A New Start, Part II

1030 Words
A sweet strange scent was tickling my nose. Is this the smell of heaven? I opened my eyes and saw this strange yet beautiful view. There were large trees with light golden leaves everywhere, I can't see the sky with all the trees covering it but there were some rays of the sun shining through. I stood up and started wandering in this place. Didn't think heaven will be like this. The ground was soft and the grass was golden-yellow. Some plants were humungous and had some large strange fruits attached to it. I can't tell what kind of fruits it was, but it all seems edible. I picked smaller ones and tried to taste it but its skin was hard to peel. "Strange," I whispered to myself. I carried the fruit with me while I continued wandering. Maybe if I keep walking, I'll see some sort of entrance where all the other dead people are. I hope I can see my parents soon too, I bet they'll be surprised to see me. They might get angry too since I died at such a young age. It was taking pretty long to find something in this forest-like place. Then it made me doubt for a moment, is this heaven? I felt a heavy pressure when I think this might be hell. Damn, please no! "...you!" I heard a guy's voice. I looked around to find where it came from, but I was having a hard time tracking. Then it spoke again. "Here!" I saw something move from the corner of my eye. I ran there quickly and got surprised to see a person. But it was no ordinary person, he looks twice as tall, he also had a lot of scars on his body, and he's blood had a different shade of color... it's like the color of gold! "Jesus is that you!?" I asked. His face looked weirded out by my question. I also noticed he had some sort of gadget attached to his left eye, it's like one of the things you see in sci-fi movies. "Who the hell are you talking about? Anyway, little kid, I need you to do me a favor." He said and was panting. He looks in terrible pain. "Uhm, what can I do for you?" I asked. "Before that, you're not a Veldene are you?" Huh? What's he talking about? "I don't know what that is, but I'm pretty sure I'm not." "Great! Then can you get the thing on my left pocket?" I went closer to him and had my hand searching in his pocket. Then I pulled out this thing he was talking about, it was like a huge phone for his size. "It's this right?" I asked. "Yeah, that's it! Now give it to my right hand." He demanded like a boss. "Can't you just grab it with your hand?" "Kid, I can't move a muscle. Please, just do what I say." Well, he does have a lot of wounds and he's bleeding a lot. I hurried to give this thing to his right hand. When he had it, he really didn't have any strength to lift his arms. He was able to move the fingers of his hand though. The thing was really some sort of phone when he opened it, then he made a call. He started talking when someone picked up his call. "This is 023, I repeat, this is 023. Code blue!" He said. "Copied, we'll locate where you are and find your coordinates through this call. Please don't hang up just yet." Said from the other line. After that, they both fell silent. I can see that this guy feels relieved. "Who are you?" I asked. When his eyes opened, he looked at me and had this expression 'oh right, I forgot he existed'. "I'm one of Delsyian's assymetricates, code 023. I assume you're not from here, are you?" Everything he said didn't make sense. So I had to ask again. "Wait, so this place isn't heaven?" He grins and shook his head. "No kid, this is planet Delsyia. What are you exactly?" My eyes went huge. So I'm not in heaven after all!? I'm on a different planet!? "No way!!!" "Uhh..." "I thought I was already dead, but I'm on a different planet right now!?" I was mind-blown. I was too shocked by what I learned. "So you're not Veldene, and you're not Delsyian either. From what planet are you, kid?" "From Earth." I answered. "Never heard of that planet. It must be lightyears away from here." "Yeah, probably but how!? How the hell did I wind up here!?" "I don't know as well. kid." He answered. Then the thing on his hand glowed bright green and the voice on the other line spoke again. "We tracked you down, we're coming 023!" Then it turned off after that. "Ah thank goodness." He said in relief and chuckled. "I thought today will be my last day!" "What happened to you?" I asked out of curiosity. "Well, I caught myself in an explosion and my spinal ceptor broke, then a Veldene threw me all the way here." "That sounds rough." "It really is." He replied, through he was still smiling. "One thing's for sure here." "What?" "You saved my life, kid. Thanks." I smiled back. "You're welcome." Minutes later, a huge ship appeared on top of us. And huge people like 023 came to his rescue. When he was being carried, he stopped them for a moment. "Wait! Bring him with us!" He pointed at me. "What's that, 023?" "It saved my life, I owe it a huge favor." "We don't know what it can do to us--" "He's not Veldene!" He defended. While he was arguing with his people, I was just standing like a statue watching them. Moments later, I realized I was getting dragged along with them. I was really mesmerized by everything that I just saw. Like all of them were so unique and breath-taking, and I can't believe that I'm actually gonna ride on a cool huge ship for the very first time! Chapter end.
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