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There is a crossover in this book with my other series. Starting from Chap. 26, you will want to read Desert Nightmare (starting at Chap. 35) simultaneously to understand the crossover until the crossover ends.

A year after the vampire attack at the Blue Lake pack, everything seemed to be at peace for Wyatt, Rylee, and the gang. The Gammas Jason and Milan are finally expecting their own duo of bouncing babies, Victor, Dianna, and all of the other newborns have settled in nicely. Kelsey, Lisa, and Natalie are in love with their new families and all of the castle's guards bond over the fact that they're now all dads.

Unfortunately, the serenity of a drama-free life doesn’t last long for Blue Lake when 2 young, orphaned wolves stumble into the Blue Lake territory. They are malnourished and severely injured. Because of their young age, Blue Lake takes them in, but Rylee gets the sense that there is more to these girls than meets the eye.

The girls turn out to be twins named Lexie and Lanie, and they have a story to tell. When the truth comes out, what will the Blue Lake Alpha and Luna do? Will they throw these girls back out on the streets? Or will take them in and hopefully save them from what’s to come?

Copyright © 2020-2021 Eunie Lee

All Rights Reserved

If I find out anyone has plagiarized my work. I will report you, and depending on the severity, I will even take legal action.

Image credits go to InspiredImages and zinavasini on Pixabay.com

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Chapter 1
             {Third Person}              “Hurry Lanie!” Lexie shouted to her sister as they ran through the forest and up the mountain.              “Go on without me, Lexie! I’m only going to slow you down!” Lanie screamed back while struggling to keep up.              “Not a chance!” Lexie objected as she backtracked and put her sister’s left arm over her shoulders while she wrapped her right arm around Lanie’s waist. Having to work twice as hard meant she practically carried her sister over the final switchback of the mountain.              “THERE THEY ARE!” the girls heard from a few yards behind them. They both turned around and could sense the enemy was imminently close. From their vantage point atop the cliff, the sisters saw a small town.               “We’re not going to make it!” Lanie said to her sister. “Shut up, whatever we are we can’t die from a fall, at least not one that leads to water.”              “Water?” Lanie asked.              “There’s a lake right below us. If we can jump far enough from the cliff, we should land in the water,” Lexie explained to her an exhausted Lanie.              “Lexie I can’t, that’s too far,” she protested.              “Yes, you can Lanie, we both can,” Lexie encouraged her sister.              “STOP RIGHT THERE!” they heard again.              “We can do this! We have to!” Lexie shouted. She and Lanie took a few steps back and with all the strength she could muster pulled her sister with her, taking the biggest leap of faith they ever have in their entire lives. As they landed in the icy water of the lake below them, the individuals chasing them ran up to the edge of the cliff, just a fraction of a second too late.              “s**t!” one of the men shouted.              “Did those bitches seriously jump?!” another asked.              “YOU LET THEM GET AWAY?!” another shouted at the first two.              “The boss is not going to be happy about this,” a fourth said calmly as he too walked towards the cliff’s edge and looked down to see the ripples of where the girls landed starting to fade.               “They couldn’t have survived that, could they?” the first of the men asked.              “You’d better pray that they did, otherwise the boss will kill all of us,” the calm one said while taking a second glance down. He searched towards the town that the lake was attached to and saw a castle in the south, which made him pause to wonder what kind of town has a castle. He marks the GPS location on his phone, hoping that they will be able to circle back and find the girls another way, assuming they survived. He and his associates leave to plan the reconnaissance of the girls.               {Rylee’s P.O.V.}             Milan’s gender reveal party was a huge success. Once the shock of being pregnant with twins wore off, everyone was excited. Sam ended up passing out after running around for several hours, so I figured I would take him upstairs to put him down for the rest of the night.             