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It was around seven in the evening when Kaye decided for a stroll. The rain finally stopped. And she wasn’t in the mood in reading the documents Jenny brought earlier. She took her bicycle out. She had been using it since she was thirteen when Macy gave it to her for Christmas.   Don’t be depressed now. She smacked her face with both hands, reminding herself.   She needed a break outside. She relished the breeze while riding on her bike. The smell and feel of fresh air could be soothing to the soul. She would choose the countryside any day.   She was cruising for a while when she passed by the police post and a familiar deep voice called her.   “Where you heading?”   Mykel, the police officer and her childhood friend, stood there with hands on his hips.   “Nowhere really. Just wanted to breathe out.”   Mykel leered as he was closing in. The difference in height was evident. He even had to bend lower just to look at her face.   “Mykel, I ain’t a kid you know,” her brow raised in response.   “Right.” He patted her head. “I tend to forget. You barely grew since we were in high school.”   “You never change,” she snorted as she slapped his hand away.   As much as she doesn’t like how he treated her like a child, she couldn’t hate him. She couldn’t even tell him off because it was the sad truth. Not that she was all concerned of her stature. She was satisfied of what she had.   If she was the sun in the solar system, he would be the next person closest to her after Macy. Both their fathers got involved during the arson case. The most notable incident in the history of Mt. Salvador.   News broke like fire during the summer heat. After all, it took several lives. Good thing the suspect was apprehended right away.   Unlike her though, he still has his mother and sister. They treated her like family. So she wasn’t really lonely as a kid. Plus, they were neighbors. She has been invited in their house on regular basis.  She even loved his mom’s pecan pie.   "Oh, yeah. Come here a sec,” he snapped as if figuring something out.   She greeted the two officers inside the station when she followed him. They chatted for a bit giving her condolences.   Mykel called her from another room. Inside was a cage. He urged the little creature to come out.   “Someone brought him a week ago, no one came and we asked around too.”   On his grasps was a worn little pup. He was covered in long white fur with few black spots. His black ears were upright. He looked so adorable playing with Mykel’s fingers.   “He doesn’t look like our local dog.”   Apparently, three fishermen found the little pup ashore sometime in the morning inside a wooden box. Since no one came to claim a missing dog, they assumed there was no owner. They have been actually looking for someone to adopt it.   “As much as I want to take him, our place ain’t too big. Plus I have Ruko and Luca. And Lily of course,” he was talking about his pair of dogs and cat back home.   “So you’re asking me to take care of him?” her eyebrows raised though she wasn’t against the idea.   He handed over the pup with a soft smile.“I’m telling you to take care of him.”   “Damn, why are you making decisions for me?”   She wanted to get annoyed. But how can she? The little pup’s glowing eyes were beaming at her. Anyone would be weak against it. She brushed its damaged fur. It has visible marks around its body though most of them were treated already.   “I know you like dogs. You were ugly crying back in high school when Hina died of old age.”   She growled and landed a punch to his side.   “Ugh, you’re still quick with your hands,” he crouched to his side.   Well, she adored dogs. Macy kept a dog when she took her in. It was true that she was ugly crying back in the days and even skipped school. It was depressing for her since she loved Hina so much.   “Fine, I’ll take him. He’s cute anyway. I still hate you, though.”   “I love you, too,” he smiled ignoring her retort.   “Does he have a name?” she dodged his blatant words.   Mykel just shook his head looking dejected. Somehow, she felt bad doing that. She signed. At any rate, he was helping her in any way he can.   “Miko, I guess since you gave him to me.”   He looked a little bit shock but then decided to laugh. An amused laugh.   “I never thought you love me so much as to name a dog after me.”   “The heck!” She felt her cheeks were heating up. “I couldn’t think of any other name, you narcissist!”   The pup barked and licked her hands. The boy looked pleased.   “Right. I was just so emotional, I teared up a little.” Though he didn’t look like he believed her at all. “Looks like you’ll get along fine. So little lady, off you go. It was getting darker and you need to be home by now.”   Mykel walked her out of the police post with a silly look on his face. The other police officers were glad she decided to take the dog. They had been frantic since they haven’t found someone suitable to take him.   She settled Miko on her bike’s basket. The basket fitted him well. Though in a few months he would outgrow it.   “Once you’re all good we can take a walk,” she rubbed its head.   The little guy was looking deeply into her eyes. Then he huddled into her hand.   “Miko.” She playfully called the pup. “In some ways, we are the same.”   They were both injured in some ways. Physically and emotionally. Having him around the house may help her heal, too. She would have someone to talk to other than her friends. It would be one-sided though because all he can do is bark back. Still, his presence would be very much welcome.   Upon arriving at her house, she realized something. Her house wasn’t exactly ready for a dog. She couldn’t leave him out in the backyard since its still cold and it might rain again. It has been a long time since Hina died so her things weren’t usable anymore.    “Well, I don’t exactly have a dog house for now.”   Surely she has space for the dog house in her backyard. He’d have a more fun time there during the summer season. Hopefully, she could find things for the dog in town. For now, she just has to make use of what’s available.   In a while, she brought together a basket and some old fabric in it to make it a little comfy. This would be his bed for the night.   “This should work for now,” she picked Miko and placed him on the bed.   “Well, is that comfy enough for you?”   The dog barked in return all while wagging his tail. He twirled around the so-called bed and lied down. She chuckled seeing the dog satisfied.   “Wait here. I’ll get you something to nibble and drink.”   Hah! Of course, she had no dog food. And if she was right, he would be around two or three months old. He has teeth so he would start chewing on something. But sad to say, she only has milk for now. She hasn’t been shopping for groceries either. She felt lame.   Anyhow, she would go shopping tomorrow. Hopefully, the things she needed would be readily available. Or else they have to wait for days for it to arrive. And it would take longer because of the bad weather. It was still raining every now and then.   She placed the bowl of milk on his bedside, making sure it was accessible since he was still recovering. It was a good thing his legs weren’t in a painful condition.   Miko started digging on the milk. She was giggling to herself as she observed him. Looks like someone needs to know how to drink. His nose and fur were covered with milk.   Soon after, she reheated her own meal and started to bite. The chicken and pasta Rena made were delicious. She took a mental note to message 'thanks' to her later. She just started eating when she noticed Miko rise. To her surprise, Miko left the bed and settled by her feet. His presence there was comforting. They would definitely visit the veterinarian tomorrow first thing. 
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