Ethereal's Choice

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Continuing the story of Zabella Dunbrock, after she leaves her mate she tries to start her life a new while trying to find out more about her true self. A secret power.lies within, and the rest of the world would hunt her down and use it for themselves

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Sweet Flower

***To get the backstory of Zabella, check out book 1, Feral Luna! ***

>>>Zabella’s POV

It had been almost a month since I moved to Scotland, and I had been putting things back together for myself. My uncle had given me a small house not far from the pack house, and I spent a lot of time alone. Rejecting my mate wasn't as hard as I had expected it to be, but I was still lonely sometimes. Lyra helped, but I knew she was lonely too. We had worked out our differences, and she had calmed down a lot after I allowed her control to slaughter all those men involved in taking Tristan. We'd made peace. 

My house was cute, a little light blue cottage with white trim and a flower garden would grow in the spring out front. For now it was still cold, and my cousins came to check on me frequently and stack my firewood for me. They were sweet. Finnigan was my favorite though because he was funny and personable. Thor was the middle son, and he was more quiet and reserved, but always nice to me. Raze was the eldest, and he was stern and proper, and a perfect Alpha. He treated me like a little sister even though I was seven years older, it was sweet.

My Uncle Blazen was actually a really sweet and caring man, like my father was before I had my incident, and his Luna was absolutely adorable. When she returned home after her mother's passing, she was excited to meet me like they all had been. She was about five feet tall and a dainty redhead with freckles and long curly hair. She looked super young for her age, and was lively and happy all the time. Her name was Fae, and she came from the Stewart family in the neighboring territory.  She would bring me baskets of food every couple of days, and every Sunday I was expected at the packhouse for family dinner. 

My uncle had told me that we should keep my gifts a secret as much as possible, and that for the time being, my contribution to the pack would just be my healing capabilities. I would keep everything else hidden. So far it was simple things like twisted ankles or dislocated shoulders from training, a few scraped knees from the pups, but that was about it. Everyone was very welcoming and nice to me, and I was starting to understand their accents more and more, some thicker than others. 

I had settled into my routine. I had lots of books again, and I started to paint a little, nothing spectacular, but it made me happy. I had hung a couple of my favorites in my house, the others I painted over until I painted something I liked. I wasn’t expecting anyone today, unless someone injured themselves, so I decided to take a nap. My life had become very boring and mundane again, but this time, neither me nor Lyra seemed to mind at all. 

It was night when I woke, and I decided to take a run. I had an agreement with Lyra that I would let her run a few hours every night as long as she behaved, and she always did. Neither of us wanted to be locked up again, and it seemed her feral side was calming by the day even without our mate. 

It was almost midnight when we returned, it had started to rain pretty hard, and I headed straight for the shower to warm up. I heard a knock on my door, and I figured it must have been someone who needed healing, or perhaps one of the pups was having night terrors again, so I rinsed off quickly and grabbed my robe. 

I rushed to the door and opened it quickly, and I suddenly wasn't sure if I was happy or not to see the person on the other side. "Mr. Moretti, what are you doing here?" I asked him, stunned. He stood drenched and stared at me like a lost puppy. His dark ringlets were dripping around his face, his leather trench coat cascaded water. "I'm sorry, please come in." I invited. He entered and stood just to the side of the doorway while I shut the door.

"I'm sorry. I know you asked for time, but I just had to see you." He whispered, staring at me.

Lyra howled in my head, "Shut up you tramp." I told her laughing. "You want him too, tarte, don't give me that, he can smell you." She shot right back at me. I smiled at him, but, never one to mince words, I said, "You had me kidnapped." 

His face looked pained. "I promise you, I thought it was the only way to free you. I tried for ten years to get to you, I was desperate." He took a breath to calm himself, "If i would have known you were happily mated to someone else, I would have never continued to pursue you. I can't explain how sorry I am to have disrupted your happiness." 

"It ended up showing me people's true colors." I said simply, slightly pained at the thought of what had happened with Kaid. 

