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Amara White turned eighteen a few days ago. She is the daughter of two Alphas Mark and Clara White. Mark was the Alpha of the White Moon Pack and Clara was the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, they met during a gathering of all the pack, both of them was already in their twenty's and never found their mates, until the gathering Clare was the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack since the age of eighteen when she took over from her father that was sick and not able to run the pack anymore, Mark became Alpha of the White Moon Pack at the age of twenty one when his father handed him the Alpha title. After the two of them marked each other and became mates, they got married and the two packs merged to form the most feared and rich's pack in the south of America. Werewolf marriages are different from human marriages and it is just a ritual in front of the pack and the Moon Goddess.   Amara White is the only child of Mark and Clara and she is strong because she got the blood of two alphas in her. She was trained from the age of six to fight and she has a strong wolf. She is also very stubborn and proud. Today she is mad at her parents, she loves them, but she looks at them in disgust as they bend the knee in front of the Blood moon Pack. She feels sick to her stomach her parents did not even put up a fight.   "Bend the knee!" The Beta shouts at Amara White and the few warriors who are still standing with her.   "I will never bend the knee to the likes of you!" Amara shouts back at them.   The beta is the brother of the most feared Alpha Xavier Scott, Peter Scott looks at the young girl in front of him, and she is about his age. Peter is also only eighteen and his brother Xavier Scott is twenty-one years old, although they are young, they were trained by the best, their father who was a hero among werewolves. Xavier Scott took over the Blood Moon Pack after his father died at the hands of a hunter before the hunter died at the hands of Xavier he told him that one of the packs in the South have paid him to kill Steven Scott their father. Xavier swore to avenge his father's death and make all the packs in the south bend the knee before the Blood Moon Pack. Amara White thoughts got interrupted when Peter shouts at her again,   "Bend the knee or be banished!"   "I will rather become a rogue than bend the knee to you and your Alpha! He is not even here himself! So kiss my ass!"   Peter is getting irritated by this strong-willed young she-wolf in front of him.   "Bend the knee or die!" He shouts again, he knows his brother does not really want to kill anyone and he himself does not like killing.   They only want the one who ordered their father's death, but they also want to take control of the whole south to protect the werewolf from hunters that have become a pain lately.   "Then kill me! I will rather die standing than become a slave to you or that brother of yours!"   "As you wish, then." Peter walks slowly to Amara.   "Please don't kill her, let me talk to her and our warriors for a bit." Clara White pleads with Peter.   "Don't beg them, mother. Isn't it enough that you and father are on your knees in front of these flee caring mutts?"   "Amara White you and the warriors standing with you are banished. Get out of here and go live like rogues, never return to our territory or you and the ones standing with you will be killed." Peter has lost his last patience, with this she-wolf.   "Let's go!" Amara calls her warriors.   "Amara, baby girl please just bend the knee. It is all we can do. We are outnumbered and it will not help to fight them, they are well trained." Her father begs her.   "I will never bend the knee to them! We should have fought them, father I will rather die fighting than bend the knee to anyone, but the Moon Goddess." Amara and her warriors leave the packhouse and run out of the house and out of the territory with her wolves.   They run far away and reach a river, unclaimed land at last. They know the land is not claimed by any pack and they have left the territory of the Blood Moon Pack. She looks at the warriors with her, they are the strongest of their pack and they also refused to bend the knee to the Blood Moon Pack. They all look at Amara with admiration, she was the only one willing to stand up against the Blood Moon Pack.   "What now?" Steward Jackson asks her, he is her father's beta.   "We build a pack here under the radar. We become strong and we go back to claim our land back! Xavier Scott will not know what hit him when we are done with the Blood Moon Pack! We will start training and recruiting some of the other packs' members that also refuse to bend the knee to those mutts!" Amara is still mad and looks like she can kill.   They walk away further into the wilderness, no one really comes here only a few rogues, but nothing they can't handle. They keep walking until the forest opens and they see an old village in the opening. It looks deserted. This is poor land no one wants it, it does not have many resources and no riches. This town was built by humans during the gold rush but abandoned when they realized there was no gold here.   "We will have to make a living for ourselves here. We will have to live a bit primitive for now. We have nothing left. The Blood Moon Pack will take over our bank accounts and everything. I think."  