A New Start, Part I

974 Words
sfx: Defeat! "Ugh..." that was my seventh loss in a row! I removed my hands away from the keyboard and covered my face. Spending all night playing this game just to keep losing? So not worth it. I'd rather sleep but my mind keeps betting that I might win the next round. But this is it for me, I'm gonna go to sleep now. Maybe I'll play this again after a day or two. "That's it, dude I'm gonna stop now," I told my online friend who was playing with me. "Huh, are you sure? We keep losing, don't you want to win a round first before hitting the bed?" He asked. "Nah, my eyes can't take it anymore. And shouldn't you sleep right now as well? It's like 3:40 a.m. already." I heard him chuckle. "Sleeping is for the weak!" "Psh, whatever. I'm gonna go now." "Yeah, bye dude." As I logged out, I checked on my social media for some notifs but it was like the usual. No notifications, no messages, no nothing. What else should I expect? It's not like I have a lot of friends. Sighing, I was about to turn off the pc when suddenly, some strange ad appeared on my screen. It was weird because the ad wasn't familiar. It's really something new. The ad asks, 'are you tired of your life?'. So weird. But out of curiosity, I clicked on it anyway. The site was plain white, then it has one question in the middle with a box where you type your answer underneath it. It also has the same question from its ad. I typed on the box and answered 'yes'. Clicking enter, it submitted my answer and a new question appeared. 'Do you want to start a new life?', it also had a box underneath it. I answered 'yes' and clicked enter again. 'Would you offer your soul in exchange for a thrilling new life?', the question this time was a bit funny and creepier. This must be some sort of prank a person thought of. Well, there's really nothing to lose if I answer it anyway. This time I typed 'sure' and clicked on enter again. That was the last question because, after that, the screen glowed brightly and the site disappeared. Weird. Maybe I shouldn't have meddled with that weird site but nothing bad happened to my pc anyway. I finally shut down my pc and crawled to my bed. "...wake up! You good for nothing nephew!" My eyes were still sore, and I think my sleep only lasted for three hours. "A-Aunt Sylvia?" "You were up late last night playing games, aren't you? Not only useless, but you waste too much electricity too! If it weren't for your parents, I would never bring to let you stay at my house!" Ah there she goes again. "I'm sorry, Aunt Sylvia--" "I don't need your apology! You were supposed to be watering the plants right now, but here you are on your bed! And look at your eyes, they're so red!" "T-Then I'll be taking care of the garden right now--" "No need, I already did it myself, you useless freeloader!" It's so hard being an orphan in the care of your aunts. Sometimes this made me wish that I died along with my parents. My aunt only decided to take me in because of the money and this house my parents left behind. She only uses the money for herself and her luxuries, she won't even bother buying me anything I need. Everything that I had was bought with my own money, I worked as a part-timer and I even pay my share of bills here. So I'm not exactly the freeloader here, she is. Though I can't do anything about it because she's my only relative and legal guardian. And I swear to myself that I'll kick her out once I turn 18. "Just go and do this errand. Here's the list of things you need to buy for me." She ordered. "Now hurry and go fix yourself! You still have the front yard to clean up later." Then she finally left my room. I had to do I was told or else I won't get any food for lunch later. I quickly fixed myself up and ran to the market to buy her the things on the list. Most of the items weren't even important, but I just had to buy it so I can have my lunch later. I also still have a lot to do when I get home. As I already paid for everything, I walked home. The groceries were heavy since there are big four plastic bags to carry, but I'm already used to it. I would've taken a cab home but she didn't give me money for that, and my house was quite near anyway. When I was about to cross the road, my body felt light for a sec and suddenly everything turned black. I had no idea what happened to me. But when I opened my eyes again, I can see people surrounding me. They were talking but I couldn't hear them. I couldn't feel anything like my whole body was numb. I turned my face at a side and realized I was laying on the road, and blood was slowly scattering beside me. I could also see the huge truck in front of me and had my blood-stained on it. I could've sworn that there weren't any vehicles on the road when I was about to cross it. I guess this is it for me, huh? Life's pretty unfair, but I think I'm satisfied. I can finally rest in peace along with my parents. A managed to smile before my eyes completely closed forever. Chapter end.
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