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THIRD PERSON'S POV London Bridge is one of the most tourist attractions in the country but not in not so far, there is a very big blue mansion that captivates a lot of people because of its breathtaking view. This house is owned by one of the richest families in the country, the Family Llorevo. On the other hand, the two ladies at the side of the garden are taking pictures. “This is the house I've been dreaming to build,” The lady told admiring the place. “This house is owned by one of the richest families here in the country, the family Llorevo. The father of the house is a famous and very in-demand engineer in the whole wide world because of the finest structures he made while his wife is a Filipina who is known as the 'Flower' because of her very famous boutique shop here in London. They have three children. Their eldest son is a graduate of Harvard with a degree in Medical Physicist and now taking his doctorate, his name is Jonn Karl. Then, the second and their only daughter that has the name of Jeniffer Kate is the girl all model fashion shows are looking for but unfortunately, she declines all the offers. And their youngest son is in the fifth grade and his name is Jonn Kyle and I won't wonder if that kid would make a noise someday,” The lady enunciated talking with her friend. “Their family sounds great and very, very, very rich." Meanwhile, Jeniffer is sitting on her bed while looking at the pictures on the internet. “Philippines." She grinned seeing the places she had visited already together with her cousin Donna, who is from the Philippines when her messenger rings for a video call because her cousin is calling. She answered the call. “Katy." “What's up, Don?" “Tell me, Katy, did I hear it right? You are already enrolled there? Is that true? I thought you were going to transfer here to the Philippines to study?" “Talking about that, Don. Mom settled my documents and not me. You know how much I love your country, right?" “I know. So, what now? Are you not going to transfer here anymore?" “No. I will do anything to go there and study." “Like what? You're going to go here without your parent's consent?" “That is exactly what I am thinking about." “Katy, you might get into danger if you go here alone." “I told you I will do anything to go there. Once I get there anyway Mom won't have anything to do with it anymore. Besides, I can take care of myself." “Seriously?" “I'm bloody serious now." Afterward, Jeniffer is now in the airport with her sunglasses on so, no one will recognize her. She got inside the airplane and put her earplugs in her ears and she relaxes. After a few hours, she finally arrived in the Philippines. She, then, removed her sunglasses when her feet landed finally in her favorite land. “Welcome home." Eventually, she knocked on the door and when the door opened her cousin Donna welcomed her. “Katy!!!" Jeniffer smiled and they hugged each other tightly. “What are you doing here?" Mom of Donna asked surprisingly when she saw her niece standing at their doorsteps, in front of her eyes. Thereafter, Donna and Jeniffer are sitting on the couch quietly. “Tell me, Jen, what are you doing here? Did your parents know that you are here? Because I've been talking to your Mom but she didn't mention to me that you will be coming here." “Auntie Ellie, I came here all by myself." “What?! I'm going to call your Mom right now to tell her that you are here." Auntie Ellie then dialed her phone to call her sibling's number whilst, Jen and Don looked at each other anxiously. “I hope your plan work," Don said worriedly. “It will, don't worry." “Hello, Elizabeth? Let me just inform you that your daughter is here." “What!" Elizabeth shockingly replied. "My goodness. How did she go there? We've been looking for her all night but she is just there all along. Can I talk to her for a moment?" “Sure." And Auntie Ellie gave the phone to Jeniffer. “Mom?" “You—young lady! How many times do I have to say to you that you are not allowed there? Are you really testing my patience?" “I know. I know. It's just that Mom, you know how much I love being here, right? This place is a treasure for me just like you do." “You are really a stubborn child, do you know that? You are giving my head so much pain." “Let me talk to her, honey," Francis told and get the phone in the hand of his wife. "Jeni?" “Yes, Dad?" “I will ask you one thing and I want you to be honest with me, okay? Are you really planning to continue your bachelor's degree there in the Philippines?" “Honestly, yes, Dad." “But, sweetheart, you are already enrolled here,” Elizabeth butted in. “I know. But Mom, this is what I wanted to do. I want to study here and get my bachelor's degree and after that, I'll come back there to accomplish my master's degree as a Neurosurgeon doctor." “Oh, honey.” Elizabeth cried in the other line. “Please Mom, will you grant my wish on my 18th birthday? This will mean so much for