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The girls cast their azure eyes up at him and nodded without pausing their ministrations. They kissed while their father's c**k glazed their mouths with spurts of precum that drooled down their chins. It slopped down to their low-cut tops and clung fast to them in sticky strings. They were almost messy enough to coax the c*m out of Klaus's balls right there. But he couldn't allow that. Reluctant to end their harmonious d**k-worship, Klaus nonetheless peeled his gasping daughters off. "Feeling better?" he asked. His girls nodded, their meek smiles and chins dripping with familial juices. "Daddy, I'm horny... I want a baby," Lyla confessed. "Me too," Shyla added, "Will you let Lyla's boyfriend knock us up now?" "No," Klaus said. Before his crestfallen angels could so much as whine he scooped them up under each arm. They squealed and squirmed as he carried them off to his bedroom where he'd taken them many times before. They weren't trying to get away, not even when he tossed nymphs onto his bed sheets and tore open the fronts of their blouses buttons and all. "No more boyfriends, you bad little girls." "But Daddyyyy," Lyla scowled as her nubile t**s bobbled free. "No 'buts' about it, from you either," Klaus shot a look at his other pouting daughter. "But I want a baby soooo bad, Daddy..." Shyla said. "Why won't you let us make you grandkids already?" "Because Daddy doesn't want grandkids," he said, planting his hands on their hot, flat bellies. "Daddy want's more sons and daughters from his bad little girls. Understand?" They did, and simultaneously stripped their soaking panties from their fertile hips and flipped their mini-skirts up over their exposed bellies. They knew the drill, but this time their hips almost shivered with excitement. Throwing his clothes beside those belonging to his girls, Klaus dragged them down the bed till their legs dangled over the edge. "Daddy, I want to have your baby first!" Lyla spread her thighs wide. "No, Daddy! Knock me up first!" Shyla bucked her hips and spread even wider. "Shhhhh," Klaus grabbed both girls by the p***y and sank his fingers into their wet holes. Both almost sucked him in all the way to his knuckles -- twin p*****s desperate for satisfaction. Despite their squirming and moaning, Daddy began to pump them. "Daddy..." Lyla bit her lower lip, "We're ovulating today..." "Daddy knows," Klaus said as he sank his bare c**k into his daughter's bare p***y. The girl moaned and arched back into the pillows while her envious sister watched. The way Shyla's inner walls clasped tight around Klaus's fingers copied the way Lyla's rippled about his member. They were twins after all, and both perfect Daddy's girls.   They were Daddy’s Perfect Twin Miracles.
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