Chapter 1

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Emilia's Pov There was once upon a time when l had it all. Loving parents, Amazing siblings, And above all my crush and best friend. I was born into the beta family of our pack, and l was the 4th of 5 siblings and also a twin and honestly my life couldn't get better. My twin sister Elizabeth and I are complete opposites, and we usually refer to her intimately as Beth. She was everything my parents wanted us to be while l was a bit of a tomboy and it irked my mom to no end, but still they treated us the same. Our brothers Liam who was taking over from our dad as beta, Brian and Max who were also twins and pack warriors loved and doted on us. The future Alpha, my best friend and secretly my crush Alex who happened to be 5 years older than meant the world to me, and at one point l couldn't imagine living without him. Alex and l were an unlikely pair, but we got along pretty well, being the future Alpha Alex was popular while l was invincible to everyone. While Alex only considered me his best friend and probably loved me more like a sister, l liked him a lot more than that. My entire life changed the day l turned eighteen. I lost my wolf and companion. I lost my sister. I lost my parents. I lost my brothers. I lost my best friend. I lost my mate, and l also lost a part of me. I made a choice 7 years back and every single day l am reminded of how much it cost me and l ask myself for what? and not a single day passes when l don't think about what could've been. l remember how Elizabeth and l were about our birthday, we were mostly excited about finding our mates, and the first thing l did was sneak into Alex's room to see if he was mine or not, because he was already twenty-three and he hadn't found his mate. I was so happy when l confirmed that l was indeed right and my best friend was my mate, but l didn't wake him up right away after l found out as he was asleep and it was early morning and he was probably tired from his Alpha training. I immediately called Joy to tell her the amazing news, and she was just as happy for me, and she suggested we hang out until the sun was up, and l could finally talk to Alex because l couldn't sleep as l was really giddy with excitement. Before we knew it, the sun had risen, and l ran to the Packhouse, but l thought to tell my parents before telling Alex. I found my parents and siblings all gathered around Elizabeth or Beth as we called her. Tragedy had struck my sister's mate before she could even meet him and the mate bond had severed. My sister lost her mate the day she was supposed to meet him. No one from our pack had died that day, and that only meant that he wasn't in our pack. Amidst the terrible news, l couldn't bring myself to tell them that l found my mate because it seemed unfair on my sister. I couldn't meet Alex that day because he had to leave for an alpha's seminar since he was the future Alpha and he had sent me a cute birthday message though he didn't know l was his mate and he obviously passed his sympathies for my sister's pain. My sister tried to kill herself every day after that, and l was also antsy as l missed my mate. Mom and dad were getting desperate on how to help her, and they promised to give her anything she wanted, but nothing seemed to make her better. As days passed for Alex to return, and l was excited about his arrival, my sister asked our parents for something. She wanted to be Alex's chosen mate, and our parents immediately agreed since Luna Mary and Alpha Gray were already looking for a chosen mate for Alex before he could take over as Alpha. I was heartbroken that day, and l decided to tell my parents the truth about my mate. I thought that since l told my parents the truth then they would not allow this mateship to happen, but l was l wrong. They took me to a witch who hid my scent so that Alex could not recognise me as his mate, and my whole life was shattered that day. My own parents told me that l wasn't Luna material like Beth. They told me that Alex being my mate would send Beth to the breaking point. They even threatened me with their lives. I watched them be happy with each other for 2 years. Every time they slept together my body felt like it was on fire. I was in so much pain I almost died, and my wolf grew weak, but still my parents watched. For those 2 years, I hid in my room every night feeling the pain of my mate's bond, tears forever wetting my pillow, while during the day I had to pretend to be as strong as I once was. No one but Joy noticed, and l realised how little l meant to everyone. My parents who were broken when my sister cried for her mate, didn't even try to console me even though they knew I had also lost my mate and knew how much I longed for death inside. My brothers cried at my sister's door every night, but they never realized that I was moaning in pain in the next room. I needed them too. l became invisible to everyone. My sister got her smile back, and she got attention and love from everyone. Wherever she is, my parents and brothers are always by her side. I, on the other hand, lost my smile, but no one cared why I was no longer happy. They saved her life while mine was being destroyed. A lot changed in those 2 years. I detached myself from everyone and grew silent, but Joy was adamant. I didn't talk to my parents at all, and maybe they didn't care. I spoke less to my brothers and locked myself in my room. They had asked me why, but I didn't want to show them my vulnerability. The concern is valueless if it comes too late. I avoided my sister and Alex because I still couldn't accept their close demeanor. It would make me jealous and out of control. I did not plan on leaving, but until one day, I lost my wolf completely. The pain overwhelmed and suffocated me like the ocean, and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I finally had enough of everything, so I left. I don't blame Alex for not paying attention to me. It wasn't his fault. If anything, it was mine. I could not control what my heart felt, and I should have told him the truth that early morning. How do l face Alex after everything, and how do l face my sister knowing that she is living the life that l was supposed to live? Not every love ends happily. I guess mine is one of those. The life that I'm living isn't the that I had imagined, but atleast the pain is more tolerable now that I was far away from them. I sighed, checking the time. It was late, and I had work first thing in the morning, but just as I was about to go to bed, a pounding knock had me instantly alert. I hardly have any friends or anyone who visits me so it's really strange and rare having a visit especially this late. I came face-to-face with somebody from my past as soon as I opened the door. “Joy?”
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