Leighann and Nicholai were also pretty wiped out, so Melody and Michelle had already left the party to put them to bed as well. Sam has grown so much over the last year, so I opted to take the elevator since carrying him up to the fifth floor was out of the question. Once inside our room, I changed his diaper, put him into his favorite pajamas, and tucked him into his crib with the stuffed wolf that Olivia had conjured for him when I was still pregnant. After he saw Blade for the first time a few months ago, this stuffed wolf is now his favorite toy and I couldn’t be happier seeing them bond. Blade loves Sam so much that Wyatt has to constantly fight him for control. Blade loves to sleep next to the crib to keep Sam company, but Wyatt wakes up with a sore back whenever that happens.             As I watched him sleep, I began to feel pressure in my head, and suddenly the image of two girls jumping off a cliff and into the lake flashed before my eyes. It was like I was seeing it occur from my very own eyes. It was quick and painless, but I knew for a fact that this was a premonition, and it felt like it just happened. I quickly run out of the room, and as I make it down the stairs I run into Wyatt.              “Whoa! Dearest, where are you going in such a hurry?”              “Wyatt, I just had a premonition, and I saw two girls around my age jumping off the cliff in the mountains right above the lake!”              “Whoa, slow down, Rylee, what part of the territory?”              “Ummm…,” I thought back for a second, “… oh, I saw the side of the castle where the library is!”              “Okay, let’s go,” Wyatt took my hand, and we ran outside over to that section of the castle. As I looked towards the mountains, I saw a cliff that matched what I saw in my premonition.              “Hey, what are you guys doing out here?” Kendrick asked, running up to us. I didn’t pay him any mind because what I saw at the moment had all of my attention.              “THERE!” I shouted as I grabbed Wyatt’s arm. He turned and we both watched in horror as two girls jumped from the cliff.              “HOLY s**t!” Kendrick shouted as he saw what just unfolded.              “Rylee, mind link Dr. Andrews and my dad! Tell them what we just saw! Ken let’s get the boat and go save those girls,” Wyatt said. They ran towards the dock where the boat was tied up and I watched as they went in the direction where the girls landed as fast as they could. I quickly mind linked Ronan and Dr. Andrews about what just happened.             Ronan and Owen came to me, and not too far behind was Dr. Andrews with Irene and Owen’s wife, Sirena. “Luna, where are they?” Dr. Andrews asked.              “Over there!” I exclaimed and pointed to where Wyatt and Ken were. We all watched as they both dove into the water. A few seconds later, we saw them come up with the two girls in their arms.              “Oh my goddess,” Owen’s wife gasped. Once they were all back on the boat, Wyatt drove it back to the dock. Kendrick jumped off the boat to quickly tie it and then jumped back in to help Wyatt hand off the girls.              “You boys get changed. We’ll get the girls to the pack hospital,” Ronan said to them. The girls were unconscious, and they all ran towards the pack hospital.              “Rylee go with them, Ken and I will get changed and meet you there,” he tells me.              “Get your mom to watch Sam,” I reply as I take off and catch up with the others easily using my super speed. Upon arriving at the hospital, Dr. Andrews has the girls placed in the same room so he can work on them simultaneously. I look at the girls, and they’re both so skinny with cuts and bruises all over their bodies. Their lips are blue, their faces are pale. It was a painful reminder of my own appearance before while I was a slave at Half Moon. Were these girls child slaves too? Did they run away to escape all of the abuse?               “How the hell did two humans survive that fall?” Owen asked.              “They’re not human, they’re wolves,” I reply. Owen looks at me and lifts a brow.              “Luna, they’re human,” he says to me directly.              “No, they’re not,” I tell him.              “Luna, with all due respect, but I think I know what humans smell like.”              “Owen, my sense of smell is better than yours, remember? I’m basically a super wolf. I’m telling you, they’re werewolves,” he was about to argue again when Dr. Andrews stepped in.              “This is not a conversation to be had right now. If these two girls are indeed human, then we can’t risk saying the “W” word out loud,” he said to us.               “What do you mean by if, Doc? Can’t you smell it?” Owen asked.              “Yes, Owen, I do, but I also know the Luna’s abilities so her sense of smell would be more accurate; however, until I can test their blood, we won’t know for sure,” Dr. Andrews answered.              “Are they going to be okay?” I asked with concern.              “They’re alive, and we can quickly get them warm with heated blankets. They’re both completely unconscious, but they are breathing. Luna, having your vision when you did saved them,” he replied. I nodded my head. Dr. Andrews, Sirena, and Irene got to work to take care of these two mystery girls. They looked similar in features, so I assumed that they were sisters. I seriously hoped that their situation was not what I thought it was.              “Oh my god,” Irene gasped. We looked at her as she lifted one of the girls’ shirts, and she was covered in scars.              “What the f**k!?” Owen shouted.              “Doctor, what are those marks?” I asked him as I looked at the girls’ stomachs.              “Those appear to be burn marks from a taser of some sort, but I’ve never seen one leave marks like this before,” he answered.              “I’ve seen these types of marks before,” Ronan said. “Sebastian, I think those are from cow prodders.”              “Ronan, I believe you are correct, a cow prodder would have easily made these marks.”              “What’s a cow prodder?” I asked. Owen quickly explained to me what it was and showed me a video of how they’re used. I was so shocked that anyone could use something like that against two innocent girls.              “Based on the stage of healing, these girls have been prodded over the course of several years,” Irene said, applying medicine to each wound.              “Why haven’t they healed?” I asked softly.              “Luna, I already said that they’re…”              “I heard what you said Owen!” I snapped at him, “But I’m telling you, they’re not human, they’re part of our kind!” he shut up and bowed his head.              “Tink, why are you yelling?” Wyatt said as he came in. He decided to keep the nickname he gave me when I was Megan. He said that it suits me even more since I’m blonde again though a part of me does miss being brunette.              “Alpha,” Irene, Sirena, and Dr. Andrews bow really quick and got back to work.              “Dr. Andrews, what can you tell me?” Wyatt asks.              “Alpha, these girls have multiple contusions, lacerations, and burn marks all over their body. They are both severely underweight, and it looks like this one may have a fractured ankle. And this one has a dislocated shoulder. The burn marks are in multiple stages of healing, and appear to have been created by a cow prodder,”            “What?! Who does that to young girls!?” Wyatt growls. “Human or not, that’s cruel and inhumane.”              “Wyatt, they’re not human,” I tell him. He looks down at me and gives me the same look Owen did. I glare at him, and he softens his look.              “Alpha, the Luna believes that they’re werewolves,” Owen says.              “I can smell it on them,” I tell Wyatt. He looks like he’s about to argue, so I punch him in the stomach to stop him. “I smell the human on them too, but that’s only on the outside if I’m not mistaken. I can smell their blood, they’re part of our kind,” I tell him sternly and he just nods.              “Alpha, Luna, the girls are resting peacefully, and their heart rates are starting to normalize. They will be out for a while, so I suggest you all go get some rest. I will also do a DNA sequencing analysis to determine what species they are. As soon as I know anything, I will mind link you,” Dr. Andrews said. We nodded and we all left.              “Where did Kendrick go?” I asked Wyatt, realizing that he wasn’t with us.              “He’s explaining to my mom and the others what happened. Unfortunately, we need to report this to the Elders,” he answered.              “Why?” I asked.              “Rylee, you know why. Our pack is under scrutiny because of the whole clone crap I pulled last year,”              “Still!? It’s been a year!” I shouted stopping in my tracks. “I thought Alpha Richard was supposed to talk to the elders on your behalf?”              “He did, and he can only get so far. There are only two weeks left, and then the Elders will leave us alone. But two unknown girls jumping off a cliff and right into the lake within our pack territory is suspect, and we have to report it.”              “Suspect?! Wyatt, did you not see those two girls in there? They’re about my age, and they look like they’ve gone through more beatings than I ever did.”              “I did see, but if these girls were in a similar situation that you were once in, then we have even more reasons to report it to the Elders,” he says. I pressed my lips together knowing that he was right.             Whatever it is that these girls went through, I had the strangest feeling it was something more than forced labor or possible slavery. I just hoped that when they woke up, they would be willing to share their story.

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