Don't Be True

617 Words
Waverly's POV I had once again ran from the tingly feeling and dashed off into the bathroom to hide in a stall. I slammed the lid of the toliet down to sit. I pulled out my phone to message Keaton who is my best friend in the entire world. I texted- "I have only been here for homeroom and I already want to bolt." I sat there waiting for a reply. I honestly don't know why I let my mother and Uncle talk me into going to public school instead of just staying on Pack land with the other pups and learning. Nope I gave in once my Uncle told me I could do anything I wanted and travel to all our Ancient Ruins for the summer at his expense. My phone dinged and I looked down at the message from Keaton-"Oh Sugar Dumpling do I need to come destory some of those Scooby Pups?" I laugh at the nickname he gave me when he first met me 5 years ago and at how he degrades all the other wolves here. I don't hesitate to respond. ME- "Oh I wish but Uncle Thorn would have a stroke if you up and left your training." KEATON- "PSSH Sugar Dumpling Thorn loves me almost as much as I love my reflection. Now tell me what is wrong before I send in the Guard to protect you." ME- "DONT YOU DARE! I will tell you. A couple of people are already talking about Mom like she is a disease. And if I tell you one thing you swear to the Goddess you WILL NOT tell anyone." KEATON- "I cross my heart and hope to be straight." ME- "I think I might have found my mate." I would have waited for his response but the bell rang for the next class so I finally left my confinement of the bathroom stall and headed to my next class. I walked into my next class which was Wolf History and that was when I saw him again and then felt the tingles. I look around the room and the only open seat is next to him and I growl a little at that. I made my way to the desk and sat down. Our teacher walked in and made eye contact with me. She smiled then bowed her head in respect of my title as Princess. I give a slight nod back. The teacher introduces herself as Miss Patro and the starts class with some information on how mates came to be. I perk up a little as she speaks, "Us wolves mate for life. We are usually given one mate but time to time the Goddess blesses us with a second chance mate. When we decide to become mates it is a ritual that will be completed in a few short steps. Can anyone tell me what those steps are?" I raise my hand to answer but she calls on Kaden, " They f**k then the male bites the female marking her as his." A couple of girls giggle but the teacher just shakes her head at Kaden. She looks over at me, "Miss Ectera could you please share the none male territorial man speak for us." I sigh, " Basically the rush of finding your mate brings out the need to reproduce so we rely on our basic desires to take over. Once you have reached the highest peak of said desire the male will ONLY mark the female with her permission. Once she has been marked she cannot be claimed by another for she and the male belong TOGETHER." I feel Kaden's eyes slide over my body and I feel a mental caress in my mind. Please Goddess let me be wrong about him being my mate.
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