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Jun's POV: ~ -Shutting Down- I leaned back into my desk chair, stretching my arms and legs as I let out a deep sigh. The computer closed all windows and shut down, making all sorts of sounds as I stared at it. It was still five in the morning and I woke up too early. Morning practice doesn't start until tomorrow, but my body clock already adjusted. I spun around in my chair and my eyes landed on my dark green uniform that lied on my bed. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair as I started to take my clothes off to shower. "I didn't get to talk to her last night," I mumbled as I felt my lips turn upside down, the water slipping through my hair as I wash it. I let out another sigh as I leave to brush my hair, wrapping a towel around myself. I went over to my bed and changed into my uniform as I heard my father call out to me for breakfast. I checked the time; it was still just ten past six in the morning. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before I headed down. "Good morning, sweetie!" Exclaimed my mother as I walked down the stairs. Dad was flipping pancakes while mom made some coffee. I sat at the bar stool and greeted them back with a smile, asking them if they had plans for the day. They both shook their heads, telling me that they would be working late again as usual, which eventually meant that they won't be picking me up after school. I just smiled at them since it wasn't a problem at all. I was used to it, plus they make it up for it in the weekend. We ate breakfast together after dad flipped one last pancake on his plate. We ate for a while until dad's wristwatch began beeping, which told us that it was time to go. I quickly drank my hot milk, while walking towards the sink to drop it off, then finally walked out the house with my parents. We got into the car and they drove me to school. It wasn't a long drive and was more or less just 15 minutes. I can walk there, but I enjoy spending time with my parents; especially when they were planning to leave me when I enter high school. Soon, we arrived at school. It was still early so there were only a few people there. I got out the car after kissing them both goodbyes, then headed into the middle school building. The halls weren't empty as I expected it to be; there were already a few eight-graders in front of their lockers and mingling. I walked towards my own and took my stuff out. A few people greeted me as they passed by and I, of course, being myself, just smiled back at them as if acknowledging their greeting. My locker slammed itself while I was greeting my fellow peers who passed by. "Hey, Vincie." This tall, brown haired boy greeted as he smiled wide at me as if expecting something. "My name is Jun. J-U-N. Jun." I spelled my name out to him, "Haven't you gotten used to my skirt yet?" I replied, rolling my eyes as he chuckled. "I still don't get why your parent's made your middle name Vincent,” he frowned, “I mean come on, I've known you since birth, but yeegh! Can't get used to it!" then retorted, feigning disgust as he threw his hands in the air. "Ha ha," I laughed sarcastically, "At least they didn't call me Randolf. It's two letters away from earning a red nose." I stuck my tongue out at him, making him wrap his arm round my neck and mess my hair. "Oh yeah?” he raised his brow, “Well take this!!" He jested playfully, still messing my hair as I laughed at him while tapping his arm to let me go. It went on for a few minutes until someone cleared their throat. "If you guys are done flirting, can you move out of my locker? PUHLEASE?!" She almost yelled, making Randy let go of me as I fixed myself and run my hand through my short hair. "Aww, you jealous, Trish?" Randy teased her, moving closer to her as he did the same thing to her, only this time he didn't mess her hair. "Here feel my love too!" He chuckled, making me just laugh alongside him. "Ugh! Let go of me!" She yelled, flailing her arms around as I tried to avoid it. I took a few steps back until Randy let go of her. She fixed her uniform before slapping Randy's arm, but it didn't seem to hurt him. This was how my mornings were usually like. Having these two playfully fight each other only made me want to tell them to get a room. Though we're missing one more in our group, who I probably assume was still asleep. I just smiled at them as the bell rung, telling us that it was time for homeroom. The three of us don't have homeroom together, but only Trish and Klair did. "Well, guys," I spoke, "See you at lunch?" I asked while walking with them as we reached the stairs. They both said yeah in unison and we all parted ways. As I walked to homeroom, I remembered the game I was playing earlier on, thinking that I should finish my stuff early today so I could play. "Hope I see her later." I grinned as I entered homeroom. ~ Sheila's POV: ~ I was up all night reading, not even noticing the time as the grandfather clock struck twelve noon. I sighed, realizing that I was already way too late to even attend school. Not that it mattered to them since I have been getting straight A's since I've been attending Avian James Academy. Rubbing my temples, I felt a soft sensation graze my left leg as I lifted my blanket. It was my cat, Kelsie. She let out a soft meow as she walked towards my face and licked it, telling me that she wanted to eat. I petted her small head as I got up, heading for the bathroom to wash my face and then, head down. "Mom? Moooooom?" I called out to her, but my voice only ran through the house. I sighed as I realised that she didn't come home last night. Probably somewhere even I couldn't even reach. I shrugged it off, knowing full well that my mother was out somewhere doing research for her new book. I went to the kitchen and opened the cupboard, taking the cat food for Kelsie then giving her some in her bowl. She purred against my leg first before eating as if to thank me for feeding her. I sighed with a smile on my face while heading for the fridge. When I opened it, it was packed, but my mom knows that I'm not well versed in the art of culinary. I pushed aside cartons of milk to find one that was already open. I took the opened one and went to the cupboard, it was also refilled which meant that mom must have left a note somewhere. I took my opened cereal and emptied its content into a bowl, mixing it with milk. As I was about to take a spoon, I noticed the note that I was supposed to see, was already on the ground. I bent down and took it, reading it as I shook my head and sighed. ‘Will be home early tonight. See you later!’