"You may ask me to leave right now," he said, "I just wanted you to know the truth. I never meant to hurt you. I was selfish."

I was quiet a moment. "Take your coat and shoes off, your making a mess of my rug." I smiled and went across the room to the bathroom for a towel for him. When I came back he was standing in a loose button down shirt with enough of the buttons undone at the top I could see his muscular chest popping out, and his well fitting dress slacks were also wet. He had been soaked through. I laughed at him, and he smiled at me quizzically. "You look terrible." I lied. 

He looked amazing, and he knew I thought so. He crossed the room in a split second and had his hand on my face, inching in slowly for a kiss. "Tell me no." He whispered, wrapping his other arm around me. 

The sparks were intense, everywhere he touched me burned so good. "Don't you dare tell him no." Lyra growled at me. I froze, and he gently brushed his lips against mine, pulling me into him closely and soaking my robe front. 

He pulled away slightly, "You can tell me no." He said seriously. "You never have to do anything you don't want. Ever." He looked into my eyes seriously, one hand tucked into my hair, holding my head delicately. 

It felt so good, but I had guilt about Kaid. Why did he hate him so much? I needed answers first. "I might need a little more time." I said stepping back.

"I'm sorry. I should go." He said taking a few more steps back, and putting his hands in his pockets. 

"My Uncle probably wouldn't appreciate finding you here." I said seriously. 

"He knows I'm here." He said quickly. "I requested his permission to enter the territory, and he agreed on the condition that I leave the moment you ask me to." 

I smiled thinking about my uncle. "I have a spare room, if you'd like to stay." I said quietly. His eyes lit up, "But, you'll promise to stay there?"

"I swear it. I will respect your boundaries my Flower." He smiled. 

"I, I have some questions as well." I said shakily. I didn't know how to approach them without possibly angering or embarrassing him. I didn't want to do either. 

"I will tell you everything." He assured me. 

"I'm going to change, and see if I can't find you something dry that will fit." I smiled and went back to my room. I put on some dry pajamas. Soft fuzzy pants and a tank top, and searched for something that might fit him. All I had was a pair of oversized sweatpants. s**t. I brought them out and he hadn't moved from where I left him and was towel drying his hair. "I'm sorry, all I found were some pants. None of my shirts are big enough."

He smiled wide and took the black sweats, heading into the bathroom. I pulled my plate of dinner out of the oven I had set out before I left and sat on the couch near the woodstove. Aunt Fae had made some Scotch Pies filled with beef, potatoes, and parsnips. They were delicious, and I happily bit into them, the flaky crust crumbling a mess onto the plate below as I filled my mouth. 

I had just taken the biggest bite, when Antonio came out of the bathroom without his shirt, and I inhaled a big piece of meat into my windpipe. I started choking violently, and put my plate down before I sent it flying, and tried to find my breath. He was beside me in a second, patting my back, and I suddenly choked out the piece of meat sending it flying across the room behind the chair on the other side. He chuckled for a brief moment before he caught himself. "Are you alright?" He asked.

I put my hand over my eyes, "Well that was horribly embarrassing." I giggled uncomfortably. He laughed at me too and I looked at him, "I swear I DO know how to eat food, I have succeeded before." I joked.

He smiled wide, and I realized I was in his arms again. "Did you like what you saw?" He teased.

"Shut up." I giggled pushing him away and picking my plate back up. "I'd offer you food, but I somehow don't think I have what you're craving." I laughed a little before taking another bite.

"You have exactly what I crave, sweet Flower." He said seriously. I almost choked again, and set down my plate. "You have questions for me?" He asked.

"I don't want to make you angry, but yes, and they're not easy questions." I said seriously turning to him. 

"You won't anger me. I'm not proud of everything I've done but I have nothing to hide." He said calmly.

It was hard to keep focused, to be honest, he was gorgeous, and sitting half naked beside me made my mind race to the gutter. Focus Zabella. "Why does Kaid hate you? And vice versa?" 

He nodded and took a deep breath. "You did say they wouldn't be easy." He chuckled to himself. 

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