chapter 1:

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    Now before we begin I am going to tell you a little about myself. My name is Ali-ana, I just turned 18 years old, I have deep red hair and crystal blue eyes and I stand at about 5'2".      I live in the quiet little town in my mothers home, I have been sorting through everything since her passing. I have been trying to do my school work, but with recent events its been a little hard. Between the illness and the funeral, now having to work a job. Its been utterly exhausting.      I have finally had some time to sit down and start working on my school work and get my report started, when I realized I still didn't have a topic for my report. I walked into my moms study and looked upon all the books.     Some were worn like she read them constantly, some had looked as if they had never been touched or they were part of a collection. But then I saw this one, and I know who gets called by a book. I know I usually don't. I usually just grab and go, but mom would never let me anywhere in this study. It was the only place off limits to me. When i saw this book though its golden covering with precise designs on the cover of just ivy, a book on Greek Mythology. I didn't even know my mom liked this stuff. I was captivated by the cover alone.     So i moved to the window seat in the study and opened the book. Upon opening the book I found a note from my mother.      "My darling child, I know now has probably come the time where I have gone and things have been rough. I know you were probably behind with everything going on. But my dear girl do not fear by any means, I left this book for you. This book is your destiny, I know things have not been easy, but I need you to understand this is your right as my daughter to know the truth. You are a ..................the rest of the note was gone. I don't know if she wanted to tell me she loved me or that I am special. What the heck did she mean about destiny, or that the book is it. I decided I should call it a night and come back to it tomorrow. I went to my room and went to sleep for the night. 
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