Amara looks at her warriors. They smile at her and Sheila the omega comes walking over to her.   "We are behind you Amara we will survive!"   "I know I have chosen a name for our pack, we will not be rogues for long as soon as we have enough members we will be known as the Rising Moon Pack. We will rise to the top." Amara looks at her warriors and smiles coldly.   "For now we will call you the Queen of Rogues and recruit more members that way," Sheila suggests. Amara does not like the name much, but anything for the cause.   Back at the White Moon Pack Mark and Clara is pale. Their daughter has been banished and is now a rogue and they are all now waiting for the Alpha to arrive. Xavier Scott walks into the packhouse. He looks at Clara whose eyes are red from crying. His face is expressionless as he looks at them, he has heard about the white couple. He knows their history, he also knows that they will never put a hit on anyone if they wanted to kill someone they would go to war, but why would they bend the knee to the Blood Moon Pack? They are known, warriors.   "Why did you bend the knee to us, White?" Xavier asks looking at the older man in front of him.   "Because of our daughter. We know you are mates." Mark answers. Xavier looks at the older man.   "Wait! What?!" he shouts, he heard what she is like, stubborn and hard-headed. Mark takes out a piece of clothing that belongs to Amara. Xavier grabs it and his wolf takes over when he smells it.   "Mate!" His wolf growls. Xavier is dumbfounded. He looks at Mark. He seems familiar.   "Do you remember when we came to your sixteenth birthday, with our little girl? You knew back then she was your mate. She did not know she was too young and her wolf was not awakened yet." Mark explain. Xavier remembers but he thought he will never see the thirteen-year-old girl again. He has forgotten about the thirteen-year-old at his birthday party.  He never thought she would be the daughter of two Alphas and the White couple, he was only sixteen then and his father had lots of friends, there were many packs on his sixteenth birthday. Most of the packs of the south were there. He looks at Mark again and he remembers how this man and his father saw him looking at the young little girl, how they walked to him and said that he would be able to claim her as his mate when she turns eighteen. She should be eighteen now.   "Where is she?" Xavier asks.   "Banished by your brother, she is a rogue now, so who knows where she went." Clara is crying again.   "Good, I don't need distractions now. I don't need a mate. I will never accept a rogue as my mate either."   Mark and Clara look at each other and then at the young man walking away, he had taken the piece of clothing with him though. Xavier walks through the packhouse and he gets her scent coming from a room on the second floor. He walks in and smells her, this must have been her room. He walks in and sees a photo that was taken on her eighteenth birthday with her parents. There is an eighteen on the photo frame. He looks at all the birthday photos in a row the frames make the year, from first to eighteenth. She is beautiful. He looks at the blond girl with the blue eyes, she is smiling standing between her mother and father wearing a beautiful dress. He takes the photo out of the frame and puts it in his jean pocket. He does not even know why he does it. He can not have a mate right now or any other weakness his enemies may use against him. He needs to forget about her. She is a little princess looking at her room anyway, she most probably did not even survive the first night in the wilderness. Why is it upsetting him thinking about her being dead? He does not even know her!   "Mate!" His wolf growls.   "Shut up mutt!" He is irritated as it is, he doesn't need this bloody mutt in his head to irritate him even more.   Xavier walks over to his SUV and instructs his driver to drive him back to his house. He is tired it was a long week and one of the pack tried to stand up against him, but they quickly knelt after the beta and omega were banished and the Alpha gave up, he does not kill any wolves like his father does not like killing his own kind. He rather just banish them and let them go live in the wilderness, they either get killed there or return and kneel after a while. He hopes that the little princess quickly realizes she can not survive in the wilderness and returns to her pack. He is really curious what she is like, his brother just said she was a brat and hard-headed and would not kneel and swore alliance to the Blood Moon Pack.   'Well, princess you will soon realize the wilderness is not for spoiled little girls like you.' Xavier thinks and smiles to himself. He does not know what he will do once he meets her. He most probably will just reject her, his heart is hard since his dad died. He sees his mother suffering every day and he tries to stay away from his pack for as long as he can, he misses his father and hates seeing his mother trying to be strong in front of them. At night he can hear her sobs and it breaks his heart, he must get his revenge! He closes his eyes and relaxes against the car seat. He is tired, being an Alpha of such a big pack is hard work.    
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