Chapter 1

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Klaus picked up his identical twin daughters at their school for the church choir weekend of rehearsals for its concert on Good Friday. Lyla and Shyla had been singing in the youth choir for years, finally "graduating" to the main adult choir. Perhaps they could have sooner, but the two of them were such a support for the youth choir, that the director had wanted to keep the two of them until the last year in their country's 13 year school system, both then eighteen. Klaus still had difficulty telling them apart, depending more on their referring to each other by name and from Shyla's usually being more direct, outspoken than her sister, who usually then agreed with whatever she said. He enjoyed that they now saw each other at the weekly choir rehearsals, more often than they had before, since he was the only one of the church choir. Their mother, when she was alive was always taking part in things which were organised by the church and she encouraged her girls to do that as well. The girls were also pleased with the arrangement, enjoying that they could share their father's musical interest. After they had greeted him with their usual cheek-kisses, they piled in the car, and he drove off. Outside of town, he took a deeper breath and said: "Hope you don't mind; we're going to have to share a room." "You with us?" the girls asked, almost simultaneously. "Or you with me. Not my idea." "Whose?" "Linette's, who organized the weekend. "And she thought we could share a room?" "Apparently. I had booked two rooms, one for you both and a one for me, but then she asked if we could share a room, since there was a couple that needed a double room, yours, and if we could share a room, there was a three or four bed room free." "She just assumed that we all could sleep together, I mean, share a room?" "I guess so. Surprised me too. Hope you don't mind." "Surprises us too," Shyla replied, after a glance at her sister, who remarked: "She just assumed that a family, well, you and us could share a room?" "I wasn't going to ask her, since she did. Hm-hmm! No one has said anything about the two women who agreed to share a room with a double bed." "Really??" Lyla remarks. "What will our room be like?" Shyla asked. "Probably a room with two bunk beds. I'll take an upper one." "And you don't mind, think it's funny?" Shyla asked. "If Linette didn't. Oh, when I was teenager, the railway just automatically assumed that my mother and your aunt and I would share a three birth railway compartment. Surprised me as much as this has surprised you." "Just like that, back then?" Shyla asked. "Surprised us all a little, but I guess the system assumes that any family would rather be together than men or women sleeping with strangers, sharing a compartment with strangers." "And?" "I had the top bunk and didn't see anything, if that's what you're asking." "Grandma and your sister." "She was as embarrassed as I was, not my mother. Didn't see anything, didn't look." Shyla chuckled and asked: "And you're not going to, at us, from your upper bunk?" "Shyla!" her sister complained. Klaus just shook his head, wondering if Shyla was wanting him to. He replied: "We'll have our own bathroom; don't have to let me." The girls are silent for a moment, then Lyla remarked: "You told Mom that we would have our own room." "I know. Didn't tell her the change." "Did you tell Louise." "Didn't tell her either." "I guess not," Lyla murmured. Klaus wondered a little about why he hadn't told his now companion, not having to wonder long, knowing that she would have been as dubious as his wife's family about his sharing a room with his daughters, now very nubile daughters. That description of them in his mind and their comments let him wonder a little more about his agreeing to share a room with them for two nights. He assuaged his new thoughts with that that Linette had taken it for granted that their sharing a room was nothing suspicious, even for a church group, maybe especially. These thoughts, however, just made him think more about what could be suspicious about his sharing a room with his twin daughters - so nubile two daughters. He didn't like that his c**k seemed to understand what could be suspicious, then wondering if he did. He drove on, all of them silent. Then he wondered what his daughters could be thinking. Obviously, they had their own thoughts about their all sharing a room. What thoughts? That he could see them naked? He almost chuckled, wondering if they wanted him to. Did he want to? Of course he did. Who wouldn't? Or did they want to see him naked? His c**k had its own mind about that possibility. Did he want them to? Better not answer that question! "Oh, it will be all right with Dad," Shyla replied. That she gave him a slight smile, let him continue his thoughts, just nodding in response. Did Shyla have similar ones? What did they wear in bed: pajamas, shorty nightgowns, nothing. Nothing, nude?! Like he did? s**t! When had he