His secretary

colleagues to lovers

"Stop it Veronica gosh you are such a brat what do you want huh want me to shove my c**k in that pretty little mouth of yours tell me because baby we've got all the time today Veronica, You are what I want and crave and I will stop at nothing to get what the f**k I want and if that means bending that pretty little ass of yours over the desk and f**king you senseless than so be it," He said his voice low and dark. All I could do was stare at him my stomach clenched and my core warmed at his words what the hell was going on I'm His Secretary.

His Secretary is an erotic romance filled with hot and sexy scenes that will drive you crazy. Veronica Soully lands a new job for the coldest man Jackson Louis who's known for the horrible ways he treats his Secretary's even for one mistake. Somethings different though Jackson sees something in Veronica that he wants no matter the cost. Join the two on the crazy path of a man and his secretary.

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Prolouge-Chapter one
It always begins and ends the same. The explosion, the passion, the flames, And him. His hands were running along my body. His hands were calloused and rough but so f*****g addicting at the same time, every touch sent fire down my spine. The air thick with s****l tension peaked as my climax climbed higher and higher until every part of me broke and shattered with shudders and shakes. As I began to see his face emerge from between my thighs, the world faded away and I woke drenched in sweat glancing around the darkroom. "Another sleepless night and another sex-filled dream," I said with a raspy voice as I fell back into the pillows, letting the real world become nothing more than a scene of the past. The sun shined brightly in the room, awaking the little man in my head as he began banging my skull, getting a groan out of me. I sat up, my dark black hair falling down my back messily. I picked up the alarm on my nightstand next to my bed, letting my eyes adjust as I looked at the time, going wide-eyed. "f**k I'm going to be late! Great going god I wouldn't hire myself either'' I said as I threw the covers off of myself, quickly going to go shower. I looked around the living room in search of my asshole roommates who I asked to wake me up and, of course, they were passed out on the sofa. You may ask what I'm late for and if I had the time I would tell you but I don't, so you'll just have to wait. I went inside the bathroom, turning on the shower as I let the water get hot before getting in. Nothing like a good shower, right? Although I made sure not to stay there long as I was really going to be late now that I do have time, I'll tell you. I just got a job for an asshole millionaire. Well, at least that's what the tabloids say he's known for his company and how quick he is to fire his employees, well more like his secretaries . I've never met the man in person, not even in the interview. All I knew was I needed this job, I needed to get out of this apartment and away from these people. I took the time to fix my disheveled appearance, straightening my dark honeyblond hair and slipping into a form-fitting black dress. Looking in the mirror, I actually looked decent and a bit professional as I grabbed my phone and my purse before heading out the apartment as fast as I could. "How much?" I said to the cab driver. He grunted and pointed at the screen. I rolled my eyes before handing him the money and leaving. There it stood Louis Enterprises it was a family business owned by the Louis' family they were super-rich and it was passed down between the sons or the only son Jackson Louis. I don't know how I got the job, but I knew I was good with numbers and planning, so I was sure I couldn't get fired. Hopefully not. I made my way into the building knowing my way already thanks to the practice tour I took. I held my ID in my hand, showing it to one of the security guards as they let me pass, walking towards the elevators. The elevator was packed but only for a little while, as it reached the quiet floor I worked on that only had me, the secretary, and my boss, Jackson Louis, there. I was to report to his office for my first day. My heels clicked on the floor approaching his office. He had chestnut brown hair that was about ear length, a chiseled jaw that looked like it could cut ice if needed. He was tall. He had to be well over six feet. His suit was tailored to fit every muscle as it hugged him tight and the way he looked would make any girl swoon; his eyes like brown jewels, deep and dark. I couldn't help but analyze every part of him before it hit me he was my boss and that was it. " Mr.Louis nice to meet you I am-" I began to finish my sentence but Jackson chimed in. "Veronica, yes I know I hired you didn't I?" He said his voice was deep and husky yet so cold I was about to snap back, but instead, I nodded. " Well yes, of course, my apologies Mr.Louis'' I said calmly he pointed to the seat across from him and I took my seat as did he. "Alright let us get to work you know how to do your job so I don't have to tell you what to do, when is my next client," Jackson said as he looked at me knowing I did not have any clue because I hadn't had a chance to look at the schedule. Panic coursed through me but out of the corner of my eye I caught the sight of a calender. "At 3:00 sharp, Mr.Louis." I said with a soft tone and a casual smile, as if he had been slapped, he reeled back, but then glanced at the calendar I could see a whip of anger wash across his face before he nodded and grinned. "Good get out now call carl on floor 3 and tell him to send me a coffee up here," Jackson said as I stood up and nodded well looks like I passed the first test. As soon as I got to the open desk area that sat facing the elevator, I took my seat, making sure to call to floor one and ask for Carl, who must have known what I wanted because he only let me speak for one second before hanging up. After turning on the expensive PC, I began looking through the online calendar, getting a fill for everything. "Ms.Soully here is Mr.Louis' coffee!" the man with dark chocolate curls said as he handed me a steaming coffee cup. "Thanks, Carl" I responded as I stood up straightening my posture before walking into Jackson's office with a poker face before handing him the coffee. "Well, good job. At least you know how to deliver coffee now leave," Jackson said, not even a thank you from the asshole. