Rejected by The Dragon King, Accepted by The Alpha Twins

opposites attract

Olivia Ford, 19 yo, had to be heartbroken when Jayden Heart, 25 yo, broke off their engagement. Unbeknownst to Olivia, Jayden has been having an affair with Shellina, the beautiful, mysterious woman.

Jayden is so heartless after breaking off the engagement. Jayden also banishes Olivia from the Bloomingheart kingdom.

Olivia was forced to leave her homeland. Olivia's suffering had not ended when the soldiers from the Bloomingheart kingdom wanted to kill her.

Olivia is hurt and wants revenge on Jayden. She tried to escape and asked for help from The Alpha Twins, Blake and Danzel Stones. The notorious and heartless Alpha Twins.

Will The Alpha Twins grant Olivia's request on condition of becoming their sèx slave? Whereas Jayden, The Dragon king, wants Olivia back for some reason.

Will Olivia continue her revenge after being trapped in the complicated relationship between The Alpha Twins and The Dragon King?

Olivia's life fulfilled with love, hate, and revenge.


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Chapter 1 - Rejected
"Olivia Ford, I'm Jayden Heart; reject you as my fiance. Get out of my sight now!" Olivia's body stiffened. Today is her 19th birthday. One year ago, she met 25-year-old Jayden Heart at a party. When they first met, Jayden immediately claimed that Olivia was his. Even Jayden threw a festive party to announce their engagement party. Olivia, who was still young and innocent, accepted Jayden wholeheartedly. Moreover, Jayden's handsome looks and caring attitude made Olivia fall in love with Jayden. But now, for no reason, Jayden has called off his engagement and turned her down as his fiance. "W-why," Olivia's tears rolled down her cheeks. Jayden looked at her lazily, not caring how devastated Olivia was feeling right now. Humiliated in front of many guests by rejecting her. Cancel their engagement. "I don't need to explain it to you. I'm a king. My decision is absolute." "Jayden," a beautiful woman the same age as Jayden appeared and hugged Jayden's strong arms affectionately. "So she is the reason why you called off our engagement? Have you found my replacement?" Jayden was silent while the brown-haired woman next to him was getting bolder and closer to Jayden. "Jayden, have you forgotten your promise?" Olivia asked in a trembling voice. So far, her life has only been centred on Jayden. She prepared herself according to the plan at the age of 20. Jayden will marry her and make her his queen. "Go away from here!" said the woman firmly. "I have nothing to do with you." Olivia fiercely answered the woman's words. "Jayden, she doesn't want to leave." the woman said in a spoiled tone. Ask Jayden to kick Olivia out. "Olivia Ford, get out of here now!" "Jayden, banished her out of our kingdom." Jayden turned to the beautiful woman. "You forgot your promise?" "Shellina, I remember that." Jayden took a deep breath and rubbed her smooth cheek with the back of his hand. The scene did not escape Olivia's puffy eyes. Jealousy and heartache ran through Olivia's heart. It felt like a knife had stabbed into her heart. "Olivia Ford, from now on, you are not a member of the kingdom of Bloomingheart, this moment on, you are expelled and prohibited from living in Bloomingheart. I give you twenty-four hours to leave Bloomingheart. If by that time you are still in the territory of Bloomingheart. Your life will be lost." "J-Jayden," Olivia couldn't believe Jayden's cruel decision. Just cancelling their engagement was a massive shock to Olivia. Add to this is driving her out of Bloomingheart, giving her a little time. Jayden was really heartless. "Jayden, thank you. You've kept your promise to me." Shellina kissed Jayden's cheek so tenderly. "You are my fiance, so it's natural to keep my promise to please your heart." Olivia was standing still, watching their romance like a fool. The Dragon elders and palace officials did not utter the slightest sound about Jayden's unilateral decision. "What are you waiting for?" Jayden glanced at Olivia from the corner of his eye. "Your time starts now, don't waste the remaining time if you still want to live." Olivia snapped out of her daydream. Twenty-four hours. Starting from this second, Olivia's body suddenly felt powerless. "Go