect the area, Amara and her warriors attack the Blood Moon wolves. The arrows rain down on the Blood Moon warriors and their Beta. They start rumbling overall fast asleep the warriors and the beta shift back to their human form. Two old pickups pull in and Amara and the other warriors load the nude men on the old pickup. They tied them up with ropes dipped in wolfsbane and drive to the cars they came in are left. Amara and her warrior go though the black SUV's taking everything they need. Then drives the SUV's down a cliff nearby. Leaving the naked men in the middle of the road a few miles from a small town called, Marble falls. Amara mind link her Beta.   "Shoot the arrow and leave quickly. Remember to use the trees!"   "I know Amara I will not get caught." Steward Jackson shoot the arrow and then jumps from tree to tree and disappear into the night out into out of the Blood Moon Territory and into the wilderness before anyone can see or follow him. He is well trained and fast.   Xavier Scott sits in his office when the arrow lands next to him in the wall, for a moment he is dumbstruck but then he moves fast shouting at his guards to search the area. He takes the arrow from the wall and looks at the little letter attached to it.   "A spy really Xavier Scott? You should be more original, you will find you, men, near, Marble falls."   Xavier stares at the letter and looks at the red kiss that is her signature. The bloody b***h! She fooled them again. Xavier calls his omega. The omega comes running in.   "No sign of an intruder, Alpha." He says.   "Then what is this?" Xavier shows him the arrow and the letter.   "Go pick up my brother and his warriors and take some extra clothes, they should be naked and near Mable Falls somewhere on the road." Xavier sighs he looks at the note again he tries to get a scent from it but there is none.   "One day is one day Rogue Queen. I will find you and I will make you pay for all of this humiliation." He talks to himself.   Amara and her warriors watch from the trees as the guards come to pick up the sorry looking bunch of naked men sitting in the middle of the road. Peter is angry and humiliated it is the first time that one of the brothers landed in the hands of the Rogue Queen and if this comes out he will he be the laughing stock of the whole Blood Moon Pack and their allies.   "No one is allowed to utter a word about this!" He shouts. He grabs the clothes and puts them on. They sat there for almost half a day before the guard showed up. An arrow hits the tree behind him, he looks around and takes the arrow with a note attached.   "Next time I will not watch over your scrawny little ass, I will leave you for the hunters to find." He looks around but sees no one. He is not willing to send his guards after her again and end up naked on the road again. He looks at the note again and the signature red kiss at the bottom of it, he puts it in his pocket he will show it to his brother, maybe this time they can get DNA or a fingerprint form it.   Amara looks at them driving away. She takes off her gloves and looks at the lips stamp in her hand smiling, she uses red lipstick on the stamp. She is not stupid she knows they are dying to know who she is.   "Kiss my ass, Xavier Scott, I will never bend the knee to you or your stupid little brother." She thinks to herself.   Xavier looks at his brother's note and at the one he got, this is not the first notes she sends to them, but she is getting more arrogant by the day, he will need to find her and find her fast. He chases everyone out he is angry and needs to cool down.  The wolves are liking her and her attitude more and some of them are leaving their packs in hope to find her and join her. Some even call her the Robin Hood of werewolves. He slams his fist on the table, maybe he should not force the wolves to join him. Maybe he should ask them to join him, it only his father was there to give him some advice, and he is only trying to protect the wolves in the south. Xavier sits with his hands in his hair, his wolf is restless and wants to come out, he needs to control him. He takes out the piece of clothing and smells it, his wolf calms down, but the clothing is busy losing its scent. He takes out the photo and looks at her face. His mate. He wonders if she is out there somewhere, maybe with the Rogue Queen. He hopes she is at least she will be safe with that b***h!
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