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"Hey, Jun!" A voice called out to me. "You ready for practice later?" I was walking down the hall with my head hung low; my thoughts were wandering about inside my head at what to do at home. Looking up, I shifted my eyes to a kid with short, blonde hair and blue eyes, who I believe was in the basketball team with me. I forgot what her name was, but I shot her a smile and nodded. "Yeah, of course!" I replied enthusiastically as she ran off to the other girls as they squealed for no reason. I just smiled at the rest of them which made them squeal even louder; it made me half curious and at the same time, half annoyed. Mostly annoyed as to why they do that every time. Waving them bye, I went off with my head hung low once again as I walked through the halls of Avian James Academy. The halls were built out of the finest mahogany wood, that I could see my own reflection just by looking at it. It was marvellous school, but I couldn't help but feel that it was lacking something. But what? I let out a deep sigh as I exit the elementary building. The sun greeted me with a smile just above my head as I watched several students wearing the same dark green uniform as me, ran back into the building. They all ran towards the entrance, while some even stopped by to greet me and smile. I, of course, returned their greeting with my best smile. I raised my wrist up to check the time, knowing full well that recess was about to end. As I turned about to head back inside, a glint caught my attention. I stood still then squinted my eyes as I tried to see what it was that was reflecting the sun towards me. Walking towards it, I bent down and picked it up; the dirt from the soft grass stuck onto the fine, black plastic frames that were very well kept. I stood up and looked around, then wondered if anyone dropped this. I examined it once more and was about to call out to someone, but realized that everyone must have reached class by then. Letting out a soft sigh, I took a piece of tissue from my skirt pocket and cleaned the glasses off of dirt. With much delight, I raised it towards the sky as the sun's rays passed through the lens. I felt really happy and content that I was able to clean it off of such a fine piece of frames. Turning around, I was about to head back to class when I heard soft sobs coming from the back of the building. A lump rose up in my throat, I felt a bit shaken by the sudden sobbing that came almost out of nowhere. I held my blazer, hoping to calm my nerves as I approached the sound of the sobs. As I slowly turned the corner, I poked my head out from the wall. My eyes widened in admiration as I saw a beautiful girl with strawberry blonde hair, bent down and crying silently under the shade of a tree. ~ Sheila's POV: ~ "Klair. It's already recess, dear." "My name is Sheila." I replied instantly without retracting my eyes from my book. My teacher just smiled at me regardless of what I said which just made me sigh mentally. I got off my chair and took my book, then kept on reading as I walked out of the classroom. "Be careful when you walk, Sheila." My teacher called out to me even thought I didn't bother to look back. I was too engrossed in the book I was reading to even realize that 3rd period was already over. It was a story written by some guy who died that I can hardly remember; it was something my mother read about before she even had me. I passed through the crowded halls, bumping into anyone as they told me off for doing so. I ignored most them because I felt too drawn to the book as it nearly reached its climatic event. In my excitement, I didn't notice where I was going and all of a sudden, someone rudely yanked away my book. My eyes followed my book as I realized that it was those 5th graders from the upper floors, who constantly bullied other kids like me. They held my book by a page as it began to tear off the bind; they held it as such as though it was such a disgusting object. I glared at them for their rudeness and tried snatching it back. But even before I could get it, the three of them ran out of the building. "Give it back to me!" I hissed at them while pursuing them out the building. The three of them ran to the back of the building while I tried my best to catch up to them. I was not built for athletics and could hardly catch my breath; I even tripped and caused my glasses to fall off. Groping the grass around, I tried to find my glasses. I could hardly see without it, but I managed when I saw three figures under the blurriness of my sight. I knew that it was them from their childish laughter and tried to follow them. I tried to snatch my book back once again, but my efforts were in vain. "Haha! You’re so stupid! You’re so stupid!" Jeered one kid. Another kid laughed out loud as he jeered, "She can't even take her book back!" "Give it back to me you ugly butt monkeys!" I shot