How It Began

854 Words
It has been 20 years since Charlie became the Moon Goddess and numerous things have changed in the Wolf Spirit World. There was a short era of peace between packs, no more plots of revenge or threats of war. It seemed like everyone had forgotten about a silent fued between the Ectera family and the Stanosa family that went all the way back to the start of the Wolf Spirit World. A fued that caused pain, suffering, betrayal, and death. Out of all that two people found each other and fell in love. It was their love that brought the Wolf Spirit World about. Over time the two lovers were named the Originals and their story told through out time by the Moon Goddess Priestess. Unfortunately, there was somethings left out about their story and it was there turn to meddle around in affairs. Waverly's POV It all started with a tingling sensation all over my body when his dark gray eyes met my brown ones. I felt my Wolf Spirit going stir crazy while I tried to stop the tingles. I was always told when you find your mate you would feel a rush of tingles all over followed by a need to mate stronger than any other feeling you have. I finally glanced away from those dark gray eyes and darted off to my homeroom class hoping to escape his stare. I found a seat in the back next to the window and attempted to control my breathing. I looked up as a scent hit me of pure ashy smoke with a slight hint of mint. I looked up at the front of the classroom stood the guy with the dark gray eyes and he was smiling at me. My heart lept into my throat and the tingles began again. The guy smiled at me and moved to take the desk right next to mine. I gulped. I just needed to make it through homeroom without jumping this guy's bones. I could feel his gaze on me as the bell rang and the teacher closed the door. She looked around the room and her eyes settled on me and she smiled brightly. She clapped her hands to get everyone's attention, " Alrighty you teenage wolves settle down. I would like to start off with introducing a new student who just transfered in. Please allow me the pleasure of introducing Waverly Ectera. Please Waverly stand up." I stood up slowly and everyone turned to look at me which really didn't help my nerves at all. I heard one person whisper, " That is the bastard daughter of Dawn Ectera, you know our King's sister." Then followed by another whisper, " So that thing is our princess?" I gulped as I sat back down in my desk and looked back out the window. I could still feel everyone starring at me, especially the guy who was making my body tingle. There were more whispers mainly about my mother and they stopped when the guy spoke, " Shut the f**k up!" The teacher slapped her hands on her desk and yelled, " Kaden Stanosa watch your language!" I shot my head back around at him. Did she just say STANOSA? Kaden's POV I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she sat back down and I knew everyone whispering about her mother wasn't helping at all so I did the first thing that popped into my head. I told everyone to shut the f**k up and they listened. I looked back at Waverly who was now starring at me like I had grown a third head and was giving me a 'Go to Hell' look. I honestly don't know why but it was bugging me. I guess hearing who I was would make anyone stare at me like I was a nightmare come to life. I finally looked away and chuckled a little. So, she was an Ectera and I am an Stanosa. We both come from strong packs who have a dark past when it comes to blood shed. None so more than her own pack. The Waning Moon Pack is the most lethal and fierce pack in the world, they are the most powerful so the Goddess and the Council decided to make Alpha Thorn the King of Wolves. While the Goddess's word is still law it was decided that for menial issues and other things that the King and Council would handle it. My father is the current Elder of the Conncil and reigning Alpha of the Shadow Pack. We have also had close connections with the Waning Moon Pack since Alpha Jonas helped attempt to rescue Luna Charlene long ago. After the death of Alpha Killian and Luna Charlene, Alpha Jonas stayed in control of the pack for awhile before handing the mantle of Alpha to my Grandfather Erikos who then in turn passed it on to my father Alpha Kennedy who would some day pass it on to me. The bell rang and I watched as Waverly basically ran out of the room. I smile and think to myself, 'Dear Princess you can run from me all you want but in the end you will be all mine."
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