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the door. "Ms.Solely?" Jackson called. I turned around. "Yes sir?" I responded. "From now on wear white," he said coldly, as his eyes trailed down my body as he looked at the black dress, disgust or maybe desire showing on his face. I shook my head. "No thank you, Mr.Louis," I said I should not have said anything as he stood up and walked over to me. He easily towered over me. "You will wear whatever I tell you to, if that means having you in a f*****g clown suit, then so be it now. Go and wear white from now on," Jackson yelled out . I nodded, too shocked to say much of anything. I went back to my desk only to see a stack of files on my desk with a note that said, "Sorry boss wants these sorted today" ~Carl~ I read the note over shaking my head, wow not even a heads up Carl. "Alright, I got this just about 200 files and I'll be finished, " I said to myself as I began to work on sorting the files out into not important and important, some of them going into the calendar as they had to be dealt with today. I checked the time, seeing it was 2:57 I quickly got up and popped my head into Jackson's office. "Your client will be here soon". I stated he didn't even look up as I shook my head before exiting his office. When 3:00 came, I directed the older male to the office and as I was about to leave, Jackson looked at me with a glare. "Veronica, as my secretary, you are to sit in meetings and take notes. Do I have to show you how to do your job?," he said. I was ten seconds from walking out but I needed this job, so I gave him a polite nod as I walked inside and took my seat next to the older male who gave me an apologetic look. He was probably used to seeing the secretary's get treated like that. The conversation the males had was boring as they discussed back and forth ideas for future events. I couldn't help but notice every five seconds Jackson would cast a glance my way before looking away. His eyes were actually not dark brown or not for long as they were a nice hazel color. Now I shook my way out of those thoughts. Why was I even noticing this asshole? About thirty minutes later, the meeting was finally over. I stood up and moved to leave, but Jackson called me back. "Not horribly bad for your first day. You're lucky you still have your job. I don't take mistakes well", he stated, "Thank you sir no more mistakes on my end". I responded before leaving the office to gather my things for my lunch break. I didn't bother asking if he was hungry because I was sure he could order his own food, but as the elevator was closing, a hand popped through, causing it to open again. There he was stepping into the elevator with me, making it feel so much smaller. I stood my own standing straight as his eyes rested on my face before making their way down to my breast than my hips and so on he was checking me out and as his gaze lingered on my breast again I cleared my throat, causing him to look up and smirk. The man was human after all. "We're going to get Italian food" he stated yet again like it was not up for discussion. "I was actually going to get um Mcdonalds.." I responded which earned a chuckle for him that made me crack a smile before his face turned cold yet again. "We're getting Italian no discussion, let's go," he said before leaving me to follow after him out the elevator as a few workers stared at me with some woman glaring at others just with apologetic looks. I'm sure they expected me to be gone by today and I expected it too. Once the brisk air hit my face, I inhaled the fresh air. A sleek black car pulled up in front of us. Jackson opened the door, allowing me to get in and he slid in next to me. "Thank you," I said, not wanting to be rude as he had just opened the door for me. "No need to thank me. I'm sure it's not the first door someone opened for you" he said I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or what. I looked out the window, keeping my mouth shut my eyes averted from him. It wasn't long before we arrived at what looked like a family-owned restaurant and it looked beautiful. I could smell the delicious foods from here. Jackson got out as he held the door open again, only this time I didn't bother to say thank you as I walked past him. I looked around something blinding my eyes. It was a camera that flashed. Jackson cursed as he ushered me into the restaurant. I shrugged it off as we got a table. Half of the menu was in Italian and luckily my mom was from Italy so she taught me a lot of the language. I put my mind to use and turned to the waiter. " Potrei solo avere Arancini Grazie," I said Jackson looked surprised, and as did the waiter who nodded before taking Jackson's order. "You can speak Italian?" Jackson said, I nodded. "I learned a bit in college and my mom is from Italy so I learned from her," I said he nodded. The food had arrived shortly and my mouth watered at how good the food looked. I took a bite, moaning in satisfaction, which made Jackson look at me, I blushed but paid no mind as I ate. I had to admit this was damn sure better than McDonalds. I had offered to pay my part of the bill but he shut the offer down as we finished our food he paid handing the waiter a black card which was returned no later than a few minutes. Once we got back to the office, Jackson went back to his cold demeanor and I ignored it, finishing up my work for the day. It wasn't until I was cleaning up my desk that I looked up to see Jackson asleep with his head on the desk. A snort escaped from me at him. It was pretty cute and sad now that I realized he had looked a bit tired. I didn't bother to wake him, as I shut off the lights before leaving the office, taking my usual way home the subway. Today was only just the tip of the iceberg. I had just survived the first day of being His secretary.

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