back at them while glaring at them even though I knew I wasn't very convincing. As I said that, one kid shoved me down and my back hit against something. I slumped down as I felt the pain rise from my back. It was too painful and tears threatened to escape the corners of my eyes as I tried get up. I lifted my head up to them with a glare as if to tell them I wasn't going to fall that easy. But who I was kidding? I could barely get up! "What're you gonna do now? Cry home to mommy?" One of the kids taunted, which only made me sniffle as the rest of them made fun of me even more. One kid flipped through my book roughly in disgust, "Who reads these kinda s**t anyway?" "Are you even human?!" Another kid spat as he chuckled in a creepy manner. "Maybe she's just a freak because she got no friends!" The insults continued just as the bell rung, making them laugh and jeer at me one more time before leaving me be. But before they left, they threw my book at me and it hit my forehead. It was even more painful, which made me bend over as I covered the throbbing pain I was feeling on my forehead. Finally alone, I began sobbing softly since no one would hear me. As the tears escaped my eyes, I heard footsteps land on the soft grass. I raised my head as I looked at who has seen me. Scared that it was them again, I forcefully shut my eyes as I waited for what would happen. My heartbeat rang in my ears as I waited for them to approach me. All of a sudden, I felt something graze the sides of my temples which made me flinch. I slowly opened them and saw a pair of hazel eyes look at me as my blurry vision returned to normal. I stared deep into her eyes as she adjusted my glasses for me, making me feel a slight tickle at my side. Once she was done, I watched her smile at me which made my stomach feel as if I was going to get hiccups. My eyes did not steer away from as it followed her movements; she grabbed both my hands and pulled me up easily, even though I was quite the weight. "Thanks," I mumbled under my breath which only made her smile wider as she bent down and took my book. Dusting it off, I examined her as she inspected my book and flipped through it. My chest felt awfully strange as I waited for her to say something. "Hmm," She hummed as she carefully flipped through the torn pages of my book. "This is a very grown up book," She finally spoke; her smile remained on her face as she closed my book and handed it to me. I was surprised by what she had said, since not everyone in my grade were into reading and were all about playing around and stuff. "But isn't Mr. Shakespeare gonna be taught to us only until.... I don't know... Eleventh grade?" She asked casually as if trying to guess at numbers. The smile on her face hasn't left as her hazel eyes dazzled under the sunlight with her short, light brown and boyish hair swaying in the wind's touch. "It's actually tenth grade." I replied while I adjusted my glasses before I smiled at her. She let out a toothy grin that showed off her pearly whites. She stretched her hand out to me and shook it as if telling me to take it. I was hesitant at first, but her warm smile made the feel the hiccups in my stomach intensify as I slowly reached out to her. She met my hand half way and took it, then slowly pulled me towards the building. "The bell rang quite some time ago and we're awfully late." She explained, still not letting go of me even though I knew the way to my own class. "Oh yeah! I almost forgot." She exclaimed as she stopped and turned to me, kissing my forehead for a brief moment without even consulting me first. "My mom always kissed my wounds so my pain would go away," She explained. "I hope yours fly away." She continued with a bright smile across her chubby cheeks. Her words made me want to cry again, but I just hung my head. She must have taken it the wrong way when she apologized, but I didn't want it. In fact, I was happy. "Hey," I whispered as I raised my head and looked her straight in the eyes. "What's your name?" I asked her, feeling the hiccups in my stomach rise up as if waiting to be released. "Oh, I'm Jun! Jun Crawford." She replied, showing me her toothy grin yet again. "Jun?" I repeated her first name as I c****d my head to one side, "That sounds like a boy’s name!" I exclaimed, unable to control my emotions and giggled softly. Instead of looking annoyed, she just let her head fall to the side slightly and smiled. "Well, it doesn't really matter to me," She replied as she took my hand with her as I was holding her with my right. She shook my hand as manners and looked at me dead in the eyes. "At least you're happy now!" She exclaimed with another smile on her face as her eyes became dazzling once again. How does she do that? I wondered. "Hey, you never told me your name!" She said a little bit louder than earlier. "Sheila. Sheila Klair Eclaire."
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