me," Jeniffer pleaded. “Fine You are all grown up and you already know what you wanted to do in your life. I cannot stop you because the more I stop you, the more your heart goes far away from me." “That is not true, Mom." “Oh, sweetie. I just have one condition." “Okay. What is it, Mom?" “No boyfriends, no clubs, no smoking, no drugs and don't let someone hurt you and neither yourself because if I come to know that you are doing those things, I swear to God, you are going home without notice and you are not going to come back there ever again, you got me?" “Those are not just one condition, Mom. But okay, I got that. I love you so much, Mom and Dad. Thank you very much. This is the best birthday gift I've ever had." “We love you too, sweetheart. Now give the phone to your Auntie and I will talk to her about your tuition fees and other things that you need." “Okay." Jeniffer passed the phone to her Auntie Ellie and then, she hugged Don tightly again because she is happy, and because her dream finally came true. —— At the Graduation ceremony, all of the graduating students have been called to the stage to receive their certificates as proof that they finish college. “Congratulations, everyone. Now, let me call on our Magna c*m laude here on stage. Mr. Jero Mitchelle D. Francisco. Please do the honor,” the Dean of the University announced to the microphone. Jero, then, went up on the stage and stood in front of everyone. “Good morning to all of you, my fellow graduates. Today, we have come to our end, and in our next journey, we will face the world, and do what we all wanted to do. All I can say is...this is not the end of our life because now that we have finished college we are going to compete with each other in the real world and know who is better. Our real journey has already begun. I will not take this speech very long because it will take a lot of time. Again, congratulations to all of us, and let's begin the real war. Thank you." He went down from the stage and everyone applauded. Soon, everyone took their tussle to the left as the Dean instructed and they all tossed their hats in the air. Thereafter, the reception hall is full of people for picture taking. “Congratulations to you, bro. Finally, we made it." “Congratulations to you too, Ethan, brother." And, Jero and Ethan did a brotherly hug and a handshake as a sign of their brotherhood. “Jero, Tan!" Someone hollered at the side and they both looked at where the voice came from. “Lei, Kaz, Pao. What's up, dude?" Ethan greeted. The five of them greeted each other with their handshake signal. “Nice speech there, Jero. Let's begin the real war? Dude, that is so cool,” Lei mentioned merrily. “Tell me, what are you talking about real war? Is that a real war, war, or just a figure of speech?" Kaz confusingly asked. “Let's say...I'm talking the same way but at the same time, I'm not," Jero responded. “Oh. You are being tricky,” Paolo commented. “So, now that we are already graduated why don't we go to the bar and let's have some fun? What do you say?" Tan suggested. “That is a great suggestion, Tan. Let's go!" Kaz said. Ethan threw his arm to his cousin's shoulder, Jero, and the five of them walkouts from the venue. At the King's Bar, the five went upstairs at their usual spot and they sat around facing each other that Jero is the one sitting in the middle as he is the leader of their group. “Waiter! Two buckets please!" Lei shouted along with the loud music. “This wonderful bar you owned Jero is a total hit," Kaz told with amusement on his face. “Well, if it wasn't for my parents I wouldn't have this bar built," Jero replied. Their two buckets came and the five of them get one bottle each. “Wait. Now that you already graduated Jero, is that mean that you can get all the money and the rights that your parents have?" Pao questioned. “Speaking of that Pao. The answer to that is yes. Now that I graduated I have all the authority over the company that my late parents owned. Remember what I said back in the graduation ceremony, 'let's begin the real war'? What I meant to say is, now that I have all the money that my parents had together with all the rights I will make our company much bigger than any other and I will make it an Empire. I will call it the 'King's Empire'. It's not just that because I will make more and more buildings and businesses that will reach the whole world. From that my company will be called the 'King's Empire and Enterprises',” Jero spoke what was inside of his mind with excitement. “So, that is what you meant about that. Wow. You have a lot of ideas in your mind in know, at the age of 22 of yours,” Lei said. “Not just an idea, Lei, because I will make it possible by the use of my parent's money." “You are really the inheritor and the son of the well-known business entrepreneur here in the country," Ethan mentioned. And a fire is erecting through Jero's eyes. To be continued...
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