Chapter 2

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"Joy!" l said gawking at her because l wasn't really expecting her. "I can't say this is the reaction l was expecting bestie." She said as she pushed me aside to enter, but l was still momentarily shocked to even react to her intrusive nature. Before l even knew it she was in my small kitchen stuffing herself with everything she could find in my fridge. "What are you doing here, Joy? " l asked her. "You could at least pretend to be happy to see me, Emilia." She said with a mouthful. "I am, but it's really surprising given the fact that l haven't seen you in so long." l said, moving closer to her and giving her a hug. "And whose fault is that?" she pouted while punching my arm. "You know l had to leave that place, but how did you find me?" l said as l led her to my sitting room, and we sat side by side. "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" She said sheepishly, and l eyed her suspiciously. "The good news first, l guess." "You and l are going to be spending a lot of time together like the good old days." She said, and l smiled. Joy may be a pain most of the time, but she was there for me when l had no one else, and she is truly my best friend. "Are you moving here?" l said excitedly. "No, but you are moving back home." l felt the blood drain from my face at her revelation. "No, way in hell!" l said, standing up and pacing around the small sitting room. "Alpha's orders." She said looking at me sympathetically. "Well, tell your Alpha to go to hell because there's no way I am coming back to the Pack." l said to her. l'm going back there. "The pack, your family, and the Luna need you." She said. l snapped, "I. Don't. f*****g. Care." "You know l wouldn't have come if it weren't serious." She said calmly, and l immediately regretted the way l spoke to her. "I am sorry Joy, but you of all people know what those people did to me, and l can't face Alex after the way l betrayed him, so please don't ask me to do this." l said while tears fell from my eyes. "I know bestie, and l feel you, but there's nothing l can do about this because the alpha commanded me to do this, and if l can't bring you back, then the guards will bring you back by force." "Why does he desperately want me back after all these years?" "I can't tell you that." She said shaking her head. "Well, I am not going anywhere until I know the reason why everyone suddenly needs me." I said, heading to my bedroom and slamming the door shut. I tried to sleep, but l couldn't get Joy's words out of my mind. "I'm definitely getting fired." I thought to myself, but there's no way I'll get anything done if I'm this distracted. Why would the pack and my family need me considering the fact that my family knew the reason why l had to leave? I built a life away from my family 5 years ago, and today l am being dragged back to that very place. If l go back home, l don't think I'll be able to survive the heartbreak of seeing my mate with another woman, but l also know that l can't disobey the alpha's command. When the sun started shining through my window, l felt like a ghost. l hardly slept while thinking about everything. l was tired, and worst of all, l had to work. I took a short shower, put on my waitressing uniform, and left the bedroom, only to find Joy sleeping in an uncomfortable manner on my sofa l felt sorry for her because I've slept on that sofa sometimes and the next morning all parts of my body were sore. I made breakfast for the two of us and by the time l finished Joy had woken up and she tried to talk to me, but l ignored her. After l had my breakfast and was about to leave for work, l heard her talk to me again. “How do you think Alpha would feel if he saw how small the place you are living in is and you work as a waitress, Emilia? Do you think he'll buy your whole?” "l am happy, and l am living the best life that could possibly ask for a story, huh." “He'll doubt everything you ever told him and he'll want to know the real reason you left, all l am trying to say is that if the Pack guards come here they'll report everything to the Alpha and you don't want that.”What she said made me halt in my steps but then l remembered what he said to me the last time we talked. “I hate you for leaving without saying a word, and I hate how much I still care for you.” "He doesn't care probably wishes am dead." l said wiping a lone tear from my face. When l closed the door to the apartment, l sobbed against the door for my mate. I gave up my mate 7 years ago for my family's happiness, but in return, l made my whole life miserable and l can't help but think of how Alex is and if he is happy without me. Why did the moon goddess bless me with a mate if she knew that l would always have to watch him happy with my sister from afar? "I thought you left 2 hours ago." She said with a strange look in her eyes as I opened the door again. I guess l spent 2 hours sobbing against the door, and l can't really go to work now. I didn't have the energy to answer her, so I went straight to my room and into bed. I heard my bedroom door opening, and l felt my bed dip and arms wrap around me. "I know it's selfish of me to ask you this, but just come with me and see for yourself how much they need you." "I needed them too all those years back, but they weren't there for me, so why should l go back?" l said. "Because you're Emilia, and you put everyone before yourself." She said, and l could tell from her sniffing that she was crying as well. "It hurts so much, Joy. l have to watch my sister with my mate, l have had to live 7 years without my mate, but seeing them together will break me." l said sobbing. "I hate this as much as you do Emilia, but l have no choice." "How do l look him in the eye and tell him l am happy for him knowing full well that l am the one who is supposed to be by his side making him happy." l cried, and l heard my best friend sniffing as well. "I hate seeing you cry." "I just want to stay here and wallow in self pity." l said. "Everything changed the day you left, everyone changed, and l know why you don't wanna go back, and l honestly don't want you to go, but this isn't about us. It's something bigger than all of us." she said, and l immediately looked at her worriedly. "What do you mean?" "The Luna isn't well, Emilia." She said. "Your sister hasn't been well since the day you left ". "What? " I asked.
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