. - Mom' I crumpled the note and threw it in the bin. I know that she won't be home tonight because she never was. I ate my food and went up to my room after clearing it up. I had nothing to do since I skipped school today and I know for sure that the school doesn't care as long as they get paid by us. I sat in my desk chair and booted my pc. It took a few minutes before it was already on desktop, which was ample time for me to have showered - which I did. The desktop finally appeared. I mouse over a game and opened it. It was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, for short. The login screen soon appeared and I typed in my username plus password. My character appeared and I entered the virtual world. I smiled as I saw the mail icon blinking, telling me that he had left a message. I mouse over it and opened the message. 'Heya Raz ^-^/ Didnt c u today .-. Hope u play with me laterz~ ^ _^/' It was cute, making my heart skip a beat for a moment. I rested my chin on my palm as I went and replied to him. 'Hey Czy . w./ Soz I didnt c u (._. ) Pt me wen u cme on . w. Let's do dg's~' I clicked send and waited for him to reply, but I glanced at the world clock; it read 9.17pm. It only meant that he would still be out at school. I know because he told me before that he attends school and only plays at night in my time. I checked my phone for any messages. Trish had sent me one, asking me where I was. I thought of an excuse to tell and well, she obviously doesn't approve me skipping class when it was my fault that I lack sleep. I carefully thought of my words and just replied with a simple 'sick' to get her off my back. Knowing her, she wouldn't fall for it, but when she replied me, all she said was get a lot of rest. Hah! First time I fooled her with a 'sick' excuse. Better use it more often. Feeling a bit victorious, I decided to celebrate by playing my game to pass time. Well, at least until I could finally raid a dungeon with Czy. ~ Jun's POV: ~ Time went by fast and school was already over. I had a ton of homework to do, but it didn't bother me. I was standing in front of my locker inside the girl's locker room, changing into my basketball jersey. I was thinking why I didn't see Klair all day, worrying if she even ate today. I sighed softly as I thought about her not eating and knowing her; she would just have cereal for the whole day if her mom wasn't home. "What's got your head in the gutter?" Trish's voice called out to me as I looked over my shoulder with my arms still in the air. I was half-way pulling my jersey over my head when she called out to me. "Oh, nothing!" I replied with a smile as I finished putting my shirt on. I noticed Trish was staring at my stomach and felt somewhat embarrassed because she has told me countless times that girls don't get abs. But of course that wasn't true. "Hey! What're you doing here, Trish? You needed something? And have you seen Klair all day?" I asked her, finalizing my uniform by tying my shoelaces together while she sat beside me, holding out a piece of paper. "Here," She handed me the paper. I looked at it and it was some consent form for a school trip for class. "Mrs Fuller was calling out to you, but you didn't hear her I guess. So, she asked me to hand it to you. And no I haven't seen Sheila all day. I texted her, but she said she was sick." She explained, as she got up and turned on her heels, heading for the door. "Oh, I see,” I mumbled, “By the way thanks, Trish!" I exclaimed, jumping up to hug her before she went. She wasn't much of a physical person, so she squirmed in my arms in protest. I chuckled and let her go, kissing her cheek as she left. She rolled her eyes, then shrugged it off and went out the door. The whole room went into whispers, but I shrugged it off since they know I do it to them too. Some of my seniors in the varsity just shook their head as if they disapproved. I just chuckled and went over to one of them. "Jun. No flirting in the holy, smelly, and utterly sweaty locker room." She said sternly as if holding in laughter, but I hugged her and kissed her cheek as well, then ran towards the gym when her face turned red. She ran after me in her embarrassment. I just laughed as I entered the gym. We ended practice around five in the afternoon and it turned out well; coach told me and my senior off for running in the gym without his permission, but all was well. We did a few matches, before doing our warm-ups to end the day. I was already in front of the school and was about to head home when Randy walked beside me. He had a wide grin on his face, telling me exactly what he was going to say. "Hey, Vincie!” Randy called out to me, “You gonna be on later?" then asked me while wiping the sweat on his forehead, then walked in tandem with me. "Of course, did ya really have to ask?" I grinned wide and nodded, making him do his signature action of an upper-cut to show his excitement. He bid me goodbye, yelling to go online later as he sped on home. I just waved at him as I walked on home. I arrived home and quickly fixed myself a meal. I wasn't a fantastic cook, but I was able to manage a few simple dishes. Tonight's dinner would be pasta for us and so I began doing it already. After I was done, I ate and cleared up the kitchen. I left the rest in the fridge for mom and dad, then went to my room to do my homework. By the time I was finished, it was nearly nine in the evening. And just on cue, Randy had sent me a message on my iPhone. 