now, or do you want to watch our engagement party?" asked Shellina, who rested her head on Jayden's broad chest. "One, two, three." Shellina counted while smiling lopsidedly at Olivia. That beautiful face looks scary, like an evil witch. Olivia immediately understood if she still wanted to live. She had to run, get out of this palace and leave Bloomingheart forever. "Dad, Mom, I'm sorry," whispered Olivia sadly. There was no time for her to meet them. She only had twenty-four hours to get out of Bloomingheart territory. Hesitantly, Olivia ran. But before that, she tore the bottom of her dress to make it easier for her to walk. The palace guards did not allow her when she was about to take the horse. They purposely blocked Olivia. "Please, I beg you." Olivia fell to her knees to plead with one of the palace guards. But they were silent, unmoving like statues. "Hahaha," Shellina laughed from the balcony seeing Olivia so pathetic. Begging soldiers like a slave. Yesterday the entire palace adored and respected her. But now, she looks like a prisoner of war slave begging for freedom. "Jayden, look at that little girl. Looks pathetic, doesn't she? I warned you from the start not to make her your future queen. But you don't want to hear. Now you know what the consequences will be." "Shellina, I promised you. Is that enough?" "Prove it tonight; I'll be waiting for you in my room. Or… do you want to do it in yours?" Shellina pressed her sexy body to Jayden. And Jayden hugged her back tightly. "Alright, tonight will be the first night for us." From below, after hearing loud laughter from above the balcony. Olivia looked up, her heart hurting even more after seeing Jayden and Shellina hugging each other. Jayden seemed to be kissing Shellina's neck seductively. Olivia has been feeling the pain ever since. But to see their intimacy once again. Her eyes burned, and her heart ached even more. Another sob broke out from Olivia's mouth, tired of pleading with the soldiers to give her a horse. Olivia decided to leave the palace grounds on foot. She kept running to speed up her space so that she could use enough time given by Jayden to get out of Bloomingheart on time. Olivia tries to find an alternative route to take to shorten the time. Although the terrain is quite dangerous. But she dared to take risks for the safety of her life. Olivia arrived at the cliff's edge, below a very steep ravine. Once fallen, then no one can survive unless someone is strong and has strength like Jayden. "Jayden," Olivia muttered sadly. Again she remembered her heartless ex-fiance. It was getting dark, and Olivia felt hunger in her stomach. This afternoon she was very excited to meet Jayden. So she forgot to fill her belly. Until the events of Jayden's rejection and expulsion occurred. Olivia's leg was injured. Her footwear was damaged by being hit to steep rocks. Even the rock incisions began to bleed. "Ouch," Olivia winced in pain. The sound of thunder echoed. Rain began to wet the earth. "Why is nature not friendly to me either," Olivia muttered sadly. But that sadness immediately turned into fear after the faint sound of howling hounds and soldiers wearing could be seen from a distance. The bright light of the torch brightened Olivia's vision. Their uniform was the uniform of the Bloomingheart kingdom. "What does this mean? Didn't Jayden says give me twenty-four hours? Then why did they come after me?" "Arrest her right now!" Suddenly without being noticed by Olivia, a group of soldiers and several sniffer dogs were already nearby. Only a few meters in front of her. "Stop! Don't come any closer! Who ordered you to come here?" "Hahaha, you must be able to guess who sent us here." one of the soldiers who seemed to be the squad leader walked up to Olivia. "No way," Olivia shook her head as she stepped back to avoid the man. "Give up; there's no place to run." "No, don't come any closer. I said, don't come any closer!" Olivia's feet had reached the cliff's edge, and one more step… "Aaaa…." Olivia's body floated off the cliff's edge, falling into the abyss. "Jayden, I will not forgive you. I will avenge what you did. Even though I am in another world. I will ask God to bring me back to this world to take my revenge on you."

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