Forced to marry the bad boy Alpha

female lead
coming of age

*Warning; Book contains mature scenes. You will also find completely unfamiliar terms, I just let my imagination run free. Enjoy*

Saving a life from the hands of their cruel Alpha becomes the worst nightmare for a young werewolf couple, as it gets them banished from their pack for many years.

They come back to the pack after years have passed with two daughters, Lucea and Ruth, hoping to find change in the pack, especially in their Alpha.

But the Alpha is no more. His only son, Roderic, took his place and proving to be a far better leader than his father.

The only problem is he is a notorious skirt chaser, dating the prettiest girls in school and changing them like clothes.

What happens when he suddenly develops feelings for the young Lucea whose looks have nothing to do with the kind that he normally goes for, and to make it worse, a girl who doesn't want him?

His ego is damaged by her continued refusal to surrender to him, and he has to get her the only way that he can, no one refuses him. Will their relationship develop into love or more hatred on the girl's part?

More importantly, will they find a solution to the problem of the mysterious wolves that keep abducting young pups from the pack every year? Who is behind the pup disappearances?

Find out in Forced To Marry The Bad Boy Alpha.

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"Let the person who helped that girl escape step forward, or you will all suffer the consequences. I will make sure to punish all of you severely until I am told who is behind it," the Alpha roars to his pack members gathered before him. All of them have fear plastered on their faces, except one young couple. From previous experience, the pack members know very well that their Alpha never makes empty threats. He would have no problem torturing the life out of them until he got what he wanted. Alpha Sydney is the worst leader imaginable, and most link his cruel behavior to the well known fact that he has failed to have an heir after trying for more than sixteen years. It is the hidden fear and frustration of never having an heir that manifests in anger outbreaks. Still others argue that there's no excuse for his behavior; he chooses to treat his pack members like crap because he was born that way. It is sad that during the last six months or so, Alpha Sydney has been even more terrible than usual, if that's possible, and it doesn't help matters that the pack's Luna is unwell, or so the rumors say. No one has seen the Luna in months except Alpha Sydney, the doctor and a young omega who takes care of her, and none of these wolves will say anything about the condition the Luna is in. All they know is that she is unwell, and they will all suffer for that. Upon hearing the Alpha's last sentence, the young couple glance at each other in horror, then look back at the Alpha, having already silently agreed on what they should do. Beatrice and James are only teenagers who recently discovered they are mates after graduating from high school. In the pack, they are regarded as mysterious but very brave and kind, and they are among the best warriors. They believe in doing the right thing, even if it means crossing their Alpha constantly. But what they did recently, even they know that it was a bit over the line, not to mention they have risked exposing their true selves, something they agreed to keep a secret as soon as they got together. Beatrice previously lived in a different pack from James' a neighboring pack called Blood Pack. She was raised by her aunt and uncle after her parents died, and she came to love her new family like nothing else because they raised her like their own daughter. But when she found her mate, got married, and moved away to join her mate's pack, she heard her aunt's family had been thrown out of the pack and had turned rogue, as that is the common punishment for offending wolves in the packs, but that only happen if the offense committed is too big for forgiveness, making Beatrice wonder what her family had done. She felt sorry for them and wished she could do something about it, and then a few months later, her aunt and her aunt's husband and daughter had been so desperate to have food that they had crossed the borders of Bright moon pack just to get some, even if it meant they had to steal. A foolish action as they knew fully well how pack borders are heavily guarded even back home. But it seemed they had been too hungry to care about being caught and punished, or had even hoped the wolves in the pack would understand. When the wolves guarding the borders saw the family of three crossing the border into Bright Moon pack, they had deliberately hid themselves to see what they wanted. Three people could easily be overpowered if they tried to harm anyone, so they waited until they saw family stealing food from a house that was furthest from the pack house. They'd been caught and brought before Alpha Sydney, who, being in an extra foul mood that day, had ordered for them to be killed. After swearing that their initial plan was to ask for food instead of stealing, the family had still been ordered to be locked up in the dreaded cells, and do they tried to fight, which led them to their death there and then. They left their twelve-year-old daughter behind, who was so terrified and traumatized it could be felt throughout the pack. Alpha Sydney had failed to show mercy even to the little girl, Mira. She had been taken to the underground prison, where she was to wait for death the following morning, and, even though everyone wished to help her, no one wanted to cross Alpha Sydney. Beatrice couldn't allow her little cousin to follow her parents just like that. She and her mate agreed to save her, and they had sneaked to the dungeon and somehow managed to 'convince' the guards to release the girl. After helping her escape to safety, or at least as far away from their pack as possible, they'd gotten back home and back to bed. This morning, the Alpha called for all pack members to gather together as he wants to find out who rescued the girl, throwing threats at all of them. "Can't you hear me? Step forward if you know you rescued that kid. Within two minutes, if no one steps forward and no one exposes the culprit, I will make everyone regret their decision to live," he says nastily. Everyone is quiet as the seconds go by. Then Beatrice and James hold hands, take deep breaths and step forward, confessing to being the culprits. The Alpha glares at the young couple that are now shivering in fear. "So you dared to go against me, again?" he says menacingly. "I am afraid I will have to send you away this time. I've had enough of having to deal with you. You will disappear from this pack, and if you wish to return, you can only do so after no less than eighteen years have passed. Before that time has passed, you are rogue wolves." He says it so casually one would think he is declaring them the new Warrior chiefs. The couple expected to be punished, but not like this. They can't believe their ears because this is the worst punishment any wolf can possibly face. James falls to his knees before the Alpha. "Alpha, please have mercy on us. My mate is two months pregnant. It will not be good for her and the baby to leave home at this time," he pleads while Beatrice nods frantically, with two fine wrinkles on her forehead. "You should have thought about that before deciding to play the hero," Alpha Sydney answers coldly. "Alpha......" "Guards, take these out of my sight!" There's no room for negotiation. Beatrice and James are dragged out in shame and humiliation in front of everyone, who feel sorry for them. They are not even allowed to get any of their belongings. Since as rogues, they can't join another pack, they allow themselves to drift as far away from Waco, something which neither of them has done before. It is not an easy journey, with Beatrice in the early stages of pregnancy. But eventually, they settle down in Dallas, and James finds a job to support his family. The pup is born and is named Lucea. After a few years, the couple is blessed with a second one. She is named Ruth. The family live among humans till eighteen years have passed. Finally, it is time to go back to their true home...

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