Chapter 2:

819 Words
     I awoke to the sun shining on my face. 'oh crap!!!!!!' my assignment its due tomorrow I still need to read the book. So I ran back downstairs to my mothers study made myself comfortable and started reading. I was still thinking about the ripped note from my mother, but I couldn't think about it any longer. As i sat there reading about the Gods and Goddesses, I slowly felt my eyes get heavy. Before I knew it I was asleep.........     When I woke up the sun was still shining on my face, I thought to myself ' how did i fall asleep I think i barely read two pages, I think' when i looked at my lap the book was gone.      Honestly how could this book just up and disappear. What the heck happened. As i walked out of the study I began to notice this was not my house. I started to panic. i don't understand, and I yelled.      After I yelled this young girl entered in, she looked maybe to be about 8 years old, with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. She greeted me, " I am so glad that you are finally awake, miss. How are you feeling?"     Still feeling very panicky I said, " Um, I am not sure who you are or where I am. I don't know any of this, it just isn't my home.  She spoke very softly, " yes, miss this is your home, do you not remember when you disappeared?" "I don't understand what your talking about." I said is full dismay and confusion. "Oh pardon me, I must have you confused miss, let me go get the lady of the house to come get you." She stated and then walked away.     About 5 minutes later I stood there in awe at the person in front of me. She had fire red hair and emerald green eyes. She looked like my mother as i stood there in shock, not knowing what to say. I saw my mothers body so who could this lady even be. I closed my eyes and opened them again several times not believing what was in front of me this whole time.      SHe looked at me and said, " dear sweet child I am so sorry for this confusion that was my daughter Are-beth you remind her so much of her sister who disappeared years ago. She assumed you were her and finally were able to come home. You do not dress like she did, but the hair is similar, but the eyes are not right hers were green not blue, only the father of my children have blue eyes. I hope my daughter did not frighten you." She looked down at the ground, and you could see a single drop fall from her face.     Are-beth that is such a unique name but then again so is mine. I looked at her and said gently, " ma'am I do not mean to bother but do you happen to know where I am at? I fell asleep in my home and I woke up here, but i am unsure of how that happened." She looked at me with a slight sparkle in her eye. " I am not sure how you arrived in Greece, my dear child, but I do believe that this is to be part of your new destiny." "Destiny?" I asked. "Yes dear sometimes life will bring you to places for unknown reasons, you must stick around and find out why you are here, because only you can discover that answer. My dear child if you need a place to stay please feel free. You do remind us of our lost one, so having your company brings at least a glimpse of her back." " Thank you ma'am,'' I said. "I will try and be on my way quickly so I do not put you out." I sat down quickly thinking to myself once again, there is that word Destiny. What was my mother trying to tell me? Why do I feel so welcomed here? Why am I so comfortable, I don;t know them. I most certainly am not from around here, maybe at some point in time I will get my answers. Wait what am i even thinking I just need to wake up. This right here seems like a twisted dark fated nightmare, I am so confused why is my mind playing tricks on me again. " Ali-ana, could you please come here dear, there is someone I would like you to meet." I stood up in shock, I did not say my name not once, I slowly crept to the door frame, and suddenly a flash of light and I was knocked to the ground. The next thing I remember is darkness surrounding every bit of me and quiet faint whispers I could faintly make out.  " ...........Erase" then nothing........

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