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FOUR YEARS LATER... JERO'S POV I got inside of my car to the passenger seat since I have a driver. I don't like to drive first thing in the morning because I'm just going to waste my energy. “Good morning, Iho,” My old driver Lucas greeted me. “Let's go, Lucas," I said in return without even a glance at him and just looking at the tablet that I am holding about business. I don't greet people even though they know me for long years and even they have been working with my parents before. “Iho, anak, it's been four years and now you've grown more and more. You got your parent's company much bigger than any other in just the age of 26." “My company, Lucas. I am their inheritor and they are dead now so technically, it's my company,” I replied seriously not even looking upon him in the mirror. “You look like your father, Greg. I remember when it was his first time at work, he got so nervous because at a very young age he was holding a big company just like you do. He told me everything about his feelings and I comforted him that he can do it and I know he can make it. Then, he replied by saying 'Mang Lucas, I am holding a big company and a lot of people are depending on me and if I fail everyone will have no food to eat.' He was a very good man. He cares not just for the money and business but for his people too." My father? I never got along with him when I was a kid until he died. He was a very busy man at that time and he never spends time with me. Yes, he cares a lot about his people in the company but not to me. “We're here,” Mang Lucas announced which makes my thought suddenly distracted. I got out of the car and all of my employees welcomed me energetically. I saunter inside going to my office which is on the twentieth floor. When I got to my office, I took a sit and my secretary stood in front of me. “Good morning, Mr. Francisco. Here is your schedule for this week." She gave me a booklet that makes me look up to her. “What is this? You are giving me a booklet for my schedule for this week? Isn't that your work to update me every morning what my schedule every day is?" “I'm so sorry, Mr. Francisco. I forgot.” She immediately gets the booklet on my desk again. “You have been working for me for two weeks now and yet, you can't still remember what I've been telling you? How many times do I have to remind you?" “I'm so sorry, Sir. I promise I will not do it again.” She lowered her head at me. If it weren't for my parents I will fire a lot of people because of their stupidness but I can't because that would be a bad impression for my company. I released a deep sigh. “Ms. Vella, I will give you the last chance and if you still don't do it right then, you have to leave this company." “I promise not to do it again, Mr. Francisco. Thank you very much for giving me another chance.” She lowered her head again apologetically. “Leave now." And she left my office. In the very first thing in the morning, she already ruined my day. Ring...ring...ring... It's Ethan. “Yow, Jero?" “I'm busy right now." “Alright. Well, here's the thing. We got the project here in London." “Now that's a piece of good news. Finally, I hear some good news in the morning." “I'll send you the details now what we discussed." “Okay." It's already 5 o'clock when I went out of my office. I stretched out my neck and got to my car. “Good evening, Mr. Francisco." “Let's go to the bar, Lucas." “Yes, Sir." And we speed up. After ten minutes, I entered my bar. “Would you get my Ferrari? I will drive myself from here. You can rest now." “Got it, Sir." I got inside of my bar to feel the same ambiance I have before since I built this when I was 12. I went to the usual spot we hang out and there they are the four monkeys. “Bro!" Lei shouted greeting me with his merry voice. We all make our handshake signal before I took my seat. “I've heard the news, Jero. You got the deal,” Pao recited. “Yeah. Another enterprise of the King's Empire and this is the beginnings of my European conquer." “Four years ago you just said that you will make your business reaches the whole world and yeah, you just did it. Hell yeah,” Lei told reminding us all. “I promised to myself and when I promise, I'll do it,” I sent them all a cheeky smile. “Hi, guys." A girl came to our spot that makes our attention turned at her. “Not bad,” I heard Kaz murmured at my side. “Nice figure," Lei mumbled. I must say she got the figure like a coca-cola body. “Wanna bet guys?" I said confidently smiling. “I'm in. Who gets the girl will have an exception to the bill,” Kaz told. Come on, they never learn. There's no way that I didn't get the girl every night. Let's be honest here, I'm a f**k boy and I don't give a d*mn about it. It's been in my system since 14 years ago and when I say system, my dirty business. This place is where all my dirty little secrets happen. Well, I can't blame all the girls who are lingering around me because people won't call me an 'Alpha' if not because of my charm, elegance, and like Greek God body. I got everything that all women are looking for. And it's not my fault if in just simple words they give in. Of course, in every girl I've been with there's no way I didn't put protection so, no one will come to me and complain that I got them pregnant. Woman only wants my body and wealth and nothing else and for me, they are just for pleasures only and nothing more than that. As I expected, the girl came to me and rubbed herself at me. I sent them all a smirk. I won. “I saw that coming," Pao mentioned taking his wine. “Yeah. Amongst us, he is the only one who never lost a girl around. As in there's no day he will never get a girl to hook up with,” Lei smirked “He won't be called an 'Alpha' if he doesn't.” Tan then drunk a wine. “Wanna go somewhere, babe?" The girl whispered in my right ear. “F**k." I stood. “Where are you going, man?" Kaz asked. “To f**k.” I sent them a wicked smile. I entered my secret place where all my dirty businesses are happening and tonight I will give my body satisfaction. “Nice place you got here,” The girl mentioned looking around. I locked the door and with one sweep I pushed her to the bed and started kissing her. I'm on heat. In a blink of an eye, she is naked in front of me. F**k, yeah. I opened my eyes and I'm still in the same place. I put my clothes on and left not looking back to the girl I don't know who and I don't have any interest in getting her name. To be continued...
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