A New Start, Part III

1092 Words
"023, you're back!" "Welcome back 023!" I was just watching them reunite from a corner in this ship. They were all so happy to see him again. "We thought we lost you back there." Said the girl who had short hair. "I thought it was the end of me too, good thing he showed up." 023 said and then all eyes were on me now. "He helped me contact you guys." He added. "What a small cutie!" said the girl with pig tails, she went towards me and pulled me to her chest for a tight hug. It was enjoyable being squished by her breasts, but it was choking me to death. "U-Ugh!" "437! Put that back down! We don't know what it might do to you!" The guy with brushed up hair said. "He doesn't seem dangerous though, but the fruit he's carrying is poisonus." The short hair girl said. I didn't realize I was still carrying the fruit, since I was so distracted by all of them. I threw it away knowing it was poisonus. Thank goodness I couldn't open it, it could've killed me! "Are you keeping him 023?" this girl called 437 asked 023. "I don't know, but I think I can provide him his own home." 023 answered. "Y-You're not gonna keep me like some house pet, are you?" I asked. Everyone was shocked hearing my voice. It was the first time I spoke when I got here after all. "So it can talk? Cool!" Said the guy who's working on some sort of device. "Yeah, I can talk. I can understand you guys as well." I told them. "Great, my code is 437! And what are you called shorty?" 437 asked. "I'm called Max." I answered. "Okay, let me introduce you to my other colleagues! That's 320 (pointing at the short haired girl), he's 974 (pointing at the guy who was working), then that's 113 (pointing at the guy with brushed up hair), then you know 023. There's more of us but I'll introduce them to you later." 437 said. She's such a kind girl, but she's still choking me with her breasts. "All right, putting this all aside, we're still not done with our mission yet. The C-ranked Veldene is still on the lose. It taken damage from 023 earlier but it wasn't enough to stop it." 113 announced. So they were still in the middle of fighting the Veldene they're talking about? "Half of our team is working their ass to slow down that monster when we searched for 023. We should hurry back, and might as well call for another squad to assist us with that C-ranked monster." 320 said. "All right then, let's go to work! 437, lend me your spine ceptor." 023 demanded but it seems 437 doesn't want to. "No way, look at yourself 023! You can't move at all, just rest here and just let others do what has to be done." And finally, 437 decides to let me go. She went somewhere to probably get something. "Are you guys serious!? I almost died earlier, I can't let any of you die just because of that Veldene!" 023 yelled. "Have faith in us 023." 113 told him, then he looked at me and ordered me. "Keep an eye on him for us." All I did was nod and watch them go. I sat near 023 and heard him grunted out of frustration. "They'll either come back badly wounded like me or die. Those idiots don't know how to obey commands." "But they're your teammates, you should have faith in them." I said. "Right." Then he just completely ignores me. Quite a jerk. While observing his teammates, I noticed that 437 brought out some awesome weapon. "Woah, what are those?" I asked 023. "Those are what we call spine ceptors, kid. It enhances our limbs so we can fight back. Without those, we might lose a limb or two or get melted by the Veldene's acid." He explained. Now that made me curious what a Veldene is and what it looks like. They're the enemy of these Delsyians but how do they exactly fight? "So it's like an armor to protect yourself, right?" "Yeah." "While we try to slow it down, call for back up 023!" 113 said. "Don't die brats!" 023 yelled. All of them were already wearing those spine ceptors and were lined up. When the gates of the ship opened, they jumped off one by one. I tried to take a peek of what's happening outside but 023 grabbed me from my shoulder. "Careful, kid. You'll fall and die." "Right. I just wanted to see them fight." "Trust me. It's better not to." I sighed. I guess he doesn't really want me to take a look. "So, are you gonna call for back up now?" I asked. He nodded and brought out his phone-like device from his pocket. "Yeah, no need to remind me kid." "I have a name, it's Max." "I know, now hush. Gotta make this call." After that, someone answered him from his device. "Squad 2, code 023. We're requesting for back up." "Copy. They'll be there after half an hour." "What!? We need back up now!" "Just hold on for a little bit. Other squads are on readjustments." "My squad is gonna die! It's a C-ranked Veldene, you damn retards!" "Just wait for thirty minutes, 023. Thirty minutes." The call ended. He gritted his teeth furiously. "Damn it! We're all gonna f*****g die!" "I-Is there another way to avoid that?" I asked, hoping it'll help calm him down and think of another way through this. He looked at me like he's really planning something then he started talking. "Both Igniters received huge damage and were disarmed, which is me and 019 from team b. I don't know if 019 is still alive like me, but I'm sure he's pretty useless right now." "Igniters?" "Yes, Igniters are the one who deals fatal blows. But we were not enough to bring down that C-ranked Veldene." "What about the others? Can't they deal fatal blows as well?" I asked. "They're good with combats, but they're still under training to unlock skills." Woah, this sounds so much like those games I played. I know I can't do anything to help them with their problem, but I feel like I had to do something. Anything, just to help. "P-Please! Let me help you all on this one!" Chapter end.
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