Chapter 17 - Danzel's Request

873 Words

"W-what?" Olivia was surprised to hear Blake's request. "I said take off your clothes," said Blake once again. Danzel looked at Olivia without blinking, and Blake knew what Danzel's eyes meant. They don't just have the same face. Even their attraction to a girl is the same. It's become a habit; they share in everything. Including sharing women; they often do treèsome because both don't want to be the second. They use one bed to make love to one girl without being awkward. They could make their sèx slàves pass out from exhaustion. Danzel approached Olivia. "What do you want to do?" Blake tightened his jaw. "Didn't you say you wanted to undress her?" Danzel pulled the zipper on Olivia's dress. "Danzel!" shouted Blake angrily. His twin brother always did something unexpected. Mysterious

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