last worn pajamas, just a bottom? Was he going to have to let them see him in just his boxer shorts? Jockey shorts wouldn't be less revealing about what his c**k thought of that. He tried to thing about something else. His questions about what his daughters wore in bed were only shifted to speculations about what the younger women in the choir might wear -- or not. At least, that wasn't thoughts about his daughters. What were theirs? They arrived at the church conference complex. To his relief, no one looked askance at his getting keys for the three of them, also the person handing out the keys, who had a list of the occupants and could recognize that he was with his daughters. They went to their room, finding that it was a four-bed room, the extra top bunk folded up. They dropped their bags and had to hurry to supper and then to the first rehearsal. After the rehearsal, most of the choir sat together drinking beer or wine, as usual. Shyla and Lyla joined some of the younger members; Klaus sat with other tenors, relieved that no one mentioned their sharing a room, although there is a reference to the two women having booked a room with a double bed. He saw that the girls were having a glass of wine, and another one, while he and the others at his table drank beer. After their third bottles, they agreed that it was bedtime, having seen others already leaving the room. When they stood up and returned their empty bottles to the beer case, the girls noticed, and also stood up. Klaus had been considering going to the toilet before the three of them returned to their room, but when they joined him, he decided that could only emphasize his misgivings about their sharing the room and bathroom. They went to the room. As he was unlocking the door, he murmured: "I've got to go." The girls just nodded, letting him enter the room first. He immediately went in the bathroom, closing the door, and used the toilet, trying not to splash in the water in the toilet bowl. When one of the girls called "Hurry, we have to, too," he flushed and forewent washing his hands and zipping up his pants and opened the door. Lyla was waiting, giving him a wry smile, and hurried past him. Shyla also smiled at him, a little apologetically, her knees twitching, as she called to her sister: "You hurry too." He saw her glance down at his open fly and that she grinned. "One of you said that I should hurry." "Lyla always has to go sooner." He nodded, remembering that it had been that way when they were kids, before the divorce. Shyla wrinkled her nose and remarked: "Just sooner, I have to, too. Hurry, Lyla," as she undid the top button of her jeans. They were both slightly surprised when Lyla opened the door, still pulling up her jeans. She shrugged and said: "You said 'hurry'." Shyla was already going into the bathroom, just kicking the door to, leaving it unlatched. Lyla gave him a wry smile, noticing that his fly was open, and shrugged again. Instead of closing her jeans, she started to shove them down, not looking at him as she murmured: "I guess so; we're going to have to start getting undressed." That surprised him too, a little more, but he liked that she had introduced the subject, agreeing less softly: "Yeah, of course." Lyla had turned away from him as she pushed them past her hips. For a moment, he thought she was already shoving down her panties, seeing the start of her ass. She couldn't have meant getting that undressed in front of him, he thought. She hadn't. She reached back and fished her panties from further down in her jeans. When she had them up where they belonged, she gave him a glance and said: "She said to hurry. Forgot that I hadn't really pulled them up." "Had me wondering for a moment. Seen you both in bikinis, underwear isn't much different, also my boxer shorts." She nodded, and they both took off their pants. They heard the toilet flush, and then Shyla joined, just carrying her jeans, remarking: "No reason to pull them up again." He and Lyla nodded, and they all smiled a little wryly. When he started to unbutton his shirt, the girls glanced at each, shrugging slightly and began to unbutton their blouses. He wasn't sure he should watch them, but since they didn't turn away, he also didn't, but he knew why he should; their bikini tops were more substantial than their bras, hiding their n*****s, whereas he could already see where they were through their bras and loosened blouses. Were they aroused? Maybe not; it seemed as though their n*****s were always a little evident, but that suggested that the cups of their bras were pretty flimsy. He tried to avoid staring, but an unintended glance at the front of their panties was not the right alternative. They were plain, cotton, nothing sexy, but fit well, so well that from his briefest of a glance he could recognize that they didn't shave. That answered a question that a father shouldn't have about his daughters, that seeing their bikini bottoms hadn't answered.        
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