'Yo yo yo yo, my brutha! Let's do dg's and show this game whose boss!!' I laughed and packed my homework, then sat on my desk chair. I booted my pc up and opened the game, then logged in. I immediately saw the mail icon flashing and read the message from Raz. It made me smile and checked to see if she was on. I mouse over my friends list and saw the status icon next to her name was yellow - meaning she was away from keyboard. I right-clicked on her name and invited her for a party. I also saw Randy's character on and of course invited him too; he accepted immediately of course. I just smiled as I asked him which dungeon we were going to raid. XerShiz (Randy): Let's do Crok's Data Mine!!! Czymishé (Me): Kk! Just waiting for a support! Xer: Who u asked? Czy: Guildmate... I've never told him that I was friends with Raz-kel. She was of course the richest player in the game and also sold Item Shop stuff which I wasn't able to get since I don't have a credit card. It's not unnatural that we wouldn't be able to be friends, given that I was the strongest Tank-role character in the game. I have been playing the game since it started and was a Game Master or GM, at one point, but I just got lazy. While I was emptying my inventory, a notice popped up on my screen which indicated that Raz joined my party. I smiled as I sent her a whisper: Czy: kept my promise ;) Raz: yeah I can see that ^^ Czy: how was ur day? (: Raz: kinda overslept n missd skul ~_~ Czy: hahaha! lucky u! wished I skipped it too! Raz: well next time, try n keep up with me :p Czy: maybe I will ;) I couldn't help, but smile at our exchange. She always finds a way to make me smile, but of course I don't tell her. Without wasting another moment, Randy teleported us to the dungeon since he was a dps Mage. Soon, we were already beginning our dungeon raid. Raz was swift with her fingers, being able to heal me as fast as she could heal Randy. This is why I always prefer her to be my support for any dungeon party. She's not only swift, but also fun and friendly. After doing a couple of raids, Randy had to go. It was almost midnight too and I was also getting sleepy, making me stretch my arms up as I watched him say bye to Raz; before he logged off, he teleported us to town and said goodnight. I went off to the merchant and bank to sell, and store some stuff while Raz just made her character sit by a bench near the salt lake. It looked as if she was gazing off into the distance while watching the sun set. I tilted my head to the side as I controlled my character and made it sit next to her. I sent her a whisper: Czy: pretty aint it? Raz: yeah sure is Czy: u going to sleep? (: Raz: not sure, prolly just stay up and do some stuff Czy: oh mmkay I waited for her to say something, but she didn't say anything after some minutes. I felt as if she was contemplating something, so I asked. Czy: want some company? Raz: no its alright ^-^/ go sleep owo Czy: u sure? thot u want me to keep up with you ;) Raz: hahaha..! can u keep up with my pace, pretty boy? :p Contemplating on whether I should or not, I checked the time before giving my answer. I sighed when I realized it was already a quarter past midnight. I had morning practice tomorrow, since we have a game coming up and as much as I want to stay up with her, I just couldn't. I propped my elbow on the side of the keyboard, resting my cheek on it as I ran my hand through my hair. Czy: heh, maybe next time... Raz: ooooooh~ chickenin out? :p Czy: as if! >:) just have morning practice so I gotta u know, get up at 5 Raz: oh... sure ur not chickening out on me? ;) Czy: no way sweet cheeks! nt on ur life :p Raz: hahahaha...! fine fine, c u tmr then? Czy: prolly... but ill try. i know how much ull miss me ;) I was smirking as I typed that one out. I just love this playful flirts with her, even though I am a girl myself. It's not really a secret that I like girls, but sometimes I just forget how the world works. But in all honesty, I just care about her. It's like having another sibling, but around my age. Well, except for the playful flirts. I mean, I told my parents about it just two years ago and even now they ask me if I'm going to ask a girl out. I don't even know how to answer that! The whole school doesn't know and well I don't have any obligation to tell them. Of course only my two best friends know that I am; I haven't told Klair cause I know she doesn't approve of it or rather, she despises it. I guess you can say, I don't want to lose our friendship just because I told her I like girls. Oh well. She was important to me; more than just my best friend. And well, I can't lose that now, can I? Randy and Trish were shocked when I came out to them. At first they were sceptical, but gradually accepted it. I also had a feeling that my school thinks I like girls because I'm being all physical to them sometimes. But that's just me and well if they flirt with me I can't blame them. Can I? Raz: haha! u wish... :p Czy: i know u do ;) Raz: lol, go to sleep already xD nyt nyt ^-^/ Czy: nyt :) And with that I logged off, then shut down my PC as well. I spun my chair around then got up. I lied down on my bed as I smiled to myself, thinking how much I actually want to meet her in real life. I sighed, as I drifted off to sleep dreaming about the day I'd meet her face to face.
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